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In order to support the planting, planting, logging, utilization, tree planting and other resource recycling of forest resources, various business circles are constantly expanding, mainly in the forestry and timber industries. In particular, many forests in Saga Prefecture have reached the harvest season, and from the standpoint of forest conservation, it is necessary to “use trees now”.

Following last year, EDITORS SAGA will introduce works that have achieved excellent results in the “Saga Noki Izumi Contest”. This competition is held every year to recruit beautifully designed cabins that use large amounts of county wood and can appeal to the “comfort” and “coolness” of wood.

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There are also many attractive cabins this year! “Saga Tree Spring Competition”

This is the 7th “Saga no Wood Spring Contest”.

Carpenter/construction shop and construction of “Saga Prefecture-produced wood local consumption local production supporter”from design officeThis competition has many entries for new cabins and wood spaces.By raising the profile of County Wood, our goal is to get more people to use County Wood for wooden buildings and wooden spaces.It is said.

This year, 45 works from 22 companies have been submitted to the New Housing Division, and the number of applications has increased year by year. What are the winners this year?

There are wood and warmth, and the “new house plate” with the feelings of the owners

A new house built with the owner’s idea. See not only works that utilize the properties and unique warmth of wood, but also proposals that match the housing situation in Saga.

Introducing the five winning entries that have been strictly screened!

[最佳奖(佐贺知事奖)]Obuchi Construction Co., Ltd.: I House




I live in two families. As my parents’ house was aging, I decided to renovate it. It seems that the old materials collected during the demolition were reused and inherited from the old house to the new house.

Parents and children separated the 1st and 2nd floors according to the owner’s request, “I wanted to maintain the safety of being close to each other while maintaining each other’s lifestyles.”The interior space uses prefectural wood abundantly, and as a “house surrounded by wood”, you can feel “the warmth and comfort of wood”.

The two households in the small land are separated. While using a large amount of wood, attention should be paid to fire prevention and crime prevention. The use of wood from the old house is not only environmentally friendly, but also the feelings of the family. Rarely evaluated.

[优秀奖(佐贺之木之家竞赛评审团主席奖)]Matsuoka Komu Co., Ltd.: M House




The M house has an impressively large roof that goes all the way to the wooden deck.

The ground materials other than the water surface are made of fir boards produced in the county, and the decorative beams and climbing beams are also made of fir. According to Mr. Matsuoka, who built the building, the aim of constructing the building was to convey to the residents the advantages of locally produced cedar floors and to have a positive impact on children by creating a space made of wood.

Although a single-storey building, it was evaluated to reflect the idea of ​​parents caring for children, such as a counter where they can learn as the owner wishes.

【Excellence Award (Saga Prefectural Wood Industry Association President Award)】Furukawa Construction Co., Ltd.: J Residence




The concept of J House is “vintage taste”. The wooden ceiling extending from the inside to the outside, the beams in the living room, and the magnificent black column with a square of 6 inches are all made of county wood.

If you make it too stylish, it may become an inorganic space, but by calculating the exposure of the wood, adding sharpness to the “wood” is both a refined space and a warm design suitable for family gathering. A work that perfectly meets the owner’s wishes.

[奖品(佐贺电视台奖)]Muto Carpentry Co., Ltd.: N House




Compared to the simple exterior, the interior is a large space where you can feel the warmth of the wood.

In order to create a space where one can feel the presence of the family, the living/dining room is integrated into the living/dining room, while ensuring a circulation centered on the kitchen and providing a very open atrium. Prefectural cedar is used for the pillars and beams of the atrium, so you can enjoy the warmth and various expressions of the wood.

[奖品(佐贺新闻奖)]Sakai Construction Co., Ltd.: O Residence




“Sakai Construction”, which was introduced in “The Machine of Saga vol.6” last time, won the Saga Shimbun Prize this year.

O House is only made of natural materials.

From the owner’s desire to create a space where the warmth of wood can be felt, wood from the prefecture is used in everything from the porch to the entrance, kitchen, and living room. Complement it with texture.

In order to fully demonstrate the “humidity-regulating effect”, “deodorizing effect” and “relaxing effect” of wood, we combine plaster coating to create a comfortable space.

In addition to the winning entries, many beautifully designed works using prefectural wood were also submitted. Introduced in “Wood Life”. Please take a look.

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In recent years, efforts have been made to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. There is a growing interest in the use of wood.

It is said that the Japanese have been living in the forest since the Jomon period, living off the blessings of the forest while choosing tree species such as hunting and fuel. Even in modern times, this life does not change. Trees are indispensable in human life. It can be said that it is not only a moisturizing and deodorizing agent, but also a “living existence” that sometimes relaxes.

Proper use of wood helps protect forests. Forests are good for disaster prevention and water supply, and the carbon-neutral properties of trees help prevent global warming.

Plant, plant, cut and use trees. Doing this cycle in our homeland may lead to the conservation of nature around us.

The unique warmth of wood is not found in other materials, and it will always envelop us.


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