Stewart Law Firm Revolutionizes Splash Pad Water Monitoring in New Child Death Solution in Arlington

Mistakes in water testing found after rare brain-eating amoeba kills children in 2021

  • Stewart enacts comprehensive technical monitoring changes as part of solution to prevent future tragedies starting in summer 2022
  • Child infected with rare amoeba that causes September 2021 die
  • Arlington City officials found loopholes in water inspection logs for the date the victim visited one of the splash pads

Austin, Texas, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/—— Stephen Stewart of Austin, Texas-based on Stewart Law Offices announced today that his company has partnered with Arlington After extensive litigation involving child death A splash pad in the city.

Like most personal injury settlements, the law sets an amount cap $250,000 prize.Due to serious and horrific losses, Stewart charged Arlington Using on-site QR code technology, parents can get the latest water quality test results.

The settlement requires the technology to be operational by the 2022 summer swimming season.

“The family believes, and I agree, that preventing future tragedies like this from happening and letting any parent avoid the grief they suffer is more important than a monetary reward,” Stewart said. “My law firm came up with and proposed the QR code scanning option, and we hope that It can become the national standard for splash pads, water parks and other public aquatic facilities across the country.”

little boy sick September 2021 and hospitalized. When the hospital identified his infection as primary amebic meningoencephalitis, they notified health officials, leading to an investigation and closure of the city’s splash pads. Officials, working with the CDC, found N. fleuris on a splash pad the family visited before he became ill. Although rare, amebiasis can cause infections that are often fatal. A few days later, the boy died.

As part of a review of the splash pad water inspection logs, city officials found that two of the city’s four splash pads had recorded readings errors, coinciding with when some households visited one of the splash pads. Stewart said QR technology means families can now see water chlorination readings before allowing kids to use splash pads.

This Arlington They are also responsible for sharing their “lessons learned” and new technology protocols at conferences across the country, with the hope that other public swimming facilities will follow suit.

“These parents selflessly agreed to accept this technological solution rather than a financial reward,” Stewart said. “We can all thank them for their courage and commitment to helping other parents, not just Arlington But across the country, avoid the kind of loss and heartbreak they suffer. “

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