Akasaka Intercity AIR Certified by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Environmental Safety Regulations “Highest-Level Office” | Press Release of Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yasuhiko Imaizumi) and Akasaka Intercity Management Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kasushi Tsukada) are from Tokyo. We are pleased to inform you that, as a business organization with a particularly excellent global warming countermeasure promotion system, we have been recognized as a top business site (Excellent Specific Global Warming Countermeasure Business).
According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Safety Regulations, a top-level organization (designated excellent organization for global warming measures) that is particularly excellent in global warming measures is certified as a large organization (energy consumption of 1,500 crude oil equivalent). This is the obligatory tax rate for a system to reduce CO2 emissions (kL and above). Relax the duty-free rate for business establishments to one-half of the top-level certification and three-quarters of the semi-top-level certification.

About Akasaka Intercity AIR

Akasaka Intercity AIR is a mixed-use building consisting of offices, residences, meeting rooms, commercial facilities, etc., and is directly connected to the “Tameike-Sanno” station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza and Namboku lines.
With the concept of “creating a city where all workers, residents and tourists can spend their time in peace and comfort”, the planning theme is green spaces and greenways, consideration and cooperation with surrounding areas, reducing environmental load, and BCP.. .
In terms of environment, Smart, BCP, and Wellness have made various efforts based on the concept of “urban environment design beyond the boundaries of development zones and super-high-rise smart wellness offices”.
In addition to having the highest level of environmental performance, we have created a recreational space open to the community and a cool place in the city center, such as a vast green space with a greening rate of more than 50% and a green road that integrates with the surrounding neighborhoods, an excellent environment and social considerations have won high praise from all parties.

Evaluation of major environmental load reduction efforts
 Promoting energy-efficient operation of tenants through tenant eco-support system of choice environment
・The system supports tenants’ energy-saving operation promotion through energy visualization and effective judgment of natural ventilation.
 High-performance energy-saving air conditioning system for smart and healthy offices
・The 3-zone air conditioning system consisting of perimeter, interior and core side supports different loads in each zone.
・The air conditioner adopts an intermittent air conditioning system, with a large temperature difference of 12°C and a ventilation temperature difference of about 18°C.

Increased energy savings by introducing air conditioning systems that use medium-temperature cold water

・ By introducing an air-conditioning system that uses medium-temperature cold water, an efficient medium-temperature cold water supply is realized by utilizing the existing DHC.
・The two-stage cooling of medium temperature cold water and cold water is performed using the same two coils as the general air conditioning system, and a four-pipe heat transfer system of cold water and cold/hot water is constructed by seasonal switching between medium temperature cold water and hot water.
・Compared to 6°C, the 14°C medium temperature cold water provided by DHC can be operated with ultra-high efficiency by an inverter turbo chiller.

Other environmental initiatives

From April 2022, the electricity used in the building will be converted to electricity from renewable energy sources (hereinafter referred to as electricity from renewable energy sources). The resulting reduction in CO2 emissions is expected to be around 3,900 tons per year.
The introduced renewable energy utilizes the “Non-fossil Certificate with tracking * 1” of the environmental value certificate such as solar power generation, and is also compatible with “RE100 * 2”. .. In addition, since all electricity procured from the power company, including not only the common areas, but also the tenant-only areas, will be converted, all companies and businesses occupying this building, regardless of the use of facilities such as offices and businesses, will be converted. Tenants will all be identified as using renewable electricity internally*3.

*1 The “non-fossil value (environmental value)” of electricity from non-fossil energy such as renewable energy has been certified, and attribute information (tracking information) such as the location of the power plant has been added so that it can support RE100 things.
*2 A collaborative initiative to make the electricity used by the company in its operations 100% renewable. By bringing companies together, it aims to signal to policymakers and consumers to accelerate the energy transition. In Japan, the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (JCLP) will support the participation and activities of Japanese companies as official regional partners of RE100.
*3 The content of this version may change in the future due to changes in various systems related to renewable energy and the introduction of new equipment in this building.

The building is implementing various initiatives to increase waste recycling rates. As a waste disposal method, we are making efforts to adopt the miscellaneous paper recycling method, implementing food recycling and general waste heat recycling. In terms of operations, in order to allow the complete spread of garbage, we have arranged for resident staff to produce and distribute recycling guides, weigh garbage by tenants, check the classification status, and provide guidance for classification improvement. Through these efforts and the daily sorting cooperation of tenants, the garbage collection rate has reached about 98%, which is a very high recycling rate.
In this building, businesses that have achieved notable achievements such as high recycling rates through exemplary efforts are recognized in a system to reduce the amount of business waste and further promote recycling. The initiative was highly praised, and was named “Excellent Enterprise in Waste Reduction in the Port Area.”

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Group regards “considering the global environment” and “working towards sustainable development of the environment and society (SDGs)” as one of the important issues to solve social problems through urban development. continue. We will continue to support tenant businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

The efforts in this edition contribute to the achievement of four of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Akasaka Intercity AIRAkasaka Intercity AIR

■ Facility Overview

Name: Akasaka Intercity AIR
Location: 1-8-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: Directly connected to Tameike-Sanno Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Namboku Line
Main Uses: Offices, Apartments, Conference Facilities, Shops
Site area: 16,088.32㎡
Total construction area: 178,328.01㎡
Maximum height: 205.08m
Structure: steel structure, reinforced concrete structure, reinforced concrete structure
Scale: 38 floors above ground, 3 floors underground, 1 floor of the building
Designer: Nippon Design Co., Ltd.
Builder: Obayashi Group Co., Ltd.
Object HP:https://www.intercity-air.com/

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