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The possibility of sunglasses x headphones…!

As a technology, it’s still evolvingSunglasses with built-in speakers.. I can recommend it to everyone, but I am so addicted to it! This is a topic. personally,Bosequite anxious.

Then, according to the wire cutting staff who actually use sunglasses, what kind of sunglasses have built-in speakers, what kind of sunglasses should be selected, and the feeling of use is as follows.

What changes have you made when you feel “I’ve been a little stressed lately”? I love immersing myself in the world of music with noise-cancelling headphones. However, I can’t hear my surroundings at all, so I think to be careful especially on roads where bikes and cars are driving side by side.

In this regard, it is convenientSunglasses with built-in open-back headphones that don’t block your ears, you can listen to music and hear what’s going on around you, so it’s perfect for short walks.

What are sunglasses with built-in speakers?

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Sunglasses with built-in speakers have built-in speakers and a microphone in the frame part. It looks like sunglasses, but you can enjoy music like wireless headphones. You don’t have to plug your ears, so you can rest assured even when walking on roads with cars. If you connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, in addition to calls, you can use voice commands through Siri and Alexa.

Personally, the “I can hear the sounds around me, but no one can hear the music I’m listening to” is quite surreal and exciting.

Disadvantages of sunglasses with built-in speakers

When trying various products, when the sound quality is very particular, the design is very subtle, and conversely, even if the design is good, the sound quality is not good.

Also, if the volume is normal, there will be no sound leakage, but if the volume is turned up too high, the surrounding will be heard clearly, so be careful.

Sunglasses with built-in speakers are recommended

When choosing sunglasses with built-in speakersBose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700orAnker Soundcore Life Q20This is a prestigious headphoneBosewhenAnker Sound Corefocus on.

4 new products for you to chooseBose FrameworkPrices start from 27,500 yen.Anker Soundcore FrameworkFrom $200 (approximately 24,000 yen).

Recommended sunglasses with built-in speakers:Bose Framework

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first,Bose FrameworkThe sound quality is the best. According to the company, it doesn’t offer bass or full sound, but it still has a built-in dynamic driver that’s about four times larger, or about the size of a bean, than a typical headphone driver. This makes your usual music sound like a magnificent symphony. However, the temples (sides) are thick and have a sturdy eye frame model,Types of Sports Sunglassesout, but the same can be said.

Even when I was listening to the music at just the right volume, the partner next to me didn’t hear it. However, when I lift a few steps from there, the sound seems to leak. In particular, stories (podcasts, etc.) seem to be easier to listen to than music, and even though I think I’m playing it at a fairly moderate volume, I’ve been told that I can hear almost every word I hear being said.

As for the operation, it can be controlled by the sunglasses themselves, without having to take out the mobile phone every time, which is very convenient. To power off, turn the sunglasses upside down or press a small button. You can use the same buttons to play, pause, skip, resume, and even make calls. But I think it’s confusing when I forget how many times I pressed it.

Sunglasses with built-in speakers Recommended: Soundcore

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acoustic nucleusSunglasses look stylish. Features are fully customizable. You can pair the slim temples with the lens shape you like and any size frame (10), so it should be easy to find the sunglasses you like.

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acoustic nucleusThe design is great, but the sound quality is still good.Bose Frameworkbetter. I was under the impression that the music sounded small, probably because the driver was small. However, it seems to be more compatible with podcasts and audiobooks than music.

Regarding the operation,Bose FrameworkSince you can control it from the sunglasses themselves, you don’t have to take out your smartphone every time, which is very convenient. With always-on voice command support, you can perform eight voice actions, including play, pause, and adjust the volume of a song. Another point is that taking off the sunglasses will automatically pause, and putting on the sunglasses will resume the song.

Also, the sound seems to leak easily when the volume exceeds a certain level. I’ve been told that when calling, the partner next door can hear not only the music but the content. If you keep the volume just right, no problem.

Who should buy sunglasses with built-in speakers?

In conclusion, the answer for most people is probably no when it comes to buying sunglasses with built-in speakers. Since it is in the process of developing as a technology, it is only recommended for those interested in the idea of ​​sunglasses that can now also be used as headphones, and for those who are not too particular about sound quality.

After all, your favorite design sunglasses have, for example, a “hear-through” mode (which allows you to pick up ambient sounds even in the city).Jabra Elite Active 75tIt can be said that it is safer to wear headphones with a good reputation.

For those interested in open-back headphones, it’s cheaper than Bose Frames, has better sound quality, and is easy to use in all situations.Bose Sports EarbudsCan recommend.

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