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Innovation digs the earth
adequate water supply

Reply. “It’s time for Californians to talk about the cow in the room,” page A6, March 31:

Wow, now we blame the cows for lack of water.

We accuse decadent homeowners of using too much water in their lawns and showers. We blame those pesky farmers for using water to grow the crops we all eat. Then, more specifically, almond growers. Now, it’s the cows. serious person.

More than two-thirds of the earth is covered by water. There are a lot of things that go around forever. How can we stop the blame game and focus our attention and technology on delivering more water to our growing population while reducing our reliance on nature’s unpredictable cycles.

Richard Williams

we see again and again
The dangers of fossil fuels

Reply. “Study shows leaded gasoline lowers IQ in half of Americans,” March 8:

Bruce Lanphear’s statement struck me: “The tragic part is that we keep making the same mistakes…again…and it keeps going.” Although research documents the far-reaching harmful effects of lead effects, but others have found that inhaling wildfire smoke can actually change our DNA. Lead may be gone, but particulate pollution continues, especially after wildfires are exacerbated by climate change.

Yet we remain unnecessarily dependent on fossil fuels, even though they pollute the air we breathe, are a major cause of global warming, and, as recent events tragically show, keep us at the mercy of oil-producing nations.

Indeed the same error. Maybe all of this makes us stupid.

Imgard Flaschka

Chris Rock insists
His calmness and integrity

I appreciate the opportunity to read and write to the editor. I appreciate other people’s opinions. Sometimes my overall opinion may change by reading what other people think about the subject.

The latest article on Will Smith and Chris Rock from Oscar Night Shots already says it. Some people think it’s okay to hit another person when you don’t agree. I do not. Chris Rock may be out of place in his jokes, but Will Smith’s blow to him is out of place. Wouldn’t it be better to share your opinion without personal attacks?

Thanks Chris Rock for not fighting back. In this case, you are a person of integrity. However, you might want to clean up your behavior.

Virginia Camp

Putin’s real crime is
murder ukrainian

Reply. “Biden angers U.S. allies in Poland”, page A1, March 27:

Why is no one reporting the real problem in Ukraine – Vladimir Putin is the murderer?

Sitting safely in the comfort of the Kremlin, he directed his soldiers to murder women and children.

All that President Joe Biden did was say that Putin should not be the head of a country.

Bruce Roberts

US, NATO must act
offset russian oil

As outlined in the March 25 opinion page, we appear to be in a fossil fuel war (“Biden, Democrats should say we are in a fossil fuel war,” p. A7). There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin financed the war on Ukraine by selling fossil fuels cheaper than other countries. Since these countries are reluctant to cut prices, the US and NATO can at least offer to subsidize the difference so that there is no need to buy from Russia.

Of course, the sooner we build the infrastructure to get rid of fossil fuels completely, the better off our lives will be.

Bill Nicholson

To reduce USPS emissions,
Reduce delivery days

In a March 24 letter, Alan Carroll questioned why the USPS didn’t fully electrify their aging fleet (“USPS must reverse plans to buy gasoline vehicles”, p. A6). The first replacement order for 50,000 cars includes only 10,000 electric trucks. This may be due to the high cost of installing EV charging infrastructure at each post office.

But the bigger point is whether we really need to replace all 140,000 postal vehicles built between 1987 and 1994 in a world of email, direct deposit, online greetings and automated bill payments. People wondered if anyone would miss receiving our typical mail mix if we changed to a three-day-a-week delivery schedule.

Martin Wilmington

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