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Paper books have become e-books, CDs have become data, passports have become e-tickets… Digitization has made our lives very convenient. I think there are many companies that have advanced remote working to prevent infection and reduce the exchange of paper materials that have been necessary until now.

On the other hand, not much attention has been paid to the environmental load of “information dissemination” carried out by anyone, be it a company or an individual. Some people may have posted about SDGs and sustainability on corporate websites, blogs, owned media, etc., but never considered the environmental impact of using the site. ..

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It’s easy to think that digitization is an “ecology” that hardly uses resources such as paper, but from a power consumption standpoint, it actually has a large environmental burden. It is reported that the current IT-related electricity consumption has exceeded the overall electricity consumption in Germany, and is expected to more than triple after 2026.

▶ Interview article: Ask Wholegrain Digital in the UK. Can tech companies really be sustainable?

The carbon footprint generated by data centers accounts for 2% of the entire industry, not much different from the aviation industry. With the acceleration of DX, it can be said that there is an urgent need to make the IT industry sustainable. In fact, the ingenuity on the theme of “How to prevent CO2 emissions from operating sites” is being carried out on a global scale.

Reduce carbon dioxide. “Simplified Website” by Italian Design Studio

So what should Japan’s IT and media industries pay attention to, and how should they change?

At this event, Mr. Nishikawa of the Japan Carbon Neutral Network Association, the first in Japan to issue carbon offset certification for a website, will talk about the importance of CO2 reduction in the digital realm.

In addition, in the second half of the presentation, we will introduce the measures being implemented by Hachi Co., Ltd., which actually operates various media. We will convey the original voice of employees who have changed. Join us for 70 minutes and think about digital sustainability!

Today’s topic

  • world digital trends
  • Why you need to reduce your website’s environmental impact
  • How to measure the environmental load of a site
  • What kind of website is “ecological”?
  • What can we do from tomorrow

I recommend this hotel

  • people who run their own media
  • Person in charge of corporate PR/public relations
  • Those in the media industry who are/want to make sustainable efforts
  • Those who want to do media from now on
  • Those who want to understand IT sustainability from the ground up
  • Those Who Are Surprised by the Word Digital Sustainability

activity summary

date and time Thursday, April 7, 2022 19:00-20:10 (* Zoom opening 18:50)
Participation fee 1,000 yen
site online (zoom)
How to participate Request from Peatix to get the Zoom URL. We will email you the delivery URL on the day of the event.
Peatix page: https://digital-sustainability.peatix.com/
capacity 100 people (first come, first served)
organizer IDEAS FOR GOOD Commercial Design Lab

* Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given if you do not contact us 2 days before the event (23:59 on April 5). Thanks for your understanding.

* About the archive: If you purchased a ticket, we will share the archived video after the event. Please note that we cannot share the slide material used.


  • 18:50 Zoom open
  • 19:00 Activity start / Greetings
  • 19:05 Enter the conversation
  • 19:10 Guest Lecture ① Maou Nishikawa (Why reduce the environmental load on site?)
  • 19:30 Guest Lecture ② Hachi Sato (How to reduce the environmental load on site?)
  • 19:50 Q&A/Panel discussion
  • 20:00 end
  • 20:10 Event ends


Nishikawa Mao

Mao Nishikawa (Japan Carbon Neutral Network Association/Representative)

Started an artificial intelligence company while in graduate school and sold the company two and a half years later. He has since been selected for the World Economic Forum Initiative’s Global Community of Shapers. Currently, he is involved as founder and director of four sustainability-focused corporate development businesses under the theme of “Coexistence of People and Planet”. From November 2021, the Japan Carbon Neutral Network Association will be established to issue Japan’s first certification mark in the field of digital sustainability.

Sato Yuki

Yuki Sato (Harch Co., Ltd./Engineer)

Previously engaged in web application/smartphone application development. Currently, as an engineer at Harch Co., Ltd., he is responsible for a wide range of tasks such as producing and operating media site sustainable web design, promoting internal DX, and enhancing security.


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IDEAS FOR GOOD Editorial Department (Harch Co., Ltd.)

The editorial office of IDEAS FOR GOOD, a web magazine that collects “more” ideas to improve society. From cutting-edge technology that has the potential to make a big difference in the world, to advertising and art that informs social issues, to small designs that change people’s behavior, we deliver social good ideas scattered around the world every day.

What is the Japan Carbon Neutrality Network Association?

The first association in Japan to issue a certification mark dedicated to the field of digital sustainability. By offsetting the CO2 emissions from the use of target sites, we are promoting use without burdening the environment.
Website: https://www.carbonneutral-web.org/

IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab とは?

So far, the world network magazine “IDEAS FOR GOOD” that makes society better is a service that accumulates knowledge and network of social good ideas around the world by publishing articles. We provide one-stop support from information gathering to action for companies wishing to incorporate SDGs, sustainability, CSV and ESG perspectives into their business development, product development, branding and marketing.
Website: https://bdl.ideasforgood.jp/

This event is a workshop to convey the concept and basic concepts of “Digital Sustainability”. If you have any specific questions about making your website sustainable, please contact IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab.

▶ Event application: https://digital-sustainability.peatix.com/


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