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The Grantsburg water system is slowly transforming into a safe water system for everyone to drink again.

After several years of high manganese issues, their newly revised Well No. 3 has been approved for use by the state DNR and has come online, slowly becoming the village’s main source of fresh water.

However, the overall water supply must still be diluted with the “new” water from the well, according to village clerk/treasurer Sheila Meyer, who informed the village committee of the newly enhanced village at its regular meeting. The progress of the water system. Monday, March 14.

Meyer said the village’s public works employees are monitoring certain parts of the village every day to check for manganese levels in the water as the refurbished No. 3 well slowly dilutes the entire village’s water system, which has hundreds of” Nooks and crannies” pipes and water that may not be updated as often, meaning it may take a while for an entire village’s water system to be made up of “new” water.

“We still advise against drinking it,” Meyer said, reminding people The Village still has a public drinking water refill station in the Village Hall next to the Food Shelf Foyer at 320 South Brad Street. She also noted that the village office has water testing kits and said the latest Well 3 water had manganese levels of 12 parts per billion, well below the 300 levels considered unsafe by the state and the EPA. parts per billion.

However, she cautions that it may take a while for the newly filtered water to fully mix with the water in the tower and all water pipes.

“We continue to test every day,” Meyer said, adding that wells in other villages will still be used, but not as much, and Well 3 will be the main source of fresh water from now on.

They continue to provide residents with the latest water system updates through newsletters, social media and the village website.

Other village committee business:

• Tripartites have been seeking the popular Class B license in recent months as the US Department of Veterans Affairs #185 offered to return their long-held “reserve” liquor licenses to the villages, pending their approval.

With the Legion giving up the reserve license, that means the village will be able to award the open license to the Legion and then sell the open reserve license to whoever wants it most for at least $10,000.

The board approved the Corps’ move to waive the reserve license and took note of Commander Duke Tucker’s words that they both acknowledged that they had used the license for free in the past, and how they hoped to work together to resolve the issue.

“Recently, I learned that the reserve permit was issued to our post many years ago and the fee has been waived. Thank you,” Tucker wrote in the waiver letter. “We will always look for opportunities to work with villages and any other partners in our commitment to serving veterans and the community.”

The board unanimously approved Operation Post, allowing them to award an open license to the Corps, followed by a preparatory license over the next few weeks.

• Board approval to move forward with SEH work for the cost of extending water and sewer lines to Centennial Street approximately 400 feet, as three new dwellings are planned in the area, estimated cost assessments are part of a special assessment waiver. The full cost of the expansion will be shared among the three houses, all but the sidewalk.

• Interviews for a new librarian started this week, and current director Lynett Yoerg will transition part-time and help train the new director.She also said they will be moving their “pop-up library” location in Siren to the senior centre on the last Tuesday of each month from 1.00pm to 3.30pm

• Board approved application for FNR Knowles-Nelson management grant for camp expansion, which they have applied for in the past without success.

• The Board of Directors approved the reappointment of several committees and approved the route for the upcoming “Go for the Gust” road race hosted by Burnett Medical Center, including the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. It replaces the former Carlyle Sherstad Run-Walk.

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