A “wall that disappears after being hit dozens of times” was found in “Elden Ring”. Do suspiciously faded people need to re-examine the entire wall of delusions? -AUTOMATON

In “Elden Ring”, a wall that disappears after being hit multiple times is found. Users are disturbed by the discovery of conventional wisdom that breaks the walls and disappears. However, is this phenomenon that does not meet the standard of the disappearing wall deliberately done by the developer? This article contains region names and images from mid-paragraph onwards, so please be careful when browsing.

“Elden Ring” is an action role-playing game from From Software. There are many dungeons in this work, and various types of gimmicks are waiting for players. “Hidden way” is what makes many players paranoid. In this work, there are often walls that disappear when attacking or rolling. Outside of these walls, more areas and items are usually hidden. Disappearing walls and hidden doors are almost regular elements in the studio’s past work. Therefore, many players are skeptical about “this is a wall that will disappear”. “There’s a hidden path in the future” lies and the oddity of hitting and rolling around walls is the norm.

Such vanishing walls may seem strange to observe calmly, but once they are hit by an attack, they can easily disappear. Even if the suspicious wall didn’t go away, it was just a check and a slight disappointment. This time, however, it is said that “a wall that cannot be erased unless it is hit dozens of times”. That’s a problem. If you have to hit a wall for a long time to check it, you may end up hitting every wall in a wide field until the end of your life. I followed the message fearfully.

First, the wall in question is in the Volcano Hall. At present, many players at home and abroad are talking about the “disappearing hard wall” on SNS. While the first appearance is unclear, it seems that the discovery of the wall was reported as early as in a post by overseas bulletin board Reddit user teristam. In his post, he introduced a GIF video that appears to be from another user who keeps hitting the walls of the Volcano Hall. The video does show how the wall, which was hit about 40 times, disappeared. It’s a horrific situation that breaks the common sense of “vanishing walls, one hit understands”. In the same thread, a comment was thrown “I have to recheck the whole wall from the initial area”, which shows that the suspicion of players of this game is accelerating. Anyway, I flew to the Volcano Hall to find out the truth.

When I had the problem “the wall that disappears when I do my best”, I was able to confirm that it disappeared after about 40 attacks. Also, when I try to hit another “disappearing wall”, it also disappears. When this happens, suspicion and anxiety that “that wall may be gone” may increase. However, it can be a pain. That’s because it’s hard to imagine if your best-effort disappearing wall is the behavior the developer expects.

First, there are several normal vanishing walls in the Volcano Palace. From there it is possible to enter the “back side” of the Volcano Hall, which has a luxurious atmosphere and is a shady area where enemies roam, as opposed to the front where fighting is forbidden. In addition, the Volcano Hall on the front has an enclosed open space that can be accessed through the vanishing wall on the back. In other words, the Volcano Hall is an area connected by walls in which the “luxurious front” and the “shady back” disappear.

When I double-checked and compared the screenshots, the wall in question looked almost the same as a normal vanishing wall. In other words, although the wall that disappears with effort was originally set up as a wall that does not disappear, using the same parts as the normal disappearing wall, it can be considered that the “disappearing property” still exists.

* Normal disappearing walls


* Walls that disappear when you hit a lot

There are other factors that reinforce this speculation. For example, the walls that disappear when working hard are all behind NPCs. In other words, it is a situation where NPCs who should not be able to attack can attack from the rear area. However, when I try, the attack bypasses the NPC. Strange phenomena such as “the sound of the attack was interrupted the moment it entered the combat restricted area”, “the road, etc. was caught by the wall and then revived”, “I have the key to the door but I can’t open it” and other strange phenomena. has been confirmed.

Moreover, the enemies that originally existed only behind the Volcano Palace also appeared to invade the forbidden war zone. I couldn’t fight back from here, so I got killed anyway. It’s hard to think of a series of phenomena as intentional behavior on the part of the developers. The wall that disappears as best you can does not overturn the major premise of “hit the wall and disappears”, but it can be considered as the result of the user forcibly erasing the “wall” that the developer does not have.”

However, it’s interesting how the wall that disappears when you do your best is installed. It just looks like the original vanishing wall, all with a “will disappear!” vibe. In fact, a lot of players may have taken a hit when they first saw it. Not only that, but I’m concerned that they are tightly connected to every room. The reason for the placement can only be guessed from the player’s side. However, it could be a remnant of the intent to create a Volcano Hall connecting the back and front, or it could be a different questline or area design than it is now.

As a reminder, nothing special will go away if you do your best. Only the entrance and exit of the Volcano Hall will be increased. But what can be erased is the feeling of wanting to erase that wall. However, if the behavior is not intentional by the developer, there is an undeniable possibility of hindering the gameplay. Be careful when hitting a vanishing hard wall.

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