‘Water Deep’ and 7 other Ben Affleck villains, ranked

From humble beginnings, Ben Affleck auditioned for commercials and minor TV roles with his brother, becoming one of the most famous leading men in modern Hollywood. Affleck’s career has been filled with triumphs and lows, and he has shown his versatility through a variety of roles, whether he’s an action hero or a romantic protagonist.

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Unlike some of his contemporaries (Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks), and he’s also not afraid to play characters that are darker or have a bit of an edge. Playing the bad guy does seem to suit him, as a lot of his best work has been playing characters that audiences aren’t 100% sure they should trust.

8) Batman (“BvS: Dawn of Justice,” “Suicide Squad,” “Justice League,” “The Flash,” 2016-2022)

Ben Flake Batman

“But wait…Batman is a good guy!” Yes, Batman in the comic books and many of his movies are real superheroes. But compared to the rest of his caped compatriots, he has always been an impatient, a hero who is not afraid to work in the shadows and get his hands dirty to achieve a clean result. After all, there’s a reason he called Superman “The Boy Scout.”

No other depiction of the Caped Crusader has embraced Batman’s vile deeds quite like Affleck.His version is closer to the Batman we saw in the seminal graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, an older, misanthropic man who has seen the worst of humanity to the point that it affects the way he sees the world. Kill criminals without hesitation or mark them dead, Affleck’s The Dark Knight’s character is brutal, uncompromising, and a true anti-hero.

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7) Fred O’Bannion (‘Dazed and Confused’, 1993)


Fred isn’t necessarily a bad guy. Like all the characters in this iconic coming-of-age film, he’s trying to find his way in the world and figure out who he’s going to be. Unfortunately, Fred chose to be a jerk, a senior who got dragged for a year, and used the hazing as an excuse to take out his frustrations on the freshman.

Whether Fred is a bully, and whether bullies are inherently bad or caused by environmental factors such as poor home life or wrongful aggression, is not a topic that can be thoroughly explored in a few dozen words. Fred did something wrong, he was absolutely (in Affleck’s own words) “the only unattractive character in a movie with extremely attractive people.”

6) “Bartleby” (Dogma, 1999)


Loki and Bartleby are two best friends banished to Earth – especially during Wisconsin’s downturn. Barely functioning in this limited environment, they found a loophole that would allow them to re-enter the kingdom of God, with a trap: the principle of existence is that God is infallible, and if both prove it wrong, that’s reality will unravel itself.

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On the surface, these two fallen angels are very “bad” – trying to destroy all reality just because they can’t stand life on Earth?However, in handf Affleck with his best friend Matt Damon These two have a lot of charisma and make some great points about human nature. If only they could see us now.

5) Charles VI (The Last Duel, 2021)


Since Affleck is capable of starring in most projects that cast him, we rarely see him in a fringe role.However, given the chance, he’s perfectly capable of playing an unforgettable supporting role, as evidenced by his efforts Ridley Scott from last year.

although Matt Damon and adam driver Burdened with drama and plot, Affleck plays the spoiled, arrogant king who oversees a lawsuit between the two that culminates in a trial by combat. One critic described it as “Mature Joffrey Baratheon” Affleck Play the role with conviction and some kind of fun lurking beneath malice.

4) “Nick Dunn” (“Gone Girl”, 2014)


Nick is not a nice guy and gives the audience an overall impression of being untrustworthy. His wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) knew this and used his shortcomings as a spouse and years of tension in their marriage for a rather elaborate escape. Things take a turn when her framing work begins to suggest Nick murdered her, and Nick goes to great lengths to clear him.

The thing is, Nick may not be a particularly nice guy, but he’s an average bad guy. He betrayed his wife, lost his job and had to move back to his hometown, neither of whom were happy. Compared to Amy, Nick is actually not bad at all.

3) Christian Wolf (The Accountant, 2016)


Christian Wolff is a forensic accountant whose primary job is to work with terrorists and other criminal organizations to help balance their accounts. After being hired by Living Robotics for a deceptively simple job, Christian delved into a company-wide conspiracy, only to discover that the job wasn’t clear.

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Wolfe willingly chose to work with the “bad guys”, making him a target. He has trained himself to deal with threats with weapons and bare hands, and has committed several murders in the film protecting others. However, the film doesn’t touch upon his past, and it’s fair to assume Wolfe committed murder and facilitated financial crimes. Basically, Wolfe is one of Affleck’s most irreversible characters and knows exactly what he’s doing.

2) Doug McRae (The Town, 2010)


Doug is a nasty, manipulative career criminal. There is no way around this. Although the arc of the role is about letting “the right woman” soften him, the truth is that he spent most of his adult life robbing banks and other high-value targets with his dedicated crew.

While the redemption arc does lighten the character a bit, we’ve seen multiple examples of his ruthlessness. He showed little concern for the people around him, whether it was the staff he worked with, or even his own family, and people felt he could pay a penny if it meant saving his own skin – something he The role is an unattractive quality line of work. Doug is a slime ball who is not loyal to anyone but himself and the woman he falls in love with in the movie.

1) Vic Van Allen (Deep Water, 2022)


Editor’s Note: This entry contains minor spoilers deep water.Vic Van Allen is a retired genius who invented some important know-how for the government that is critical to their ongoing drone program. The main focus of his life is his young family, but when his wife Melinda (Ana de Armas) begins to have sex with other men she doesn’t hide, and Vic’s ugly, jealous side begins to show.

Unlike some of Affleck’s other characters, Vic has almost zero redeeming qualities that make you say, “Yeah, but…” His jealousy is poisonous, and the way it manifests is horrific and real evil. Vic feels that his protectiveness doesn’t justify his actions, making the character easy to hate.

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