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* On Global Recycling Day, Corona’s global fishing campaign aims to recycle 5 tons of plastic waste from the world’s waters while ensuring a second source of income for fishermen.

On the 18th Global Recycling Day, global beer brand Corona announced the results of its inaugural Global Plastic Fishing Competition. This is a series of campaigns around the world to collect marine plastic waste and raise awareness of marine plastic pollution. Events in Mexico, China, Brazil and Israel will complement the “catch” of plastic waste by local fishermen and connect them to local recycling centres to collect and recycle plastic waste found in the ocean, aiming to provide a new ways to protect a source of income.

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Thanks to local efforts, the collected plastic can be recycled or turned into community sculptures, shipping pallets, beachwear and more for the local community. From North and South America to Asia and the Middle East, more than 150 community members participated in the recovery and spent more than 15 hours fishing for plastic.

World Economic Forum (https://c212.net/c/link/?t=0&l=en&o=3476665-1&h=886139987&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.weforum.org%2Fpress%2F2016%2F01%2Fmore-plastic -than-fish-in-the-ocean-by-2050-report-offers-blueprint-for-change% 2F & a = World + Economic + Forum) says that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and fishermen. It is estimated that it will affect people’s lives. Pollution of the world’s oceans is staggering, and Corona continues to find ways to expand its conservation and conservation efforts from beaches to offshore. Corona’s Global Plastic Fishing Championship shows how communities can work together to protect the environment and provide financial support to the region. For global events, Corona and local recycling companies have added harvest and expedition support hours to subsistence fishermen who make a living in the ocean. In addition, Corona conducts workshops for local fishermen on environmental initiatives and best practices. These important discussions focus on how we can play a role in bypassing marine waste.

“Corona’s Plastic Fishing Tournament is a new step towards our long-term goal of leaving no plastic in nature,” said Felipe Ambra, Corona’s Global Vice President. “Corona’s environmental commitment is to protect our oceans and beaches.” It’s rooted for protection. We feel it is our responsibility to protect Heaven for the next generation, and we want to lead and encourage others to do the same. “

The inaugural Plastic Fishing Championship is a brand-led initiative based on the Social Responsibility Innovation Challenge being prepared in Mexico in 2021. Advertising agency We Believers worked closely with Corona to plan and execute the plastic fishing contest.

Gustavo Lauria, Co-Founder and COO of We Believers, said: “We work with brands that show a commitment to action by creating and developing scalable platforms that have a real impact on people’s lives and the planet. I’m honored to do it .”

The idea is now a global effort to support recycling more plastic produced from the environment, as well as the next plastic fishing competition later this year. It continues Corona’s commitment to be the beverage industry’s first “net-zero plastic”. Announced in 2021, Corona has enhanced multiple ways to recycle more plastic from the environment than it releases into the world. The Plastic Fishing Championships builds on Corona’s longstanding commitment to protecting the world’s oceans and beaches from plastic pollution. To date, Corona has cleaned more than 1,400 times, with more than 68,000 volunteers participating and collecting plastic waste from more than 44 million square meters of beaches.

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Corona is the country’s leading beer brand, born in Mexico and exported to more than 180 countries, making it the most popular Mexican beer in the world. Corona Extra was first brewed in 1925 at Grupo Modelo in Mexico City. Corona is a pioneer in the beer industry, pioneering the use of clear bottles to showcase its purity and quality to the world. The design on the bottle underscores our commitment to packaging quality and Mexican heritage. Corona is only perfect with lime. The use of lime naturally adds character, flavor and excitement and is essential to truly experiencing the unique experience of Corona. The Corona brand is synonymous with the beach and celebrates time outdoors. Corona invites people to rest, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Corona continues to work on reducing plastic. In addition to our mission to protect 100 islands by 2020, we continue our global cleanup campaign.

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