Skidmore makes decision on water meter

At the Skidmore City Council meeting on March 10, it was decided to purchase fixed system water meters from USA Bluebook in Gurney, Illinois, with an offer of 145 units for a total price of $61,601.92.

The city will be able to buy fewer meters. The final number will be determined after calculating the manual closing lock, several larger gauges and other items. The city is using funds from the U.S. Rescue Program Act to pay for meter upgrades.

A U.S. Blue Book sales representative spoke with the Council via Zoom. Concerns have been raised about annual software maintenance agreements. Aldermen Teresa Carter and Tracy Shewey don’t want to raise water bills to cover the extra cost. It is hoped that the reduction in labor costs and the ability to pinpoint water loss will save the city enough money to pay for software maintenance agreements.

The city lost 68,000 gallons of water in January and 20,998 gallons in February.

Emily Wicoff, PE, from Snyder and Associates, Inc. of St. Joseph, attended the meeting to update the Board of Governors on obtaining USDA approval for the sewer project. Five project submissions are required: a signed contract, a resolution authorizing Mayor Jill Wieland to sign, a due diligence application form, a user charging method, and USDA RDA-465.1 Existing Water Project Loans. Resolution passed.

The following regulations were reviewed, updated and approved after the first and second readings:

• Water regulations have been updated to 2022-WR to include a new $200 rental connection fee.

• Water/Wastewater Supervisor/City Maintenance Staff Regulations have been updated to 2022-WS to improve responsibilities and incorporate staff social media policies.

• City Clerk/Treasurer ordinance has been updated to 2022-CityClerk/Treasurer to include a social media policy for employees.

• Council of Councillors ordinances have been updated to 2022-Aldermen to include social media policies for councillors.

• Committee regulations have been updated to Committees-2022A, including social media policies for committee personnel.

The mayoral ordinance and the procurement ordinance have been submitted until emergency powers can be added to the ordinance rather than writing an entirely new ordinance.

The City approved the Skidmore ARPA proposal, which showed a spending request of $66,798.08.

City Attorney Miles Figgs said Rick Stanton has applied for multiple extensions on his motion. In addition, he asked city councillors to provide city clerk Meagan Morrow with topics for him to address during the training of new council members.

Morrow mentioned an April 5 election ballot that would allow Skidmore to drop the election if the number of candidates submitted equals the number of seats to be filled. She said it would save the city money. Certified writing candidates may still be considered if they submit before the writing deadline.

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