CBD experience event CBD Journey Vol.3 will be held from March 24th (Thursday) to April 20th (Wednesday), 2022! In addition to various CBD companies, Cheerio’s next-generation beverage CBDX and Hibiya Hanada FLOWERS are also involved.

▶ ︎ CBD Journey Volume 3 Overview

In the third CBD Journey Vol.3, you can experience the cooperation menu between BURGERS TOKYO and CBD enterprises. Every Saturday and Sunday, CBD cooperative enterprises will hold crown events and CBD enterprises will participate in the exhibition. Below is a summary of the event.

  • Event name: CBD Journey Vol.3
  • Event Date: March 24, 2022 (wood) ~ April 20 (water)
    • March 24 (Thursday) – April 20 (Wednesday): Offers original collaboration menu with CBD companies
    • During Saturday, Sunday and daytime: CBD company exhibition area
    • During Saturday and Sunday nights: Crown events hosted by CBD companies
  • site: 2-34-7 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo BURGERS TOKYO
  • activity details: Visit the Peatix Events page (
  • Participation fee: free
  • Purpose/purpose of the activity: Enlivening Japan’s CBD/Cannabinoid Industry by Pursuing New CBD/Cannabinoid Possibilities
  • Participants:
    • CBD consumers
    • Those interested in CBD
    • ​CBD business
    • Businesses interested in using CBD

▶ ︎ Venue content
● Collaboration menu of BURGERS TOKYO and partner companies

You can experience a variety of original collaborative menus using CBD for a limited time.
Burgers x CBD, Potatoes x CBD, Shakes x CBD and more…
We pursue the possibility of new combinations with CBD. A collaboration menu with each partner company is actively being produced. We will announce at any time on the Peatix Events page (

● CBD partner company holds crown event

On Saturdays and Sundays during the period, Crown events hosted by partner companies will be held in the venue space on the second floor. We plan to host various events such as music events, talk shows, CBD workshops and CBD experiences. Details of each event will be posted on the Peatix events page ( from time to time.

● Cooperative booths/gifts for exhibitors and supporting companies

At each booth of the exhibitors, you can ask questions and consult about CBD, and you can actually experience and buy CBD products.Also, for those who apply in advance on the event page, the sponsoring companyCBD Product GiftsWe have other items available, so please come and visit us.

▶ ︎Introduction of exhibitors
Many CBD companies/organizations plan to participate nationally and internationally. It is one of the largest CBD experience exhibitions in Japan, where various CBD companies come together. For details on exhibiting and sponsoring, see We will update it from time to time.

▶ ︎ CBD Journey Vol.3 Ambassador
Nana Hana

Born on July 7, 1989, a talent in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Lead the carp girl to fame.
Currently, he is also active as a public bath and sauna YouTuber gravure talent.
He is also familiar with fitness and pursues the affinity between CBD and sauna in the context of health/health/healing.
Nanoka himself is interested in CBD from a health perspective.


I’m Naioka, and this time I’ll be the ambassador. I’m sure many of you are wondering by now (I’ve heard of it somehow, but what the heck is CBD?). Through this event, I will do my best to convey the right knowledge and how to relate to those who have come and those who cannot! ! !


“Ultra Music Festival” and “EDC”, which are known as the world’s three major music festivals, “Club AMF” of AMF, the largest festival event in Amsterdam Dance Events (ADE), and “UNITE with TOMORROWLAND” of TOMORROWLAND, are said to be the world’s largest music festivals. Good Music Festival, an international DJ/producer, has also performed at Crown events and has successfully toured over 60 cities in over a dozen countries.

This is DJ ACE1 who will be the ambassador this time. The CBD tour was a great opportunity for me to get deeply involved in CBD, and I was fortunate to have had wonderful encounters and connections through CBD, as well as the beauty of CBD itself. Hope this “experience” will help you deepen your knowledge, get excited about CBD, and enjoy!

● CBD Journey Vol.3 Half Ambassador
West Valley Tiger Dance

In addition to appearing on stage as an actor, he has also appeared in movies and TV series.
In addition, he is widely active as a gravure printing activity and talent.


This time, my name is perfect for CBD, so I’m going to be a prospective ambassador, Nishitani Maitoro. CBD penetration in Japan is not yet very high, but I want to give it away as a new luxury and let more people enjoy it! Thanks!

Matcha Nakagawa

Born in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture, he belongs to the professional boxer of Kakukai Beauty Jewel Boxing Gym.

He was the first Japanese bantamweight youth champion and has won other titles.
2014 Class C Championship Bantamweight Champion
2015 All Japan Bantamweight Rookie King
Japan’s first bantamweight youth throne

My name is Nakagawa Matcha, a professional boxer who will be the quasi-ambassador this time. I want to experience health and cold from an athlete’s point of view, in CBD you can enjoy a variety of lineups like CBD oil and CBD steam! We hope the CBD tour excites you about the cutting edge of CBD!

▶ ︎ About sponsorship/operation

Astas is a creative agency that designs donations. Our mission is to build a familiar way of life in our everyday lives by providing a platform that connects people with giving, valued by the philosophy and worldview we have created around giving. Our goal is to address social issues through our unique sustainable movement.

  • Business name:USTUS Ltd.
  • Representative:Representative Director Takuma Nitta
  • location:2-17-13 Nakaochaiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0032 Pacific Palace 102
  • set up:October 2018
  • Capital : 2.1 million
  • Business content:Donation planning and design, ASOBIBA business (BURGERS TOKYO management, restaurant sales), ASOBI PRODUCE (FLOWERS bake & icecream, etc.) business, digital donation business
  • URL:

● About the CBD section

With the mission of “correcting CBD information asymmetry”, we operate a variety of services such as CBD communities, CBD catalogs, and CBD calendars.

  1. CBD Community
    1. CBD department LINE public chat:
    2. CBD Activities:
  2. CBD Media
    1. CBD Department Product Comparison & Interview Media:
    2. CBD Directory:
    3. CBD Calendar:

● About Asabis Co., Ltd.

Through community and technology, Asabis will maximize the power of the hemp industry, including CBD, to help increase productivity and achieve well-being.

  • Business name:Chaobis Co., Ltd.
  • Representative:President and CEO Ryota Nakazawa
  • location:2nd Floor, Kuwano Building, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
  • set up:August 2, 2021
  • capital : 3,000,000 yen
  • Business content:Planning, development and operation of CBD/cannabinoid specialist media, communities and platforms
  • URL:

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