Hamilton gets more tap and bottled water honors

“Reliable access to clean drinking water is critical to our community,” said Edwin Porter, Executive Director of Infrastructure. “Hamilton’s municipal water was unanimously recognized in this international competition, which is a real testament to the quality of our products.”

Porter said it’s not uncommon for a person to pay $2 for a bottle of water, but for the same $2, Porter said residents can get about 1,100 bottles of the award-winning water from the tap.

“I am very proud of our highly skilled and dedicated team who have perfected the process to keep this luxurious water flowing in our community,” he said.

Hamilton, as well as several communities in the area, obtain water from the Buried Valley Aquifer in Greater Miami.

The city does bottle its water labeled Hamilton On Tap, and Mayor Pat Moeller said the city’s bottled water not only tastes good, but “the bottle is eco-friendly” because the bottle is reusable.

“It takes a great city team to produce water quality that is highly rated many times over,” the mayor said. “We have a water dynasty.”

Hamilton Water director John Bui said the award was due to the work of the city’s staff.

“Our employees work tirelessly to produce the highest quality and tastiest water for our communities,” he said. “To ensure that high-quality water is distributed to our communities, we constantly monitor our water. Samples are taken from every step of the treatment process at least every two hours.”

While the city’s award-winning tap water is easily accessible by turning on a tap or faucet, getting the city’s bottled water is somewhat rarer. Moeller sometimes gives away six packs of water at city council meetings — though that practice hasn’t happened recently — but the city does sell its water. While bottled water is currently out of stock, it can be ordered by calling 513-785-7245.

Hamilton was known to transport water to disaster areas. In 2017, the city shipped more than 100 boxes of Hamilton On Tap to Texas residents hit by Category 4 Hurricane Harvey.

There are two water plants in Hamilton: the South Water Treatment Plant on Fairfield River Road and the North Water Treatment Plant on North Third Street in Hamilton. The Southern Water Treatment Plant is the primary facility for the Hamilton water system, pumping approximately 15.5 million gallons of water per day to the Hamilton City and Butler County water systems.

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