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Heloise, Associate Columnist

Dear Eloise: I love hiking in the mountains in the summer, but my cafeteria needs cold water and I can’t seem to get it cold enough. Any tips for me? — Sam W., Albuquerque, NM

Sam, bring your canteen half full. Put it in the fridge the night before you go camping with the lid on. The next day, fill the rest of the canteen with water and put the lid back on. Your water will be cold all day. — Heloise

frosted windows

Dear Heloise: In winter I have to scrape the windows every morning and every day after get off work to de-icer. I’m really tired of this routine. Is there any shortcut to de-icing the windows? — Mattie J., Flint, Michigan

Mattie, if you expect ice or snow on the windshield, grab some clear plastic wrap and cover the windshield. You can attach it with magnets, which will stick to the metal frame around the window, or you can pull plastic wrap over an open door, tuck in the ends, and close the door. When you’re ready to leave, just peel off the plastic wrap. — Heloise

bathtub ring

Dear Heloise: I have a yellow ring around my enamel tub that doesn’t come off when I rub it. How can I get that ring out of my tub? —June R., Red Bank, Tennessee

In June, even if it’s not a rust stain, a liquid rust remover should remove it. Or you can try cutting a lemon in half and sprinkling the wet side with salt to scrub the stain. Warning: Never use rust remover on fiberglass tubs. — Heloise

wrinkled clothes

Dear Heloise: No matter how carefully I pack, my clothes are always wrinkled and look like I’m sleeping in them. What am I doing wrong? —Charlie E., via email

Charlie, roll up your clothes or put them in your clothes bag. Many department store clothing bags are designed to hold multiple items for storage or travel. You can put three or four T-shirts in one and a few pairs of jeans in the other. — Heloise

Lost and Found

Dear Heloise: Last year, my 5-year-old twins got distracted while having a picnic at a family gathering at a large state park. I am crazy! Luckily, I gave each of them a whistle to wear around their neck and a wristband with my phone number on it. We all dispersed in the woods, calling for them until we heard a faint whistle and followed the sound. They cried because they got lost and couldn’t find us, but I’m grateful I told them to use that whistle if they got lost! — Janelle Y., Pontiac, Michigan

thanks for your attention

Dear Heloise: Like Dorothy W. of Scottsdale, I am disappointed that I have never received a Christmas or birthday gift from any of my eight grandchildren. My mother took this social etiquette very seriously, and my three children were constantly reminded of it as they grew up. But it seems they haven’t passed it on to their children. So, I think I’ve solved the problem: For my first grandson’s birthday this year, in addition to the usual birthday cards and small checks, I’ve included a stamped envelope with an address and a blank thank you card. It worked! Last week, we received a sweet handwritten thank you note from my grandson. I just sent my second grandson’s birthday card that included the same thank you card. We look forward to reconfirming that our ideas are working.I will continue this “hint” For the remaining grandchildren this year. – Lenny West, Northridge, CA

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