Austin Water’s interim director appointed by city manager

Robert Good will take over in April after director Greg Messaros officially steps down.

AUSTIN, Texas — Six weeks after Greg Meszaros announced his resignation, Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk has appointed Austin Water’s interim director.

According to a release from the City of Austin, Robert Goode has been named interim director and will begin serving in that role on April 11.

Goode is a senior executive with more than 37 years of city, county and private sector experience. He most recently served as Vice President and Senior Program Manager for Lockwood, Andrews and Newman.

Goode has previously directed transportation and infrastructure planning departments such as the Central Texas Regional Transportation Authority (CTRMA), the City of Austin, Fort Worth, Travis County and the City of Olympia, Washington.

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During his 10-year career in the City of Austin, Goode served as an Assistant City Manager for the Infrastructure Services Group, directly leading and overseeing multiple departments, including Austin Water, Austin Resource Recovery, the Corridor Program Office, and the Public Works and Transportation Department.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Idaho.

According to New York City, Messaros’ last day in office was April 8. He will continue to assist with the transition process. Meszaros has been in the industry for nearly 40 years, including 15 years serving and leading the city’s water utility.

Meszaros resigned in February after a days-long boil water notice was issued on February 5 and lifted on February 8.

Austin Water later shared that the reason for the notice was an internal operational issue resulting in high turbidity in the water, meaning the water was cloudy. The issue, the department explained, “increased the addition of treated solids during the treatment process, consisting mainly of lime. This is what caused the turbidity to exceed regulatory requirements.”

The department also said water disinfection levels remained “robust” and within regulatory levels at the time.

Austin Water also placed three employees on administrative leave to continue investigating how and who was responsible for the incident.

The Austin City Council approved an external audit of the utility in response to a citywide boiling notice and called on city managers to provide options to address the adverse water bill impacts experienced by Austin Water customers.

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