“Travel more or less immigrant”, an annual program “Garden School 2022” that considers the sustainability of the natural environment hosts and recruits participants! | Urban Research Co., Ltd. Press Release

TINY GARDEN Tateshina (operated by Urban Research Co., Ltd.) will launch the annual tree management and field trip program “Garden School 2022” at the campsite located at the foot of the Yatsugatake Central Plateau National Monument.

In 4 times a year, 1 night and 2 days of accommodation-style programs, by experiencing activities close to nature on this land, taking into account the sustainability of the natural environment of the area, a local experience that can not be Entering through travel or sightseeing we will continue to offer encounters.

▼ Event Summary
Garden School 2022
Period: 2022.6~2023.1 (4 times a year, 1 night and 2 days each time)
Spring 6 / 10-11 | Summer 7 / 22-23 | Fall 9 / 30-10 / 1 | Winter 1 / 27-28
Main venue: TINY GARDEN Tateshina
Capacity: 12 people (minimum 6 people)
Participation fee: 140,000 yen for annual participation / 40,000 yen for single-day participation
The room rate includes: TINY GARDEN Tateshina accommodation fee (cabin comfort plan), breakfast fee, dinner fee, lunch box fee (2nd day), hot spring bath fee, various experience fees, insurance fees, etc.

◯ Annual participation privilege
1 night 2 days free double stay gift certificate gift (*with setting to exclude busy days)
* There is no child fee set due to the possibility of dangerous work this time.

Organizer: TINY GARDEN Tateshina / Urban Research Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Kobashi Co., Ltd.

▼ Class content
The theme is “Meeting our own nature”. We offer a four-a-year residential plan, one night for two days each.

・[木课]Tree management class to create a campground landscape in 10 or 20 years
Experience the experience of seeing it with your own eyes and touching it with your own hands. We will work with tree doctors to manage the trees according to the seasons.
Assume tree work (cutting, pruning, diagnostics, etc.) / jungle crafting (fire protection, shelter, rope work, etc.) / woodworking (recipe, woodworking), etc.
Lecturer (Honorary name omitted): Koike Koike Taro Representative Kohashi / Tree Doctor Nozawa Takanoori

・[当地课程]Field trips to the sites of the people who grew up and lived on this land
A glimpse of the work and life of the land, extending from the forest to the activities of the people. In the plateau’s cool summers and long, harsh winters, we will visit and experience the local workplaces of the people who are rooted in the region.
Undertake seasonal farm work (rice planting, weeding, harvesting, pruning, etc.), deer dismantling tour, natural agar factory tour/experience, etc.
Each lecturer (honorary title omitted): Rice farmer Tojo Kotaro / Organic Farm 88 Ryo Hayashi / Fujimi Kogen Farm Ogiwara / Irisen Agar Chino Grammar

・[篝火时间]Time to share learning and ideas around a campfire
Create a new step from the fire that has not changed since the Jomon period. After dinner, participants and local residents will have the opportunity to network with each other around the campfire and share their knowledge and ideas.
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▼ Planning cooperation: Introduction of lecturer
We are a company that aims to create and disseminate the social infrastructure needed for the next 100 years by carrying out “work to connect trees and people, forests and towns” in Nagano, a prefecture rich in natural resources. Various work on the tree care site as an arbor culture company. Plans, develops, manufactures and sells products utilizing on-site materials under brands such as “yaso” and “Woodworks”. At Yatsugatake Jungle School, there are various courses and training in outdoor activities, survival, disaster prevention, etc. In addition, we do various jobs related to trees and forests, such as outdoor learning, forest experiences, corporate training and lectures.

▼ Facility Overview
TINY GARDEN Polygonaceae
Two and a half hours drive from Shinjuku. In September 2019, “TINY GARDEN Tateshina”, which stands on the shore of Lake Tateshina at the foot of Yatsugatake, opened. At 1,250 m above sea level, in a small garden surrounded by fresh air and birch trees, the outdoor clothing brand “ begins with three styles of accommodation in camping huts and a workstation facility that proposes various consumption patterns. There is an EKAL shop and cafe with a menu featuring local ingredients, where comfortable times flow at the intersection of everyday life and the extraordinary.

Address: 8606-1 Kitayama, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture
Floor area: 4,800 tsubo
Facilities: Accommodation (7 cabins, 24 cabins, about 30 tents), hot springs, cafes, restaurants, EKAL SHOP, workstations

・ SDG Initiative
Urban Research Co., Ltd. is promoting initiatives based on our own SDGs basic policy “3Cs”. TINY GARDEN Tateshina will continue to form local communities through manufacturing and work with various partners to contribute to sustainable community development.

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