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JERA Central League Official Match 2022 In a match hosted by the Hanshin Tigers, “docomo LOUNGE” will participate in the “Children’s Day” scheduled to be held from May 3 (Tuesday) to May 5 (Thursday) at Hanshin Koshien Stadium. Tickets will be available in limited quantities at Ticket Pia on Thursday, April 7th. During these 3 days, a ticket for activities (throwing, hanging, yo-yo, etc.) based on the concept of “ennichi” will be attached (elementary school students only), and an original nameplate of “docomo” “LOUNGE” for children KOSHIEN”. I will do it. In addition, children who draw Atari in each game will receive a piece of confetti autographed by the player. This is a special treat for “Children’s Day”, please come with your family!
In addition, as a measure to prevent the spread of infection this season, we require members to register (free) in order to receive customer information of purchases and visitors, as well as the novel coronavirus that will be announced on the sales screen at the time of purchase. Please confirm precautions for infection prevention measures , buy admission tickets after agreeing.
We will take all possible measures to prevent infection so that all visitors can watch the game with peace of mind, but we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation, such as wearing masks, taking temperature measurements, prohibiting loud noises, etc.

As a contract to watch the game, the “Game Watching Contract Agreement” established by the Hanshin Tigers will apply.

【Please check it out】

  • ・We plan to sell seats without empty seats at the front, back, left and right of the seat. However, if government/local government requirements or NPB guidelines change, sales methods may change or maximum visitor numbers may be set.
  • ・The start time of the competition may change depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
  • ・As a measure to prevent the spread of infection, we require you to register as a member of each ticket agency (free) in order to receive customer information of purchases and visitors, and the posting method is the Internet only.
  • ・Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, we may use the vaccine/test kit system or a new system proposed by the government/local government. At that time, you may be required to present various proofs and identification documents upon enrolment. If you don’t show it, you won’t be able to enter. We will notify you of details and details about the target game on this website.
  • ・Please note that depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection, regardless of whether the product is before or during the sale period, there may be a sudden stop of sales or additional sales.
  • ・ Various restrictions may be set, such as changing the business hours of stores including merchandise stores in Koshien Stadium, prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages, and changing service hours.
  • ・Even though the government and local governments stipulate the maximum number of spectators for large-scale events due to the sudden spread of infection, it is assumed that the purchased tickets will be valid in view of the past policies of the government and others. (But it depends on the situation.) Therefore, even if the spectator cap is relaxed or adjusted, or the rules for watching the game change, we cannot refund the purchased tickets in principle. Please purchase tickets upon receipt.

Outline of “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”

The “Docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” newly installed on the second floor of the Hanshin Koshien Hikaru field area is a spacious space equipped with a large projector, and you can enjoy free drinks and player cooperation meals.
In addition, in the same lounge, NTT DoCoMo Co., Ltd. signed a naming rights contract with the aim of creating new experiential value for watching sports. In cooperation with NTT DoCoMo, Inc., we have introduced various digital technologies such as the facial recognition system “SAFR®” for entrance and exit management and the mobile ordering system “EasyEat™” that allows you to order products from your seat ”. We plan to effectively use the lounge as a place to foster collaboration, such as co-planning and developing digital services.
In addition to watching the game in the ebullient outfield stands, experience a new viewing experience that utilizes advanced technology.
* “SAFR®” is a registered trademark of RealNetworks, Inc.
* “EasyEat ™” is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.


Children’s Day “docomo LOUNGE” ticket sales (limited quantities)

target match

May 3 (Tuesday/Holiday)-5 (Thursday/Holiday) 3 games against Yakult
* Transfer matches for matches cancelled due to rain etc. will be announced at the same time as the event will be held separately.

【Price】 [目标座位类型]
Light Outfield Reserved Seats (seats are located in the yellow frame area)
  • * Please be sure to come with your children (elementary school students or below) according to the schedule. We will refuse admission if you are not accompanied.
  • * The capacity is 80 people, but the maximum sales quantity may vary depending on the infection status of the novel coronavirus.
  • * Not for sale per seat.
  • *Tickets are required from age 4.
  • *No child fee settings.
  • * When entering “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”, only children can get event tickets (snares, hangs, yo-yos, etc.).
  • *Price includes 5 event tickets.
  • *Seat selection is not available.

① Right to use “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”

  • * The area within “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” is a limited area that customers who purchase general purchase tickets cannot enter.

(2) “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” event ticket (5 times)

  • * We will provide 5 tickets for each child under elementary school who holds an admission ticket. Adults are not eligible.
  • * Event tickets can be purchased additionally at “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”.

③ “Player cooperative gourmet (except some products)” or “original in” docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN “”

  • * To provide special food, you will need the “Food Stamp” received at the “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” entry. Please show your ticket at “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”.
  • *”Player Cooperative Gourmet” can be exchanged at “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” and the Outfield 2F shop. However, “Director/Player Collaboration Bento” and “Director Yano’s Special Bibimbap Bowl” cannot be exchanged.
  • *The menu provided by “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” in “Player Collaboration Gourmand” is a part. Also, menus may change during the season.
  • * Additional food menus limited to “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” can also be purchased.

④ Free drinks (including alcoholic drinks) at “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”

  • * Certain products are not eligible for free drinks. Children should only drink soft drinks.
“Docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” original Satotel’s W Chicken Teruaki (Teri) Yaki Don
Hakata Typhoon Tonkotsu Ramen in Umeno Kinmoto’s Refreshing Beef Rib Bowl -Awaji Island Onion Platter-

Menu image from “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”

Overview of Ticket Issuance

① Release period
April 7th (Thursday) 12:00 – 2 hours before the scheduled start time of each match day

  • * Sales hours are from 12:00 to 24 hours on the first day.
  • * Sales will end when the planned number of tickets for each game ends.

② How to sell
Post on Ticket Pia (Internet)
URL: (Membership registration required in advance)

③ Notes on ticket sales

  • *Up to 1 seat per person can be sold with one purchase (1 member registration).
  • * Payment will be made by credit card immediately upon purchase.
  • *Once an admission ticket is purchased, we will not change or replace the schedule, refund fees, or reissue if lost or forgotten.
  • *If the event is cancelled due to rain, the amount stated on the ticket will be refunded.
  • *Unused tickets cannot be refunded even if the group size is insufficient.
  • * Due to system maintenance, registration will be closed every Tuesday (Wednesday) from 2:30 am to 5:30 am.
  • *In accordance with government and local government policies, publication guidelines may be changed in a hurry.
  • * Whether it is before or during the sale period, there may be a sudden cessation of sales or upsells.
  • *Follow the instructions on the purchase screen and pay attention to the precautions before purchasing.

④ Notes on “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”

  • * You cannot watch the game directly in “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”. However, “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” will install large projectors and TV monitors to broadcast the game video.
  • * Products sold at Koshien Stadium can be brought into “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” as food and drink. Please note that you cannot bring any other products.
  • *Products (food and drink) provided in “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” cannot be taken out of “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”, except for “Player Collaboration Gourmand”.
  • * The business hours of “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” are from the door to the end of the game. However, “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” will serve alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and food until the end of the 7th round, and will sell merchandise until the end of the game.
  • *If the game is cancelled due to rain or no game after the doors are opened, we will stop serving alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and food. Please leave customers who have finished eating and drinking.
  • * No staff available to order menus or deliver products. Please go to the order counter of “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”.
  • *Depending on the crowded situation of “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”, we may ask you to move your seat.
  • * To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN” may take the following measures. Please note that due to the implementation of the following measures, tickets will not be refunded. The following measures may be changed in the future at the request of the government and local governments.
    〇 Admission restrictions for “docomo LOUNGE KOSHIEN”
    〇 Stop serving alcohol and other handling menu changes
    〇 Install the acrylic sheet on the table
    〇 Please wear a mask except when eating or drinking
    〇 Shortened business hours
    〇Eating and drinking at a table with less than 4 people
    We ask that you cooperate with other measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as alcohol disinfection on admission.
  • *Please register the face recognition system at the time of admission. The information obtained will be destroyed on the day of using “docomo LOUNGE”.
Lightweight Outfield Reserved Seat Considerations
The designated light outfield seat will be a dedicated support seat for the Hanshin Tigers. Cheering activities other than the Hanshin Tigers, wearing clothing and using cheering supplies are prohibited in this area (seats in the stadium).

Tickets for games sponsored by the Hanshin Tigers are “Specified Entertainment Tickets” stipulated in the “Ticket Unauthorized Resale Prohibition Act (law to ensure proper distribution of entertainment tickets by prohibiting unauthorized resale of certain entertainment tickets, etc.)”. .Paid transfer to third parties is prohibited without the consent of the organizer. Resale as a business is illegal and can result in criminal penalties.

Ask all visitors

We will operate in accordance with the NPB Novel Coronavirus Infection Prevention Guidelines. When purchasing or visiting the venue, be sure to check the following considerations. Content may be changed or added when you visit the venue. Please check the latest information before visiting.

If you do not follow the rules for watching games such as wearing a mask, no loud noise, etc., and do not comply with team requirements, you will be denied entry or sent off to watch the contract according to the terms of the game.

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