Men’s Skincare Brand ‘BULK HOMME’ Collaborates With Hit Comic ‘Lefty Ellen’ on March 24th (Thursday) | Bulk Homme Co., Ltd. Press Release

Men’s skin care brand “BULK HOMME” (hereinafter referred to as “Bulk Homme”) (operated by Bulk Homme Co., Ltd., CEO: Takuya Noguchi) is a popular manga “Lefty Alan” (written by Katsu), which depicts the Clash of creators in advertising. The original manga in collaboration with Pee) will be released on a special website on Thursday, March 24. In this collaboration, in addition to the original manga that can only be seen here, we will also conduct a model selection based on Japan’s first “Road to Gain Confidence” related to the manga story.

  • Introduction to the original comic

To all who want to be

Appoint national talents,
Men’s skin care brand “BULK HOMME”, which has advertised for the FACE UP campaign, etc.,
The second advertisement of the FACE UP campaign was commissioned to Meguro Advertising Co., Ltd.

The theme of the ad is “confidence”.
We have started model auditions based on themes.

The main character is a young model.
Where does confidence come from?
What did Asakura think of the audition on the theme of “confidence”! ??


  • Cooperation background

In this collaboration, Bulk Homme, who brings self-confidence closer to who he wants to be through skin care, supports men who live in the moment with the work “Left-handed Ellen”, which depicts various conflicts and feelings. Realize sending a message. Set against the backdrop of the second FACE UP event since October 2021, this original manga tells the story of a man who lifts his face, moves on, and evolves in his own way, even in a rapidly changing modern society. meter drawing.

In January 2022, Bulk Homme received the support of the majority of men in January 2022 with its simple and exquisite packaging design, the floral and fruity fragrance that ranked first in the overall blind test, and other designs that were easy to integrate into men’s lives. Shipments of the series have exceeded 10 million. At work, we also mapped out a 3-step bulk men’s facial that cleanses the skin with a thick lather like whipped cream, balances water and oil with lotion and lotion, and protects the skin.

  • First in Japan! The “way to gain confidence” is the model adoption criterion.Do a public audition

Audition URL:

Beginning Saturday, March 26th, we’ll be holding a “Confidence”-themed tryout related to the original.

“Cool models have nothing to do with me.” This audition was born from those words. The recruitment standards this time are not what they are now. This is the applicant’s own “story until they gain confidence”. Anyone over the age of 20 can take up the challenge.

In addition to the prize money of 100,000 yen, the contestants participating in the Grand Prix will also be released as advertising models for special posters for a limited time at the directly managed Shinjuku Marui Main Building. STORAGE BULK HOMME THE STAND. Additionally, we will provide a one-year supply of Bulk Homme products to support continuous manual polishing.

The Grand Prix for model auditions will be finalized through a participatory general vote on Twitter. If you have a story that gives you confidence in yourself, please join us. Application requirements are listed at the bottom of the version. We look forward to your application.

  • Bulk Homme facial as depicted in the original manga

The face wash “washes” dirt and sebum, cleanses the skin, “moisturizes” with the moisture of the lotion, balances the skin’s moisture and oil with the lotion, and “protects” the skin from external stimuli and evaporating moisture. “Substances. This 3STEP, which conforms to the original function of the skin, is the foundation of skin care, and it is the basic skin care for men. We have been developing “THE FACE” as a facial care product that realizes the basic elements of skin care: “wash”, “moisturize” and “protect” WASH”, lotion, “THE TONER” and lotion, “lotion”, since our inception.

  • What is left-handed Allen?

Popular comic depicting the conflict between creators in the advertising industry. Mr. Kapi, who became a hot topic in “Facebook Police”, is the first full-length comic to win a special prize in the “Cake Creator Contest” sponsored by the note. A remake of “Shueisha Shonen Jump+” is also being serialized (original: Kappi, manga: nifumi). October 2019 MBS/TBS Dramaism drama. In March 2020, it set a record for the total amount of Japanese manga crowdfunding support.

  • Audition Recruitment Requirements


[招募期间]From Saturday, March 26, 2022 12:00 to Friday, April 1, 2022 23:59

[如何申请]Please complete the required fields on the “Bulk Homme x Left-Handed Ellen Model Audition” primary selection application form from the URL below before applying.

Application form for preliminary screening:

[选拔日程]Only those who pass the first screening by Sunday, April 4 will be notified by email.

[选择时间表]Bookings start about a week from Friday, April 8th. Details will be posted on Twitter at a later date.

【Be sure to read】
・ Sorry, we are unable to answer questions about screening details and selection criteria, please do not ask.

The personal information provided will only be used for this audition and will not be used for any other purpose.
We will strictly keep the personal information you provide. For the personal information that has achieved the above purpose of use, we will promptly process it in a non-reproducible form.

Bulk Homme is a skincare brand that gives men around the world the confidence to evolve into “Want to Be” with the message of “Renewing the World’s Men’s Grooming and Becoming the World’s No. 1”.
All products research “what men’s skin should be” and pursue a high-efficiency feel with carefully selected ingredients and formulations. Designed to surprise and excite through products such as a luxurious foam experience that appeals to the five senses and a delightful scent.
In Japan, in addition to the official online store, it is sold in more than 8,000 retail stores and hair salons across the country. Overseas, we have expanded to more than 10 countries and regions such as China, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and have been highly praised.​​​

Awards Awards History
・ 2019 Cosmoprof Awards 2019 Grand Prize “THE SHAMPOO”
・ 2020 Pure Beauty Global Award 2020 Grand Prix “THE FACE WASH”

Company Name: BULK HOMME Co., Ltd.
Location: Jules A 4F, 1-10-10 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Takuya Noguchi
Established: May 19, 2017
April 2013 TSUMO JP Co., Ltd. BULK HOMME division was established.
After restructuring in 2017, it started business as Bulk Homme Co., Ltd.
Capital: 90 million yen (as of the end of January 2022)
Business: Planning and sales of cosmetics
TEL: 03-5114-6220 (Weekdays 11:00~18:00)

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