Majorica launches new eyeshadow colors and a special case for Majorca. Mist that prevents lame falling is also on sale at the same time. ~Published on April 21, 2010~ |Shiseido Corporation Press Release

Shiseido is the new eye shadow “Majorica Mallorca Shadow Customize” of the self-makeup brand “Majorica Mallorca”, which opens the door to “cute”[5 pieces required retail price 500-800 yen (550-880 yen including tax) ) ]There is also a special case “Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize Case” that allows you to set 3 colors of shadow customization[1 件建议零售价 1,000 日元(含税 1,100 日元)], the glow and smooth skin around the eyes continues. Makeup setting spray “Majorica Majorca Moist Cocktail Fixer EX” on sale Thursday, April 21, 2022[1 件期望零售价 1,200 日元(含税价 1,320 日元)]Available on Thursday, April 21, 2022.

◆ Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize (Floating) uses 3D flash to give a glossy and gorgeous impression. Two new colors of “Majorca Shadow Customize” will be released.
◆ “Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize Case” is a special case that allows you to set 3 colors of shadow customization.
◆ “Majorica Majorca Moist Cocktail Fixer EX” is a makeup setting spray that not only maintains base makeup, but also removes glitter around the eyes.

“Post Background”
“Majorica Mallorca” captures the paddy fields of women in their teens and twenties who value their eyes in order to get closer to the ideal of “cute”, looking for gorgeous eye makeup while enjoying trends. Therefore, the eye shadow “Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize (Floating)”, which achieves a gorgeous impression with 3D glitter, and the eye shadow “Majorica”, which makes your eyes look like, have 3 new colors (1 of which is limited), which naturally grew larger. “Mallorca Shades Custom” will be released in two new colors.
In addition, in response to the demand for a box that can set a single color eye shadow “Shadow Customize”, we will also release a special box “Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize Case” that can be set in 3 colors.
Also, we understand that women in their 10s and 20s need to keep their eye makeup on while preventing their skin from glowing even at night, so not just base makeup, but eye makeup as well. “Majorica Majorca Moist Cocktail Fixer EX” Released on Thursday, April 21, 2022, a setting spray with a new function to prevent lame legs from falling off.

“Commodity Features”
BE223 “Silver Cocoon” is the new color of “Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize (Floating)” with a shimmering 3D glitter with silver and gold sheen, an easy to use color, a tear bag. BR324 “Glowing Corners” is a lovely reddish-brown color with shimmering pink shimmers in gold shimmers. The limited color BL225 “Frozen Berry” is a color that mysteriously blends into the skin, even though the blue polarized glitter emits a cool glow that looks pink or blue depending on the angle. BR322 “Forest Fur” is a new color of “Shadow Customize”, a khaki brown that can produce a three-dimensional effect while being light, and the brand’s first PK321 “Hitohira” trial developed with fans, which is a transparent pink color with subtle blue shimmers in dark pink. The nickname “Yiping” was also voted on by fans.
Both “Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize (Floating)” and “Majorica Majorca Shadow Customize” are 32 colors including existing colors that are popular on SNS, and both color and texture are suitable for you while creating gorgeous eyes. We will develop a lineup where you can get big eyes by coloring.
In addition, you can enjoy your own original eyeshadow palette with “Shadow Customize Case”, which gives you the freedom to set shadow customization with 3 colors.
“Majorica Majorca Moist Cocktail Fixer EX” is a lovely looking three-layer type: lotion, serum and loose powder. Prevents shine while maintaining the shimmery pearl effect of eyeshadow for a long time, leaving skin with smooth and fluffy pores. Plus, it protects the skin from pollen, dust and dirt with a soft mist that gently covers the skin. A makeup setting spray that not only holds base makeup but also the finish of eyeshadow.

Minami Hamabe will continue to be appointed as a model, and we will carry out an SNS-focused campaign. In the advertising materials of “Shadow Customize”, “Shadow Customize (Floating)” and “Shadow Customize Case”, the colors related to the finish of the eye shadow and the texture of pearls and glitter are imaged with butterflies to express each color. Add . In “Moist Cocktail Fixer EX”, three layers of featured colors are expressed in the magical moment of sunset, and the magical feeling you can make up to the evening is expressed in a dreamlike world.

【product Overview】
■ Product name/capacity/price
Majorica Majorca Shade Custom (float)


1g additional 3 colors (including 1 limited edition)
Suggested retail price 800 yen
(880 yen including tax)

■Product Features
You can customize it as you want
Eye shadow with shimmery big glitter

○ The high-brightness and large-grained glitter adheres to each other and does not fall off, increasing the brilliance of the entire pupil and continuing a more gorgeous impression.
– Floating base prescription

○ Glittery, as if floating, creating a gorgeous three-dimensional eye area.


■ Product name/capacity/price
mallorca mallorca shade custom


1g plus 2 colors
Suggested retail price 500 yen
(550 yen including tax)

■Product Features
You can customize it as you want
shaping eye shadow

○ Control the light to make the three-dimensional effect around the eyes stand out.
– Effective combination of high-gloss pearls and opaque pearls


■ Product name/capacity/price
Majorica Majorca Shade Custom Case

Suggested retail price 1,000 yen
(1,100 yen including tax)

■Product Features
You can customize it as you want
Dedicated eye shadow box

○ Special case that allows you to set 3 colors for shadow customization and shadow customization (float)

〇With mirror


① Take out the middle plate from the shadow custom sold separately.
(2) When setting, insert the middle plate into the lick as shown, and press the ★ part of the middle plate from above until a click is heard.
③ When taking out the middle board from the chassis, put the finger pad on the edge of the ★ part of the middle board and gently push it up to the other side to remove it.

◇ Does not include eyeshadow pencil. When setting the tip, use the Shiseido Eye Color Chip Thick and Thin Mini Size 223.

■ Product name/capacity/price
Majorica Majorca Moist Cocktail Fixer EX


Suggested retail price 1,200 yen
(1,320 yen including tax)

■Product Features
Smooth and fluffy skin, shiny eyes that last
Makeup setting mist

〇 Keeps eyeshadow limp and pearly finish for a long time.
-Keep the veil ingredient combination

〇 Prevents shine and makes pores smooth and fluffy.
– Combined with Oshiroi Powder EX

〇 Protects the skin from pollen, dust and dirt.

〇Beauty Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin (Moisturizing), Argan Oil (Healing)

〇 Fresh citrus floral fragrance

● Because it is 3 layers of lotion, essence and powderShake the container well before use.
Push the dispenser firmly all the way in.
● To get started, press the dispenser a few times until the contents are available.
● After applying makeup, remove about 15cm away from the face, close your eyes and mouth, and spray an appropriate amount (4 to 6 times) on the entire face.

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■ Majorica Majorca Official Twitter @majolica_tweets

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