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Eldon RingOn March 17th, Patch 1.03 was released, including feature additions and numerous balance tweaks. Of particular note in the update is the nerf to Frost Stomp’s combat maneuver. And it seems that people are looking for a combat maneuver to replace Frost Stomp.Note that this article contains potentially spoiler elements, such as the name of the combat move and where to get it.

“Elden Ring” is an action role-playing game from From Software. The piece has a combat grey system that allows you to add combat moves and attributes to your weapons. Combat skills are basically special skills that consume and use points, called FP, and there are many variants. There are also attacks like magic like wind, lightning, fire, etc., strengthening weapons and player attacks, and special evasion skills. If mastered, they both have the ability to advance the fight with significant advantages.

Among them, the combat skill that is particularly concerned by players of “Elden Ring” is Frost Stomp. This is a technique that stomps the ground intensely to create frosted areas. Enemies who step into the frost area take a small amount of damage first, and then take a lot of damage when the frost bursts. This maneuver is often used as an ace in capture and interpersonal combat. Because it is very resistant to chaos. Specifically, high damage and moderate consumption of FP. Due to the abnormal cold air state, the damage is further increased, the attack range is excellent, and the chance of activating the action is small. Also, the nature of the licks, which do not cause slight elevation differences, would help the ice step rampage. Because of its performance, it has a sense of existence, which makes many players say, “If you can’t catch it, then Frost Trample”, and some players seal the Frost Trample by themselves.

However, with the update on March 17, performances such as “Blood Slash” and “Shield of the Iron Wall” were downgraded due to the adjustment of a number of powerful combat skills. Frost Stomp, the representative of “Powerful Combat Skills”, has also been adjusted to a milder performance. Although the consumption FP remains unchanged, its power is greatly reduced. The opportunity for action has increased, which is a more mature performance. The momentum is enough to solve all problems in one ice step, so this is an inevitable adjustment. After the adjustment, many users screamed, and there were also many voices on SNS who felt sad about the adjustment of Shuang, saying: “I haven’t photographed Shuang yet, and I can’t step on it.” The battle of this game is very difficult. Frost Stomp is also a relief for action game beginners. Users started looking for alternatives to frost.TwitterReddit is increasingly calling for combat maneuvers to replace frost.

Frost Stomp is so powerful that it is considered more evil than some players. However, each player’s skills are different. There may be some players who have been doing this work thanks to Frost Stomp. Now that the overwhelming performance of this Frost Stomp is gone, is there any rescue action? The answer is no. “There are other combat maneuvers that make it easier to catch. As one of them, I would definitely recommend the “Red Lion Flame”. The Red Lion Flame is a fire tactic that can be obtained from the start by just going out a little .To be honest, this is also one of the powerful tactics that has been receiving attention before the update. Although it is not as overwhelming as Frost Stomp, it can bring considerable advantages to small fish and boss battles. The reason for its power lies in ” The power to disrupt the enemy”, the so-called tough shaving power.

First of all, Red Lion Flame is a category with excellent basic performance. The consumption of FP is not as heavy as 14, and the early operation to activation is also very fast. In addition, the damage is suitable for FP consumption. Although it requires familiarity, the attack has a wide range and a long range. It is the outstanding tenacity shaving ability that elevates the achievement of such a top student to a higher level. The enemy who received this combat technique was a standard small fish with one shot, a strong enemy with two shots, and even three shots from the boss in the second half. With ranged help, it possesses what is arguably a new potion that can kill powerful foes while standing safely. However, since bursts of rapid fire are required, I want to ensure a lot of FP by allocating psychic power and the Holy Grail bottle.

However, the Red Lion Flame requires some skill to use. This is because it is easily disturbed by terrain and obstacles. Also, as the range gradually expands from the hand, the height and release need to be adjusted calmly. The firing angle of the fire can be adjusted by adjusting the direction of the camera, and it is also easy to stabilize when the enemy is locked. It’s best to shoot the camera slightly upwards to the flock and keep it firmly locked on to a strong enemy. You can get it from Calid’s Transparent Scarab. This is a scarab patrolling northeast of the blessed “Beiwind Keep” west of Kerid. Blessing is also a patrol route, and it is also a good choice to wait for a while to fight.

where scarabs appear
Scarab Patrol is also reset during Blessed Rest. If you run to this point after a break, it’s easy to wait.

In addition to the flames of the red lion, there are many tactics that can be used as the ace of capture. The “Hound Step” that gives players overwhelming evasion and the “Call of the Stars”, a Laden weapon that can annihilate enemies in a large area, still exist after the 1.03 update. In addition, although the attack power of the spiritual body “Dungeon Drop” has been lowered, the hardness and convenience are still the same. In addition, as a powerful piece of equipment, the name “Fingerprint Stone Shield” is often mentioned. It’s a massive shield with great defensive power and a cut rate, although it’s very demanding of muscle strength after the mid-game at 48. Combined with the Great Shield Amulet, you can perform multiple attacks with peace of mind. The Great Shield Amulet is available in the Alte Plateau, and the Fingerprint Stone Shield is available in the royal city of Rodale, so if you’re stuck in a capture, why not look for it?

The above are my own post frosting candidates. Although the ferocity of Frost Stomp has been hidden, there are still various means of capture in this work. Players can freely use combat skills, spiritual bodies, cooperative gameplay, etc., and they can also dare to strike up a conversation and conduct tough battles. I want each of them to overcome difficulties in a way that suits them.

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