Rocky Mountain – 220317 — Rocky Mountain — Thursday, March 17, 2022

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Yandian Mountain-220317
Iwaden Mountain (Kanto)
  • schedule

    March 17, 2022 (Wood)

  • Enter the mountain pass

    electric train
    Others: Takahata Fudo (6:39) – Takao (7:02/7:07) – Otsuki (7:43)
    Central Line is vacant (N University M high school students do not commute to school).

  • weather

    Clear clouds are relatively large

The process of this mountaineering record

Otsuki Station (07:48) ・・・ Trailhead (08:00) ・・・ Hatakura Route Trailhead (08:18) ・・・ Iwata Mountain (08:42)[休憩 23分]・ ・ ・ Tenjin Mountain (09:50) ・ ・ ・ Child Drop (10:05)[休憩 3分]・・・ Chaori River Bridge (10:41) ・・・ Chaori Public Hall Bus Stop (10:50) ・・・ Otsuki Station (11:08)

The light hike was originally scheduled for Friday, but due to the forecast of freezing and rainy weather, it will be held earlier on Thursday. From the previous day, hiking at JR8 station… The 4th in the series, Iwatonosan recommended by Otsuki Station. The ruins of the castle that Katsuyuki Takeda was aiming for before reaching the finish… Appeared at the beginning of the big river drama “Sanada Maru” (while, a strong opening in the Vn concerto style that never existed before flowing in my mind) … By the way, “Iwa” Iwabitsuyama, which is related to Sanadamaru, is a theater group I want to visit anyway.
Also, Iwaden and Mt. Zu…on another occasion).
Get off at Otsuki Station a little earlier than usual. After taking a photo of a pheasant outside the station and confirming that Otsuka Dango’s shop was closed, we crossed the railroad crossing through the shopping street and confirmed the mountain view of the rock fortress.
At the intersection of R139, we decided to cross the sidewalk on the right. It’s human nature to want to walk on the far left, but it’s better to stop…Otsuki is the base city here…Cars are ruthless (in this place, Europe… Especially Germany…the car seems to be god. …). Climb up the sidewalk for about 10 minutes and pass the trailhead of Maruyama Park. Turn around and you can see the appearance of Mt. Fuji…Look at the reservoir on the left, while replenishing the yokan, while reaching the top of the mountain (Iwaden) (this entrance is also closed)…It is only necessary to go around the Hakura entrance. 20+ minutes (to catch the only hiker you encountered this time). Carefully read the requirements for climbers, click on the counter and start connecting. Soon came to a branch of Demon Rock House (one of the legends of Momotaro Otsuki). It’s okay to climb the steep slopes back and forth…but the mountain road is still normal (need nonsense??)…
Climb up after struggling for 20 minutes. The sign of the main paddock and the signal fire station, but the sign on the top of the mountain is directly above the mirror stone (the mirror stone in the castle study is this quote??). Anyway, I took a picture of a male figure of Shurei that was poorly photographed…and visited the ruins of Kurayaki, Baba, Mareike, Bansho, Minamimonomidai, Yangkido, etc. (There is a board monument of General Nogi as new) .The view from here is unusual…Otsuki looks like a miniature garden…You can’t visit the so called Honmaru Kouchi. However, Yanggito prides itself on its majesty as the entrance to the fortress.
Ridge Street branches west as you get off under Mirror Rock. Immediately after seeing the warning of the dangers of the squirrel farm, I put my work gloves on the Petzl Sirocco prepared this time, and set off. The descent ends soon and head to Tsukisakabori (Korabori)[湟]Left and right…). There are dangerous places everywhere after that…Geologically, the mountain trails are a bit different, as the gravel blocks are formed by the erosion of volcanic sediments from the north and south (one of the fun of this time…). I was delighted to see the collapsed slope on the north side of the summit (top of de M’s bones). Fortunately, the grass pear of the night plate came back to life…I don’t believe in the grass pear, I hung my limbs on the group’s pothole and climbed up with the patience of the roots…But Yajingwa was not allowed to enter… Hayashi Nakaji’s Descend backwards (descent in the climbing position), around it, and back to the ridge.
A unique gravel road with gravel rubble spread over the surrounding gravel foundation. But it soon turned into a normal reddish-brown mountain road, a small shrine at the end of the small peak (Tianjinshan…I climbed the peak of the same name yesterday…). From this point on, drop the baby north. Despite the loud name, if you walk along the gentle ridge, you will see a rocky cliff (probably also conglomerate) on your left.
Carefully follow the edge of the outcrop, over the branches, past the slender ridge, to the top of the baby drop. The wind on the sweaty body was comfortable (but the unevenness of the gravel also weighed heavily on the hips). Going further east, the scenery of the rock hall and Tenjin Peak just passed will cover the cliff and leave Japan. Mount Fuji to the southwest…still hazy…
The rest is just dropping, but before you can see the house, it’s a bunch of crap. Enter the prefectural road, take off your helmet, and go straight to Otsuki Station.
The temperature was still high today and I managed to see Mt. Fuji and achieved most of my goals.

Equipment on this mountain line

Long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts/underwear, pants, socks, rain gear/raincoats, hiking boots/hiking shoes, backpacks, waterproof staff bags, insoles, leggings, water tanks/thermoses, headlights (+ spare batteries), towels, Winter clothes, hats, gloves, gloves, military hands, sunglasses, changing clothes, maps (topography/route maps), compass, notepad/writing implements, watches, cameras, mountaineering plans (copy), pocket knives, maintenance tools, zelt, health Proof of Insurance, Whistle, First Aid/Medical Supplies, Bear Bells/Bear Spray, Emergency Food, Mobile Food, Trekking Poles, GPS Unit

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