The new PlayStation Plus service will start in June. Two types of games, Extra (allows you to play hundreds of PS4/5 games in fixed quantities) and Premium (allows you to play PS1/PS2/PSP games) are now available as higher tier versions.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced two higher-tier versions of PlayStation Plus, a flat-rate service for the PlayStation platform. In Japan, it is scheduled to go on sale in June 2022.

This time around, we had the opportunity to interview SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan, so I wanted to share with you an explanation of the presentation I received there.

Price and content of 3 services

The PlayStation Plus service will be regarded as “PlayStation Plus Essential” of the traditional service and will be developed into three types, including the medium version “PlayStation Plus Extra” and the higher version “PlayStation Plus Premium”. The prices and benefits of each are summarized below.

  • PlayStation Plus must-have(850 yen per month, 2150 yen for 3 months, 5143 yen for 12 months)

    • Same content as traditional PS Plus.Twice a month game download rights and online multiplayer access, discounts, saves, and other cloud storage
  • PlayStation Plus Extra(1300 yen per month, 3600 yen for 3 months, 8600 yen for 12 months)

    • Include basic content
    • Can be downloaded and played from a library of hundreds of PS4/PS5 games (about 400 in Europe and the US, according to Jim Ryan)
  • PlayStation Plus Premium(1,550 yen per month, 4,300 yen for 3 months, 10,250 yen for 12 months)

    • Includes Gundam Extra content
    • In addition, there is a library of original PS, PS2, PSP (PlayStation Portable) classic games, which can be downloaded and played through streaming media.
    • Can stream PS3 games (*PS3 + PS/PS2/PSP total up to 240)
    • Can also play PS4 games included in Extra
    • Limited-time trial play of AAA (Super Masterpiece) titles is available

To briefly summarize the difference, the regular PS Plus has a PS4/PS5 pricing game library, as well as PS/PS2/PSP classic library, cloud game function, AAA title trial rights, and it feels like Premium.

Japan and Asia will lead Europe and the United States (early June in North America, late June in Europe, and end of June in other regions). In countries where cloud gaming is not supported, a later version called “PlayStation Plus Deluxe” will be available instead of Premium.

Regarding the PS4/PS5 library available from Extra and above, I would like to include the following comments in the presentation.

  • From the title related to PlayStation Studios, “god of war‘, ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man‘, ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales‘, ‘return the goods‘, ‘death stranding“and provide
  • There are also great catalogs from third parties with the participation of major publishers.Our lineup will be updated
  • I’m often asked if the new PlayStation Studio will be available for a fixed price from launch, but that’s not the case.
    • It’s important to have a solid investment and success cycle, and I think listing it from day one would break that cycle and not cover the investment to make a good game.

Jim Ryan CEO Brief Interview

1. The respective positioning of the three services

– The essentials are the same as the current Plus, the new top is premium, and the extra is the middle of premium. Why are there three types?

Jim RyanChoice and value are important to us. First, it’ll be called Essential, but I’d like to offer the current PlayStation Plus as-is.

Most importantly, I want to offer a wide range of great games (as an add-on beyond the add-on) for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It’s a simple yet powerful lineup. As I mentioned before, there are games from first parties and there are games of equal quality from third parties.

There are big games and there are indie games. There are games from all major publishers. Some games celebrate PlayStation history, while others are brand new IP games.

This one (PS4/PS5 library) is aimed at a wider audience who are concerned about the games themselves, while the third (premium) is aimed at those who know more about the history of PlayStation. ..

I can’t name a title here yet, but I’ve seen some classic games on the list that you’ll love. I also want to play myself. Some, like ourselves, directly remember these games, and the younger generations who have heard of them from their parents can play them on the latest PlayStation.

Streaming (cloud gaming) is also important to us. The PlayStation 3 catalog that you can stream is also great. We also thought it was possible to evaluate the trial function.

That’s why it came first as PlayStation Plus, then the top-notch PlayStation Plus Extra catalog, and the premium version is slightly different.

2. Also available for PS4

– Are these new PlayStation Plus compatible with PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4? For example, even if you own a PlayStation 4, you might want to play games from the original PlayStation (this is a premium perk).

Jim RyanIt also supports PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 community is active and larger than the PlayStation 5 community. It is very important to us to respect them and continue to give the best advice. So, of course, this new PlayStation Plus proposal applies to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

– Will features such as high frame rate support for new classic games be added to the original version this time?

Jim RyanDetails will be announced in the future, but I’ve heard from people who have actually played it that it looks very good on PlayStation 4 and 5. However, the content of the communication will depend on the title.

3. Future Prospects of the Console Game Industry

– At GDC today, only the “Netflix of gaming” (a term referring to a monthly subscription gaming service like Netflix) was discussed. This new PS Plus can also be seen as one of them. On the other hand, looking further ahead, industry analysts have said that “the console (home) game is over”. In fact, I’m still alive like this. What are your thoughts on the future of the gaming industry and PlayStation?

Jim RyanVery smart people have long said, “The era of the mainframe is over”. But given the global popularity of the PS5, I can safely say that consoles will still be around for a few more years. I believe the future of consoles is strong.

On the other hand, I also believe in the possibility of streaming. With the launch of PlayStation Now and the expansion in the US, I’m happy with the experience of streaming PS3 and PS4 games, and I’ve built up on that. Streaming is going to play a bigger and bigger role in the future, and I want to keep offering it.

4. PS Now itself is over and will be absorbed by Premium

――Speaking of cloud gaming, will PlayStation Now continue? Can premium cloud gaming be accessed from a PC like PS Now?

Jim RyanPS Now service will stop. PS Now users will get a balance on PlayStation Plus Premium. Also, at the launch stage, streaming from PC is not available in Japan. Only from the console. (* A future update will support streaming from PC)

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