More than 50 were added to Nintendo Switch sales. “Kingdom Hearts” and other blockbuster titles and the lowest price titles are endless – AUTOMATON

On March 30, the Nintendo eShop started sales of new games for the Nintendo Switch. Targeted 56 headlines, in this article, we’ll pick a few and present them.

(“Kingdom Hearts III”)

The highlight of this sale will be the “Kingdom Hearts” series. Both are 20% off, “KINGDOM HEARTS – HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX – Cloud Edition” is 4224 yen, “KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Cloud Edition” is 4224 yen, “KINGDOM HEARTS III + Re Mind ( DLC) Cloud version” is 5,984 yen, and “KINGDOM HEARTS Memories of Memories” is also 5,984 yen. In addition, cloud version works will be played through cloud streaming. Want to try the trial version before buying to see if you can play it comfortably in your own communication environment.

Among the titles that update the lowest price, mercenary cats’ farming & action RPG “Kitaria Fables” is 50% off at 990 yen. The official farming simulation game “Farming Simulator 20” is 60% off at 2,480 yen. 60% off the Cthulhu Mythos suspense adventure game “Call of Cthulhu” 1,032 yen. Fight the darkness with the whole family for 65% off “Son of Morta” for 1,386 yen. 35% off 5,577 yen for the role-playing game “BLUE REFLECTION TIE” for a girl who lost her memory. In addition, “Sophie’s Atelier – The Alchemist of the Book of Mysteries-DX” and “Phyllis’ Atelier – The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey-DX” are both 30% off at 3,696 yen.

(“The Kitaria Fable”)



Many fighting games developed or sold by Arc System Works are also on sale. Guilty Gear, the origin of the “Guilty Gear” series, is 60% off at 488 yen. “BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION SPECIAL EDITION” 2,297 yen for 53% off. “BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE”, a collaboration of four works “BLAZBLUE”, “P4U”, “UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH” and “RWBY”, is 76% off at 1003 yen. “Born at Night Exe: Late[cl-r]]2956 yen, 44% off. “Chaos Code -New Sign of Catastrophe-” 578 ​​yen for 41% off. The game version of the anime “Kill la Kill” “Kill la Kill The Game -Different Cloth-” 1939 yen is 72% off. “Zan!” Reduced under the influence of “Blade of Bushido”! reduce! ]990 yen for a 46% discount.

For other sales titles, “Samurai Warriors 5” is 35% off at 5,577 yen. “NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection” is 3 pieces of the “NINJA GAIDEN” series, 3,712 yen with a 25% discount. “Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Version D” is a soft version of the cruel expression of the same work, and it is also 25% off at 3,712 yen. Crazy Runner: American Wild is 75% off for 1,495 yen on super rough roads in an off-road truck. 50% off “Nobunaga’s Ambition / Ambition with Power Up Kit” 5,390 yen. By the way, today, March 30, is “Nobunaga’s Ambition Day”.

(“Crazy Runner: American Wild”)


(“Tokyo Dark – Memories-“)

Among independent games, the misunderstood Japanese marathon game “Japan Marathon” is 34% off at 1,008 yen. The mysterious horror ADV “Tokyo Dark – Remembrance –” set in Tokyo is 50% off for 900 yen. The battle action “BATTLLOON-Battleon” that collides with each other as balloons is 50% off for 395 yen. The strategy simulation game “TINY METAL” influenced by “Famicom Wars” is 50% off at 917 yen. The mystery horror novel game “Mayonaka Galan” is 50% off at 611 yen.

Many games are on sale on the Nintendo eShop, including the ones not added this time around. As end dates vary by title, check each store page for details.

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