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More than 4,000 people in southeastern Greene County are being consulted for boiling water for the second time this year after a filtration issue at East Duncade Water’s treatment plant in Dilinna.

The latest advisory, effective March 11, comes a day after the state Department of Environmental Protection said the authority’s facility had a “processing failure” involving a filtration issue that resulted in high turbidity readings, a measure of water clarity.

From January 25 to February 11, similar boiling water warnings were issued for nearly the same problem at the plant. In both cases, uncertified workers at the plant were found to be making decisions that should have been authorized by certified operators, according to the DEP breach notice.

“Access to safe drinking water for East Dunkad Water’s customers is DEP’s goal and priority,” DEP spokeswoman Lauren Fraley said on Tuesday. “As part of DEP’s oversight, DEP requires East Duncard Water to submit monitoring data on a daily basis so that DEP can help identify problems early. As part of East Duncard Water’s corrective actions, the board has taken several steps to address non-compliance .”

Fraley said she could not comment on whether East Dunkard would face civil penalties for compliance issues, as state regulators see it as an ongoing situation that has not been resolved. She added that once the problem at the plant is resolved, authorities must complete two consecutive days of bacteriological tests before lifting the boil warning.

The water board has about 1,600 customers in its system, supplying water to 4,200 people living in Dunkard and Greene towns and parts of Cumberland, Monongahela, Perry and Whiteley towns.

DEP records show the regulator has issued 20 breach notices to East Duncard Water since July for various issues with its plants and water distribution systems.

According to the meeting agenda uploaded to the Water Authority’s website, the Water Authority’s Board of Directors held an emergency meeting on March 23 to discuss DEP’s recommendations and provide an update on the maintenance of its treatment plant. A full inspection of the plant is planned for next week.

The water authority’s attorney, Megan Patrick, said plant employees and engineers are working with DEP to bring the facility back into compliance to lift the boiling water advisory. She added that authorities were trying to secure grants to upgrade the facility, although she did not say where they were applying for funding.

“They’re looking for upgrades,” Patrick said. “They have applied for many grants for upgrades and improvements.”

It is unclear when the current boiling water warning will be lifted and normal operations resumed.

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