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SIE announced on March 29 that it will provide a new service of the monthly subscription service “PlayStation Plus” from June.

In addition to “Essential” which is the equivalent of the previous “PlayStation Plus”, “Extra” that allows you to play PS4/PS5 titles in a fixed number and “Premium” that allows you to play the original PS, PS2, PSP, etc. will be added.

Service contents selectable from 3 types

“PlayStation Plus” is a new system that lets you choose from three services. First, I’ll briefly go over the price and benefits of each plan.

PlayStation Plus must-have

Equivalent to the existing PS Plus, the service contents are as follows. Prices are unchanged from current PS Plus prices.

・Free games (2 games can be downloaded for free per month)
・Participant limited seduction
・Save data storage (cloud storage)
・Online multiplayer

period Price
1 month usage right 850 yen
3 months usage rights 2,150 yen
12 months license 5,143 yen

PlayStation Plus Extra

In addition to “Essential”, PS4 and PS5 games can also be downloaded and played. The lineup also includes popular products from software makers like PlayStation Studios.

– All services included in “PS Plus Essential”.
・ Hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games can be downloaded and played.

period Price
1 month usage right 1,300 yen
3 months usage rights 3,600 yen
12 months license 8,600 yen

PlayStation Plus Premium

In addition to the above two service content, it is a top plan that allows you to play PS3, PS2, PSP and more. The largest number of games can be played, and the content is irresistible for game lovers.

・All services of “PS Plus Essential” and “PS Plus Extra” are available
・Add PS3 games (play via cloud streaming) and classic games from the original PS, PS2, PSP (play via cloud streaming and download).
・ Games that you can try before purchasing (limited play time).

period Price
1 month usage right 1,550 yen
3 months usage rights 4,300 yen
12 months license 10,250 yen

By the way, for countries and regions without cloud streaming, “PlayStation Plus Deluxe” which is cheaper than “PlayStation Plus Premium” will be offered.

Looking forward to the “Premium” that can play PS-PS3 games! !

Simply put, it is the same as before (Essential) → you can download hundreds of PS4/PS5 games (Extra) → PS, PS2, PS3, PSP games can also be played (Premium), you can choose freely.

In particular, “Premium” is a form of service that integrates the current streaming service “PS Now”, and charges etc. are unified, so it can be said to be a good content for those who have both.

Personally, I would like to focus on “Premium” the most. Of course, streaming services are to be expected, but I’m really excited to play games from the original PS to the PS3!

There are currently PS archives, but to be honest, needing a PS3, PS Vita, etc. to play is a hassle. With this plan, it is possible to play on PS4/PS5.

I was curious about the corresponding title, but in an interview with other media CEO Jim Ryan, he said: “I haven’t mentioned the title yet, but I believe there are classic games on the list that you will like..” ..

The latest games are of course good, but many times I want to play old games such as PS. It’s great to be able to play the games you used to play with your kids.

For me, who’s currently running PS4, it’s a good thing that it’s solidly compatible with PS4.

Glad that the game library is enriched!

I also have high hopes for the PS4/PS5 library available in “Extra” and “Premium”.

Specific titles include “God of War,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” “The Return,” and “Death Stranding.” Seems to offer major 3rd party titles too.

According to CEO Jim Ryan, the number is in the hundreds, so it seems to pride itself on a sizable number. It also seems to include many famous titles.

I want to feel the history of PS with “Premium”!

In general, for me, who has been playing PS format games since my first PS, I got the impression that choosing “Premium” allows me to play a variety of hard games.

Although it is the most expensive in terms of price, it actually includes “PS Now”, which seems to be a great plan in terms of content.

Since I’ve been playing games in the PS format for over 25 years, there are a lot of games that are full of memories.

With this plan, I wanted to immerse myself in the memories of those days while enjoying the latest work.

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