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Announcement of the strongest ranking results answered by everyone last month!
Which character got the most votes? Let’s take a look at the TOP3 by category.

Leader Ranking

ranking monster Comment
Aya Fairy’s Watercolor Magician Atley
・If there are no puzzle mistakes, you can’t lose
・Unique firepower
・All multicolored sub attributes are countered, and the plunge is broken.
Scarlet Witch Raffin
・Overcome the weakness with the skill of doubling the operation time, which is the weakness of the roulette puzzle.
・Damage greatly reduced too strong
・Recapture the multi-colored woman
Sea wolf, fierce red warrior
・Easy to use and easy to use
・Stable catch
・It can be freely used by anyone from beginners to advanced players.

The leader rankings for the new characters have changed dramatically! It has gone from the age of robots to a colorful environment.
Rafine with the multi-color must-have skills and Atli with a twist on the concept of firepower. Both are convincing rankings!

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ranking monster Comment
Scarlet Witch Raffin
・ The recyclable roulette wheel and operation time are too difficult to match.
・ The recent multi-color cannot be really achieved without this.
・ Twice fingers, too strong to cycle roulette alone
Valkyrie, Firebird’s War Princess -CIEL-
・Sharp Reduction, Finger Recovery, Transition, 4 Erase Recovery​​​, can be… powerful!
– The strongest submarine that both Blackbird and Seawolf shine.join other parties
・Can be used for any party smile you want to protect
Witch Chacor of Costume Festival
・It is possible to create a moderation circuit, and the one that can generate firepower is the best.
・Have two resistances including Super Awakening and have excellent skills
・If the mitigation loop is strong and the LS conditions are met, you can join either side.

Reffin’s strength has not changed even on submarines. Not only Raffinepa but Atlipa will almost certainly be in, so it’s understandable to be in the sub-ranking!
As long as multi-color maintains the environment, it will definitely be in the forefront!

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assist ranking

ranking monster Comment
10 Strand Gachadra Bracelet
・Highly versatile across all awakenings and skills, and easy and safe to use
・Binding, squib, cloud, HP strengthen the current environment basic awakening completed and accelerated
・I want to keep it when I become stronger
Saitama Gloves
・HP Resilience Personal Beyond Inosuke
・ Too versatile
・ 100 times the attack power is stupid
five eye masks
・Although the environment starts to move from Robo, it is still the strongest ()
・ Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tape, Darkness, Delay, Failure Overkill
・Excellent resistance and burst pipe

It was Saitama’s glove that greatly improved the ranking with the help of assists!
It has a similar performance to the Inosuke weapon that has dominated the TOP for a long time. It is also possible that the evaluation has increased because it can be exchanged.

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No charge ranking

ranking monster Comment
・When used in combination with Blackbird, it will become a fire idiot.
・Drop recovery and generation that cannot be eliminated within 2 turns are too strong
・Nothing is not in the dark.back can be regular
Athena, the awakened empire
・This is no longer a performance of non-paid characters.I don’t doubt even if it comes out of gacha
– It shines as a delay and fire frame, often making its way into the Blackbird Pa and Atli!
・Increase evolution and get stuck in advanced dungeons
Zero-Dimensional Creator, Big Bang
・The magnification is 50 times that of the festival! Including larger reductions, performance comparable to Robo and more!
・ Ridaski is not free
・ There are many non-key personnel active on the front line such as Aile, Zhu Longdo, Long Yunzhai, etc., but when is it a little crazy?

The non-paid ranking TOP remains unchanged. However, the 2nd and 3rd are the two bodies that appeared to commemorate the 10th anniversary. The gratuitous characters implemented in the anniversary celebrations, such as Reincarnation Lushana and Reincarnation Liu Zeon, were powerful from the very beginning, but… these two are worthy of the tenth anniversary celebration, and are comparable to the upper limit of the gashapon!

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