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Hardware and software are the two wheels of a computing device. No matter which one is missing, the calculation will not work. Again, CPU and GPU are two wheels. How much processing power is sufficient for this GPU? I want to know the saturation point.

The reality that you won’t feel slow because the way you use your PC has changed

Intel has launched a series of new products featuring Arc family technology as the cutting-edge creative graphics card of the A series. With so-called external graphics cards, SoCs for mobile devices will be available on the same day, while expansion cards for desktops will be available this year, early summer 2022.

Unless graphics on PCs are used for gaming, mining, and coding for creative purposes, the idea of ​​integrating graphics with a built-in processor is enough, no, the future of PCs. Considering how it’s used, there are two that think higher performance is necessary because performance is still insufficient.

Of course, Intel thinks it’s the latter, and in the future, advanced communications in virtual spaces will become increasingly important in a post-coronavirus world, where advanced graphics processing performance should make a big contribution.

Personally, I’m using Windows normally while looking at the GPU usage in the task manager’s performance graph and it seems like the built-in graphics are powerful enough even when I use that power supply.

Of course, you can see how it supports processing in browser drawing, various video playback, photo data development, video encoding, etc. The GPU can provide a rich GUI even in daily operations. Give me.

Being able to work comfortably is also an important factor in how you use your PC’s performance. However, in many cases the process ends immediately and doesn’t seem to keep hogging the GPU. It would be a problem if it wasn’t there, but I honestly don’t need something so performant.

If you keep saying this, you might think the way you use your computer hasn’t changed since about 10 years ago, and you’re skeptical of yourself. As a member of society who uses a PC as a tool, I wonder if this is ok.

However, looking at the GTC 2022 announced by NVIDIA a few days ago, I really see the future. On the day I can see such a thing, I hope that GPU manufacturers will make more money and invest more in the future. I also feel that. For this reason, GPUs must continue to be sold at high prices in order to continue to earn the funds needed for R&D.

Of course, I hope that Intel’s move to throw stones at AMD and the two yokozuna will have a considerable impact on the two existing companies, and I hope it will bring happiness.

Should we just wait for the advice of the PC world?

Perhaps all we can do now is think more deeply about new uses for personal computers. So instead of trying to get the power you need right now, one way is to first think about how to use the extra power in front of you. Think about what you should do to use it to the point where it’s not enough.

When I use my PC as an everyday tool, I’m used to it, and I feel good if it’s been running steadily.

Once, when I first got my computer and started using it, I never thought about it. I wonder if I can do this, how about this, I want to do something like this. I often think it’s too late. I personally have to reflect on the fact that I no longer do it.

By the way, I’ve been using PC for a long time, and the reason it feels surprisingly fast is the first time I used HDD, the first time I used RAM disk, and the first time I used ADSL for the first time. This was all over 20 years ago.

On the contrary, when I first used JustWindow, a unique windowing system created by JustSystems for the MS-DOS era word processing software Ichitaro, to turn a virtual machine into a PC, I felt that the PC was slow and unusable. Did I install it? When trying it out? I remember writing a long document in Word that felt unbearably heavy. I feel less emotional and angry.

This manuscript was written on April 1. The third spring has come in the corona. In the new year, many people start a new life. The younger generation carrying the country might start using their own PCs around this time.

I think it’s hard to choose a first PC. But don’t fret about it and find a good partner for the next few years. I never say anything together, and as I always say, the PC world is a society with no speed limits, so it’s best to be as greedy as possible.

That being said, it’s ultimately a battle with cost, so the balance of money is important and there’s no choice but to research as best you can.

As a preliminary knowledge, I want you to remember that the benefits that GPUs bring to PCs, even if they are not related to graphics, are huge, and this trend will become more prominent in the future. In this sense, a home PC can be an important experience in a variety of situations. However, it is difficult to carry, so it is unlikely to be ready for action. Also, the total cost is high, which is a problem.

Will Corona end first, or will the new virtual space come first?

As Intel says, it’s unclear how long it will take for GPUs to be used in future virtual spaces and the so-called Metaverse becoming another important social presence.

Maybe some people are already enjoying such a world. So-called XR (AR/MR/VR) requires unlimited computer resources. I can’t imagine how much it will be, but I think it’s probably a lot shorter than what Corona has suffered over the past few years. That’s why you have to get it done in time.

By the way, today on April Fool’s Day, I removed the graphics card “Radeon RX 480” that I had used on my old PC for over 5 years and connected it to a 12th Gen Core i9 machine called Alder Lake. As a result, it fails with a fatal error. When the card was pulled out, the system did not recover, it turned blue, but finally the system was restored through the system restore that can be reached by the boot error. We have time to try again.

I continued to challenge how far I could go with just the built-in graphics card, but with a couple of 4K multi-monitor connections in Thunderbolt 4, I suffered a lot of momentary interruptions, which is the same trend with laptops. , I’m starting to think it will take some time to stabilize due to driver improvements.

That said, it’s awkward to buy an expensive video card just to add a port, so I tried using old parts. Is it a chicken leg who thinks that the power of the old graphics card that he bought five years ago and continues to use is higher than the built-in graphics card of the latest processor, but feels a little uncomfortable?

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