“KOF ALLSTAR” will be broadcast as a special program on March 24 (Thursday) at 20:00! “Street Fighter V Champion Edition” cooperation fastest review:


Netmarble is a super exciting smartphone action role-playing game “THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR” (hereafter referred to as KOF ALLSTAR) and Capcom’s hit fighting game “Street Fighter V Champion Edition”. In honor of the collaboration update, we’re announcing that the special will go live on Thursday, March 24th at 20:00 on the day of the update.

◆ “Street Fighter V Champion Edition” collaboration will start on March 24th (Thursday)! From 20:00, the cooperation commemorative special program will be broadcast live!
On Thursday, March 24th, we will have a collaborative update with Street Fighter V Champion Edition. To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the “Street Fighter” series, “Dragon”, “Chunli”, “Weaver”, “Akuma”, “Luke” and other cooperative fighters will join “The King of Fighters” in the battle of dreams ALLSTAR” fighter .Expand.
From 20:00 on March 24 (Thursday) on the day of the update, a special program will be broadcast live to commemorate the collaboration with “Street Fighter V Champion Edition”. In the show, Mago Tomoke, two professional gamers familiar with the Street Fighter series, will appear and talk about the charm of this cooperation through real-world gameplay. We also have a gift program, so please take a look.

<“KOF ALLSTAR”特别节目概要>

■ Program name
“KOF ALLSTAR x Street Fighter V” Collaboration Commemorative Special Broadcast

■ Delivery date and time
Thursday, March 24, 2022 20:00- (planned)

■ Program content
The Street Fighter V Champion Edition collaboration, which begins Thursday, March 24, will be played by professional gamers of the Street Fighter franchise. Introduce the content of cooperation, the actual play of the cooperation story, and the unique communication and battle planning of fighting games, bringing the charm of the cooperation of “Street Fighter V Champion Edition” into full play.
* Program content may be urgently changed due to circumstances.

■ delivery destination

·Twitter: (official twitter)

■ Performer (respective title omitted)

(From left) Margo, Mock

■ Program presentation
We will be running a spectator event where you can get luxurious rewards such as “Co-op Warrior 10 Series Gacha Coupon”. Join the Twitter campaign for a variety of great prizes!
* Details will be announced in the program.

For more details on the cooperation of “Street Fighter V Champion Edition”, please check the dedicated website and official forum. In addition, the special website has also held a pre-registration event, where you can get 500 rubies and exclusive gacha coupons for cooperative fighting and other luxurious rewards. Don’t miss this opportunity!

・ “Street Fighter V Champion Edition” collaboration special site
・”KOF ALLSTAR” official forum

◆”The King of Fighters All-Stars” とは◆
“KOF ALLSTAR” is a mobile action RPG where you can easily enjoy gorgeous skill moves and exhilarating combos from the fighting game series “The King of Fighters”. A smartphone game with characters from The King of Fighters ’94 to the 14th numbered consecutive series in the King of Fighters 14 series with the highest level of graphic quality while maintaining the original expressions. I will go to war. Not only the sound in the game, but also the nirvana, super nirvana, and combos are faithfully reproduced. In addition, “KOF ALLSTAR” original fighters and stories will also appear.

■ “KOF ALLSTAR” application download site
【app Store】
【Google Play】

■ “KOF ALLSTAR” official website
■ “KOF ALLSTAR” official forum
■”KOF ALLSTAR” official Twitter
■ “KOF ALLSTAR” promotional video

◆ About “The King of Fighters All-Stars” ◆
[标题]King of Fighters ALLSTAR
【Type】Super exciting action RPG
[Provided by]Netmarble Corp.
[开发商]Netmarble Neo Inc.
[支持的操作系统]Android 5.1 or higher / iOS 10.0 or higher
【Service Start Date】July 26, 2018
[价格]Basically free (in-app purchases)

◆ About Street Fighter V ◆
The Street Fighter series followed with the first arcade game console in 1987, followed by the success of Street Fighter II in 1991. The innovative fighting system has attracted much attention, the fighting game genre has been established, and the cumulative global shipment of home games has reached 47 million (as of the end of December 2021). More than 30 years after its launch, it is still popular all over the world and has become a leader in the field of e-sports fighting games.
“Street Fighter V” is the first time in the history of the “Street Fighter” series to introduce a “cross-platform” gameplay where “PlayStation(R)4” users and PC users can play against each other.

▼ PS4 “Street Fighter V Champion Edition Full Character Pack” is now on sale!
All 45 characters are available!

◆ About Capcom Co., Ltd. ◆
Since its founding in 1983, it has been a leading company in the field of gaming entertainment and has created many hit products. As a representative work, he has a series of works such as “Resident Evil”, “Monster Hunter”, “Street Fighter”, “Rockman” and “Devil May Cry”. Headquartered in Osaka, it has overseas subsidiaries in the US, UK, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

▼ CAPCOM official website

◆ About Netmarble ◆
Netmarble was established in South Korea in 2000, with “Seven Knights 2”, “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds”, “Marvel Future Revolution”, “Paradise 2 Revolution”, “The Seven Deadly Sins – Battle of Light and Darkness-“, Blade and Soul Revolution”, “Marvel Future Fight” and other innovative titles, we are a top developer and publisher pushing the boundaries of the mobile game experience.
Netmarble, the parent company of Kabam and SpinX Games and a major shareholder in Jam City and HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), is a mobile game based on its strong franchises and partnerships with global IP holders. world. For more information, visit
In Japan, Netmarble’s Japanese subsidiary, Netmarble Japan Inc., provides mobile gaming services for smartphones. For more information, please visit

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