“SSR[觉醒]Terrible Nagarjuna” appeared as a limited-time scout in “ONE PUNCH MAN Hit Maji Fight”! | Green Entertainment Co., Ltd. press release

GREE Entertainment, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Miku Otake, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GREE, Inc.) will operate “ONE PUNCH MAN Ippatsu Maji Fight” (commonly known as Maji Fight) in 2022 4 NEW 3 From 5:00 on May 1st (Friday), the character “SSR[觉醒]The Terrible Tornado” is here!

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Give all enemies a “force field”! Continuous damage restores HP!
“SSR[觉醒]Scary Tornado” is finally here!
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From 5:00 on April 1st (Friday) to 4:59 on April 13th (Wednesday), there will be a STEP UP reconnaissance in which SSR will appear[Awakening]Scary horror tornado.

In its special move, it deals a lot of damage to all enemies and puts them into a force field, thus accumulating continuous damage when the enemy moves. At the same time, it can also convert the continuous damage the enemy takes due to its characteristics into its own HP recovery. Dominate the battle as an offensive and defensive attacker.
In normal attacks, increased guts to reduce damage, and in terms of traits[会心]To reduce damage to others, it won’t crash so easily, or even lose the enemy’s lock-on energy after an action!
There is no doubt that it will be a great success both offensively and defensively! SSR[Awakening]Please experience the power of the terrifying Nagarjuna!

▼ SSR[Awakening]Terrible Tornado

Rarity: SSR
type: special
Occupation: Hero
Traits: Gut, Force Field, Energy Loss
CV: You Mubi

▼ SSR[觉醒]scary dragon tree skills
*Skill effects will vary depending on the character’s level and training status such as awakening.

Psychic attack:
Deal 140% (+10) damage to a single enemy.Own[根性]Make it into a state (reduce damage equal to 30% of its own HP).

Mind Power Press:
Hit all enemies 3 times for 150% (+9) damage. Self-inflicted damage over time increased by 50%. 100% chance to kill all enemies in 1 turn[力場]Make it into a state (inflict 160% ATK of continuous damage to the enemy before the action).

Ultimate weapon:
After the action ends, the primary target loses locked energy. (once per round)[会心]Damage taken is reduced by 30%. Absorbs 50% of the continuous damage dealt to the enemy and converts it into HP. Increases own HP (+20).

In addition, there are special costumes for the SSR[Awakening]Horror Tornado!
Don’t miss out on beautiful clothes!

————————————————– ——————–
SSR[Awakening]A terrible tornado appears &
There will be a gorgeous Twitter event in honor of the 518th release (Go One Pan)!
————————————————– ——————–

518 days until the release on March 31 (Thursday) (Go One Pan)! Post 518 days & SSR[觉醒]We will be holding a Twitter campaign to commemorate the appearance of the horrific tornado. Please join us!

April 1, 2022 (Gold) 5:00 to April 7, 2022 (Wood) 23:59

・Follow the official Twitter account and retweet the campaign’s targeted posts
・ Eligible users will be given an Amazon gift code by lottery
・In-game items will be presented to all users based on RT quantity
* Applicable to all Lv18 or above users

・Amazon gift code 18,180 yen x 5 people

Appears when RT number is reached:
・Get 1,518RT 5 costume tickets
・ Reach 3,518RT for 10 costume coupons, 1 limited scout coupon
・ Reach 5,518RT for 15 costume coupons and 1 limited scout coupon
・Get 6,518RT 5 costume tickets
・ Get 7,518RT 5 Costume Tickets
・Get 8,518RT 10 costume tickets

* Please check the in-game announcement for event details.
* Implementation period is subject to change without notice. Notice.

————————————————– ——————–
GvG’s new content “Guild Conquest” is here!
In addition, there will be a new event “Core Trials”!
————————————————– ——————–

Let’s take advantage of multiple formations and win in total war!

Activity summary:
・It will be held on a 4-week schedule per season.
・Each guild member must form 3 teams.
・The stronghold and stronghold will be occupied/guarded by each other, and the outcome will be determined by the number of guild materials obtained.
A chance to gain access to the core materials of the Enhanced “Lab”! Let’s take this opportunity to improve our strength!

Activity summary:
・Two characters with core skills will be chosen each season. Character core parts with selected core skills can be obtained through seasonal core part rewards.
・You can get ranking rewards according to the progress of customs clearance.
・You can exchange trial Pt and various core parts at the exchange shop.

* Please check the in-game announcement for event details.
* Implementation period is subject to change without notice.caution

■ □ ■ Game Overview ■ □ ■
・Name: ONE PUNCH MAN Blow Serious Fight
・Genre: Adventure
・Price: Free to play (item fee type)
・Official site:
・Official Twitter:
・Delivery: Green Entertainment Co., Ltd.
・Operation: Green Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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Roppongi Hills Gate Tower, 6-11-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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