Pause West Virginia’s gas tax and provide more money for water: Here are the top stories of the week

(WTRF) – A look back at this week’s headlines.

Gas-station prices are hurting Americans, and in mountain states, Democratic lawmakers think they have a plan to ease the pressure. They asked Governor Jim Justice to suspend the state’s gas tax for 30 days.

–>Governor’s justice on gas tax moratorium: “If the Legislature comes to me…I’ll do it tomorrow.”<–

However, the governor said he does not have that authority and he must recall the state legislature. The justice also said in the news conference that if the legislature came to him, he would be happy to do so.

A group of U.S. senators, including Ohio Senator Rob Portman, traveled to Poland this week to visit Ukrainian refugee settlements.

–> Ohio senator meets with Ukrainian refugees in Poland <–

Senator Portman called the experience very moving. He said he spoke to mothers, grandmothers and children who shed tears as their homes were destroyed and friends and family were injured or killed. Senator Portman explained that many regions do not have the resources and he wanted to find a way to do more to help Ukraine.

In Paden City, water quality has been an issue for many years. Now, the city has been added to the EPA’s list of Superfund national priorities.

–> Capito, Manchin applaud adding Paden City to EPA’s list of Superfund national priorities <–

That means it can now rely on permanent federal funding to help with any pollution cleanup to help ensure a better environment and public health. The City of Paden has previously received more than $10 million in federal funding to assist with water problems.

Serenity Hill in Ohio County was closed by West Virginia this week.

–> Serenity Hills, West Virginia Closed <–

This information comes from CEO Sharon Travis. Thirty patients at Serenity Hills were moved to other facilities, but the Rapid Response and Lifeline teams remained active.

This week marks two years since West Virginia reported its first coronavirus case.

–> Two years ago today, West Virginia announced its first COVID case <–

The Mountain State was the last state to record a case in 2020, and it has endured years of lockdowns, masking and testing since then. Health officials said the shutdown may not happen again, but urged continued caution as another wave of the virus could emerge.

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