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Code Geass Genesic Re; Code

The half-anniversary event will be held in the smartphone game “Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE”. A limited event “Suzaku Suzaku from the Red Moon” and Summoning will be held.

The following is from the press release

Code Geass “First” Smartphone Game Series Official Sequel “Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE” Released Half-Yearly Commemorative
【Gear Gene Half Anniversary】Held!

Release of “Suzaku Suzaku from the Red Moon” script and new introduction “[R2]The summoning of the characters of “Suzaku” and “Karma Suzaku” is full of commemorative events!

20220404_SNS_HA Present_Logo Detach
20220404_SNS_Notice[R2]Suzaku and Suzaku new copy

【Gear Gene half-anniversary limited play “Dawn Night, Something from the Red Moon” held! Check out the new voice of Suzaku Kururugi (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)! ]

20220404_SNS_ event held!
Suzaku story clip

In “Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE”, the popular character “Kurume Suzaku (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)” in “Code Geass Rebellion of Lelouch” is the story event “Night of Kurume, from the red moon” “The protagonist” will be released from today.

In this story campaign, Suzaku is depicted facing challenges unique to Gear Gene, and also approaches the mystery of “Fimbulwinter” that has been a mystery until now.

Takahiro Sakurai also recorded the new voices of two Kurumaki Suzaku, making it something that both fans of the original anime and Gear Gene can enjoy.

Looking back at Gear Gene’s history, please take this opportunity to enjoy the half-anniversary event!

[[R2]Suzaku (CV: Takahiro Sakurai) “&” Suzaku Suzaku (CV: Takahiro Sakurai) “Pick up characters & CODE Link Summoning starts today!]

20220404_Press_Event limited character summon
20220404_Press_Event CODE link call

To commemorate the half-anniversary event, the popular character Kurume Suzaku (CV: Takahiro Sakurai) who appeared in “Code Geass Lelouch of Rebellion” will be featured as “[R2]”Suzaku” and “Karma Suzaku” are newly released. Character & CODE link summons will be held from today.

In picking up character summons, “★4[R2]The summoning probability of “Suzaku” and “★4 Karma Suzaku” is higher than other characters.

In addition, “★4″ has been added to Pickup CODE Link Summon[Black Reaper]Lancelot Karma” and “★4[White Knight]Lancelot Conquester”. This also has a higher summon probability than other CODE links.

Please take this opportunity to get it and enjoy Gear Gene with your character. ..

■ Summon a pickup character for a limited time
■ Period: 2022/4/4 13:00 ~ 2022/4/19 13:00 (planned)
“★4[R2]Suzaku”, “★4 Business Suzaku”

■Receive CODE Link Summon for a limited time
■ Period: 2022/4/4 13:00 ~ 2022/4/19 13:00 (planned)
“★4【Black Death】Lancelot Karma”
《★4【White Knight】Lancelot Character Server》

[Gear Gene半周年限定重印角色&CODE链接召唤将限时举行!万圣节和新年活动角色等众多角色将出现!]

To commemorate the half-anniversary event, we will be hosting limited reprint pickup characters and CODE link summons starting today, and limited characters and CODE links from past events will reappear.

Characters from past limited events such as Halloween, Christmas and New Years events will reappear for a limited time.

Please take this opportunity to pick up the characters you missed at the event and enjoy Gear Gene.

20220404_Press_Limited Reprint Character Call

■ Half Anniversary Limited Reprint Featured Character Summons
■ Period: 2022/4/4 13:00 ~ 2022/4/19 13:00 (planned)
“★4[新年快乐]Karen”, “★4[圣诞节]CC”, “★4[Halloween]Lelouch”, “★4 Emperor Nana Lee”, “★4[Valentine]Shirley” etc.

20220404_Press_Limited reprint code link call

■Half-anniversary limited reprint pick up CODE link summon
■ Period: 2022/4/4 13:00 ~ 2022/4/19 13:00 (planned)
“★4【Valentine’s performance announcement!】Mirai”
“★4【OR Night】Jeremiah”
“★4[给哥哥的礼物]”Li Nana”
“★4[新年神社少女]Shirley, etc.

【The first and second phases of the Gear Gene half-anniversary event are underway! 】

At Gear Gene, we’re running an event that offers various rewards to everyone who plays the game, such as Daito and items that can be used in the game.

We also offer login bonuses to support beginners.

For details on login rewards and ongoing events, please check the official website and in-game announcements.

Please take this opportunity to play “Gear Gene”!

20220404_Press_HA Free 10 Character Summons
0331 Update information
List of anniversary events in the first half of the year
Semi-Anniversary Event List Issue 2

* Update start time and event content may change. Please check the in-game announcement for details.


■ We’re running a campaign to get 150 Daito a day for about 32 days!
* Period: 4/1 ~ 5/2 (planned)
■ Only those who log in on 4/4 can get “★4 confirmation tickets x 10”!

<从这里开始Gear Gene的人是安全的!初学者支持活动>

■ Beginner support event (once only): 3,000 Daito + CODE link summon tickets for 10 tickets
■ Newbie Support Login Bonus (7 days in total): 3,000 Daito + many in-game items

[正在解开Code Geass之谜的主线“线版”的第3章现已开放!!]

line version

The “Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE” main story “Line Chapter 3” is now on sale.

Please enjoy the new development of Al and Gigi!

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