ROF-MAO’s first mini-album “Crack Up!!!!” (released on April 13 (Wednesday)) recorded the song “I want it! You want it!” Delivery!

  • Released on April 13, 2022 (Wednesday)! ROF-MAO’s first mini-album “Crack Up!!!!” recorded the song “I want! You want!” Also, CD release and Thursday 10! Rofuma Juku Season 2 Station Advertisement Release Information to Commemorate the Broadcast Start and All Songs Watch Video Information Release!

ROF-MAO’s first mini-album “Crack Up!!!!” will be released on April 13, 2022 (Wednesday) with the recorded song “I Want! you want! ” has been released in advance. ! This is a song produced by KEYTALK Yoshikatsu Shuto, “It was a production period and I was excited about the potential of the four, who responded with “10” when asked for “1”, no exaggeration! Please accept the party invitation! “Please wait a moment for the release of the CD, while listening to this song, the rhythm, cheers and hands.
In addition, the ED song of “Thu 10! Rofuma Juku Season 2” to be released on April 7 (Thursday) has also been decided. Please also support the stronger “Rofuma Juku”!

To commemorate the release of the CD and the launch of Rofuma Juku Season 2, the station commercials in the JR East Metropolitan Area have begun! It will be posted until April 26, 2022 (Tuesday), so please take a picture and share and spread on SNS! And the waiting area for all songs is also open! The first broadcast will begin at 22:00 on April 1, 2022 (Wednesday). Please check it out too!

Please continue to support ROF-MAO which is being released on CD!

  • “I want it! You want it!” Advanced Digital Release Information

▼ “I want it! You want it!” Delivery link

  • “Crack Up !!!” Release Commemorative! JR East Metropolitan Area Station Advertisement Placement Information

■ Place and time of publication


Tokyo Station, Yurakucho Station, Shimbashi Station, Hamamatsucho Station, Tamachi Station, Shinagawa Station, Kawasaki Station, Yokohama Station, Kanda Station, Osaki Station, Akihabara Station, Okachimachi Station, Ueno Station, Nippori Station, Omiya Station, Ikebukuro Station, Gotanda Station, Meguro Station, Ebisu Station, Shibuya Station, Harajuku Station, Shinjuku Station, Takadanobaba Station, Nakano Station, Kokubunji Station, Tachikawa Station, Nishi-Funabashi Station, Funabashi Station, Tsudanuma Station, Chiba Station

April 1 (Gold) ~ April 26 (Fire), 2022
* Installed sequentially from April 1 (Friday) and removed sequentially from April 25 (Monday)

Please do not ask station staff about the contents of this advertisement.
Since the station yard is a public space, please be aware of the surrounding area.

For inquiries about advertising, please contact us through the inquiry page of the ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. corporate website.

  • First broadcast from 22:00 on April 1, 2022 (Friday)! “Crack Up!!!” All Songs Watch Video Waiting Location Information

▼ YouTube link

  • 1st Mini Album “Crack Up !!!!” Product Overview

■ “Crack Up!!!! (Rofuma Juku version)”

・Release date: April 13, 2022 (Wednesday) / Specifications: CD + Blu-ray / Item number: POCS-39003
・Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
・ CD content
M1. New Street, New World / M2. I want it! you want! / M3. Progress Statement / M4. Let’s party! / M5. Rack hack / M6. Letters you know / M7. New Street, New World (instrument) / M8. I want it! you want! (Instrument) / M9. Early Declaration (Instrument) / M10. Let’s Get the Party Started! (Instrument) / M11. (Instrument)

・Blu-ray recordings
Includes “‘Thu 10! Rofuma Juku’ Unreleased Video Collection”

・Fringe benefits
ROF-MAO “Crack Up !!!” Commemorative Talk Event App Lottery Ticket Released
Kuzuha & Kanae & ROF-MAO Three-Man LIVE “Aim Higher” ticket pre-sale lottery included

* Bonus common to all forms (including first printing)
・Publisher: Universal Music LLC/Virgin Music

■”Crack Up!!!! (Normal Edition)” Product Overview
・Release date: April 13, 2022 (Wednesday) / Specifications: CD / Item number: POCS-30009
・Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
・ CD content
M1. New street, New world / M2. I want! You want! / M3. Forward Declaration / M4. Let’s Get the Party Started! / M5. Luck Hack / M6. Track) / M8. New street, New world (Instrumental ) / M9. I want it! you want! (Instrumental) / M10. Declaration of Advance (Instrumental) / M11. Let’s Get the Party Started! (Instrumental) / M12. (Instrumental) / M13. I know the letter (Instrumental)

・Fringe benefits
ROF-MAO “Crack Up !!!” Commemorative Talk Event App Lottery Ticket Released
Kuzuha & Kanae & ROF-MAO Three-Man LIVE “Aim Higher” ticket pre-sale lottery included

* Bonus common to all forms (including first printing)
・Publisher: Universal Music LLC/Virgin Music

  • ROF-MAO “Progress Manifesto” distribution and download sales overview

Download/stream on every store
ROF-MAO “Progress Statement” (MV full version)


・ Nijisanji Official Store: Cheki Bromide (4 random illustrations)
Regular plate:
Rofuma Juku version:

・Animation Online: Batch available (4 random head and body illustrations)
Ordinary plate:
Rofuma Juku Edition:

・Rakuten Books: Mini Four Seasons

・Rakuten Books (FamilyMart reception limited offer: until 23:59 on 4/7 (Thursday)): A7 size magnet

・ Super jacket (image of each form)|B09NVSTCHG

・ Tower Records: Bromide of 2L size|4988031488904

・Universal Music Store: Clear files

・Support the common good of the store: Bookmarks

* All benefits are on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last.
*Original benefit applies to Rofuma Juku Edition (POCS-39003) / Regular Edition (POCS-30009) “Crack Up !!!”
Available to purchasers.
* Receive an original privilege with every purchase of Rofuma Juku Edition or Regular Edition.
* Some stores do not have original discounts, please consult the target store for details.
Please contact us.
* You cannot specify a pattern or character for random distribution of proceeds. caution.
* Product specifications, content, design, benefits, etc. are subject to change without notice.

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“Nijisanji Project” is a VTuber/virtual river project with a wide reach that aims to accelerate next-generation entertainment through various events, sales of merchandise and digital content, music production, and more. It is said that. Currently, about 100 affiliated rivers work on video distribution platforms such as YouTube, giving full play to their individuality.


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