Boiling water consultation in parts of Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo (Wood), Michigan – Repairs to water infrastructure prompted the Kalamazoo Millwood community to issue a boiling water advisory.

The announcement is effective at:

  • Jinwei Ring — On both sides of the street between Royce Avenue West (west boundary) and Royce Avenue East (east boundary). Excludes the southernmost buildings at 765 Keenway Circle and 750 Keenway Circle.
  • Royce Avenue — Only 701 and 711 Royce Avenue.
Provide boiling water consultation to affected areas

Everyone in affected areas should boil water for two minutes before drinking. It is safe to bathe in water that is not boiled.

Repairs can cause a drop in pressure, which can allow bacteria to enter the system. The boiling water advice is preventive; as of Monday, no bacteria were found in the system.

Tests to confirm water safety should be back soon, authorities said. They hope to lift the proposal by Saturday.

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