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This is an article about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel event “N/R Rarity Festival”. We will introduce the recommended NR deck recipes together with low-rarity generic cards, please refer to the NR Section (NR Section) guide.

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NR Section Overview


Master Duel_NR Festival

holding period 2022/3/23 (water) 16:30~4/4 (Month) 9:59
Reward claim period 2022/4/4 (Month) 10:00~4/6 (water) 23:59
Activity form Collect PvP and event items using only “N/R Rarity” cards

The second event “NR Rarity Festival” will be held from 16:30 on 3/23 (Wed.)!

Both the Main Deck and the EX Deck play against each other using decks consisting of only N and R rare cards, and have “medals” of wins, draws, and defeats, and “medals” earned. You can get rewards based on the total. However,You can’t get a “medal” if you surrenderBe careful as it looks like.

Medal win rate

Win or lose medals
victory 500 sheets
defeat 50 sheets

* Rates for the last activity (when using my deck) are published.
* From this time on, the number of medals that can be obtained even with rental decks is the same.

All of the above SR are prohibited, some topics are regulated

At NR Festival, in addition to the regular rules, unique rules are set.

All SR/UR cards are banned and some subjects are banned/restricted/semi-restricted even in NR.It becomes.Also, cards that deal effect damage to the opponentBeat your own self-destruct card and other regulationsIt became a goal.

Click here to view NR Festival limited regulations

There are 3 types of rental decks

There are 3 types of rental decks in the event, allowing players without cards to participate in the event.

In this event, the number of medals you can get is the same whether you use your own deck or a rental deck, so if you don’t want to generate cards, use a rental deck.

Click here for details on rental decks

Adjust your deck for NR Festival on Discord!

Master Duel_Discord_Gathering Duel
Since there is still a short time before the event,”I want to practice ahead of time“”i want to talk about the deckPlease join the Discord server run by AppMedia! We also have a place for NR-only competition recruiting and deck consultation.
The Master Duel Discord community is running!

NR Section Recommended Decks

NR Limited Recommended Decks List

NR Limited Deck Questionnaire

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NR Festival Recommended Deck Recipes

metal four

[Metal Fourze 甲板的兴趣点]

  • Beatdown theme that handles pendulum summons and fusion summons
  • It has rich search and recruiting effects, so it can be deployed stably.
  • The attack performance is high, because the continuous attack of “Reforged Fusion” is also possible.


[Notes on dragging the deck]

  • Synchronized theme composed of wind-type birds, beasts and dragons
  • Equipped with “Dragnity” that can be expanded and self-reinforcing powerful
  • Continuous Sync Summons can be deployed using Gear and Gear Release.

Click here to view the Regular Rules Resistance Deck


[Yokai Beast Deck的兴趣点]

  • A beatdown theme with constant expansion and great bounce
  • NR limit the power of easy to eliminate troublesome anti-destroy monsters in battle
  • Yokai will return to your hand during the end phase, making it easier to maintain resources.


【Notes on TG deck】

  • There is little loss of advantage by collecting other TG monsters from the deck during the destroyed end phase.
  • “TG1-EM1” can control the opponent’s powerful monsters.
  • Obstacle Trap Cardo, which can bring opponents into long battles while suppressing their development.

Click here for normal rules TG deck



  • N/R limited construction rare unfolded deck
  • The effect of the “Unbounded Zone” card allows you to deploy without losing your advantage.
  • Since the hand trigger cards I’m not good at are all SR or higher, it can be deployed without being disturbed

NR Section Referral Card

NR (Low Rare) Universal Card

monster card

card name Card Features and Recommended Points
Master Duel_Kaisei Kaiju Jizukiel_Imageopen into a monster earth and moon

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Release opponent monsters and special summoned high-level monsters Because it is basically where the opponent is summoned, the effect after ② is rarely used


・It is easy to break through resisting monsters with the strongest removal method “Release Removal”.

– Use with “Owner’s Stamp” also works as an attacker
Duel Master_Iron Knight Dragon Tiamat_PictureIron Knight Dragon Tiamat

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
With reference to the number of parallel cards, you can activate the effect of special summoning and canceling at the same time during the opponent’s turn, which is also very good as a hindrance.


– The parallel card removal effect is activated when special summoned, so it can also be used for graveyard resurrection

– Powerful permanent effect that seals unused areas in the same column as you are in the field

・The pendulum in the column of the P area, and the meta card linked to the column of the EX monster area.

Master Duel_Gravekeeper Scout_ImageGravekeeper Scout

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Reverse monster with 2000 defense and high durability
When flipped, you can Special Summon “Gravekeeper” monsters from your deck.


・The defense is 2000, which is an expected value in N/R battles, and the “Gravekeeper” monster can be Special Summoned from the deck even when reversed.

・By Special Summoning Level 4 “Grave Keeper”, it is possible to connect to Xyz and Link Summon.

Duel Master_Baobaboon_Imagebaboon

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
When Summoning/Special Summoning, draw 1 card and return 1 card to your deck.
If destroyed, you can Special Summon any number of Baobabs from your deck.


・ Valuable hand replacement cards in N/R battles

– Baobaboon can be Special Summoned from any number of decks when destroyed by battle/effect, so it is easy to connect to Xyz Link Summon.

・Even if you draw multiple cards at the same time, you can return them to the deck with your own effects, so there is little to no rot.

Master Duel_Flash Exile_Imagelightning discharge

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Has a permanent effect, you can exclude all cards as long as they are on the field
For decks that use the graveyard as their main gimmick, this card can also be used to keep them out.


・Valid for monster effects and spell/trap cards activated in the Graveyard

・Attack power is 1600, a state that can be expected in N/R limited battles

Master Duel_Critter_ImageSmall animals

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
You can search for monsters from the deck with reference to their ATK, and they can activate their effects even as sync or link materials.


– Since only the attack power of the search destination is referenced, it can be used regardless of attribute or race.

・It is easy to stabilize the deck by finding monsters as a starting point for deployment.

・Because summoning power is used, it is suitable for themes with many special summoning methods.

Master Showdown_N Grand Mall_ImageN. Big shopping mall

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _N_ icon
At the beginning of the Damage Step, you can return the monster that battled with this card to your hand.
Special Summoned monsters in EX decks do not return to your hand, so you can create a huge advantage.


– Simple yet excellent effect that returns the monster that fought with this card back to the hand

– Synchronized Xyz Link monsters can be returned to EX decks, so they can also be used as meta cards separately.

Duel Master_Card Gunner_Picturescard gunner

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Send up to 3 cards from the top of the deck to the Graveyard, aiming to increase the attack power
When the destruction is sent to the cemetery, 1 lottery effect is excellent


– Send the top card of the deck to the Graveyard with a maximum attack power of 1900.

・Works well with decks that can send cards to the graveyard to create an advantage.

・Even if it is destroyed, you can draw a card from the deck, so it is difficult to lose your advantage.

Master Duel_Card Car / D_Imagetruck D

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
You can release and draw 2 card supplementary cards in the main phase of the summoning round.
The round in which the effect is used cannot be Special Summoned, and the round ends.


・Draw low-level monsters that are valuable in N/R battles

– Since you cannot activate special summon effects, you need to choose the deck you want to use.

Master Duel_Battle Fader_Imagebattle fader

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
A very valuable hand trigger card in NR rarity, which has the effect of forcing the end of the battle phase when attacking directly.


・Because you can force the end of the battle phase by triggering your hand, it is less likely to be disturbed.

・Since you special summon yourself while blocking, you can also use it as a releaser

-Although it can only be activated during direct attack, it will be a meta card for defeating decks with direct attack effects, such as “God of the Earth”.

Master duel _ different eye meteor dragon _ pictureAlien Meteor Dragon

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Level 7 Synchro monsters that can use P-zone cards
As long as this card is on the field, your opponent cannot use monster effects during the Battle Phase.


・Universal level 7 sync monster, no material binding

– As long as this card is in the Monster Zone, your opponent cannot activate monster effects during the Battle Phase.

– Since monsters can be special summoned from the P area, you can also deploy monsters horizontally with effects.

Duel master _ white fighting sea pig _ picturewhite dolphin

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
A Level 6 Synchro Monster can halve the ATK of the opponent’s monster.
Even if it is destroyed, it can be Special Summoned again by removing the water attribute of the Graveyard.


・Universal level 6 sync monster, no material binding

・Since the attack power of the opponent’s monster is halved, you can destroy up to 4800 in battle.

– Even if the water attribute is destroyed, it will be excluded from the graveyard, so it has durability that can be specially summoned.

Duel Master_No.70 Fatal Wound_ImageNo.70 Deadly Singh

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _N_ icon
An easy-to-use level 4 monster that temporarily eliminates your opponent’s monsters
At the end of the attack damage step, the attack power is increased by 300 points and the level is increased by 3.


・ Level 4 Xyz Monster has powerful removal effect as N/R

– You can also Special Summon “Electronic Light Worm Core Vage” from this card, which can return the defense display monster to the deck.
Master Duel_No.80 Furious Rhapsody_ImageNo.80 Furious Rhapsody

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Level 4 Xyz monster with a powerful meta card element that can exclude 2 cards from the graveyard
It can also be an equipment card that increases the attack power of monster X by 1200.


・Tier 4 Xyz monsters, mainly to block the use of the opponent’s graveyard

・At N/R Festival, it will be a valid card for “Burgestoma” and “TG”.

・It can also increase the attack power of X monsters, so I want to put one in a deck that uses a lot of level 4.

Master duel _ reverse coordination _ imagereversal coordinator

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _N_ icon
An Omni Link Monster that can be Link Summoned with 2 Effect Monsters.
Has the effect of exchanging control between connected monsters


・Link monsters are easy to cast and easy to use on many decks

-Switch the effect of the control of the linked monster, and you can also steal the opponent’s powerful monster.

・Because the card position is very important, you need to pay attention that it is easy to rely on the opponent.

Master Duel_Croshype_ImageCrowe

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Two monsters with different card names and a linked monster that is easy to fight
When the monster is Special Summoned to the link destination, the effect will activate according to the type.


– By Special Summoning Ritual Monsters such as “Boulder”, you can use the hand replacement effect of drawing 2 cards and sending 2 cards to the Graveyard.

– By Special Summoning Fusion Monsters such as “Metal Forze”, you can Special Summon level 4 or lower monsters from the Graveyard to extend the link.

magic card

card name Card Features and Recommended Points
Master Duel_Lightning Vortex_ImageLightning Vortex

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
A normal magic card that can destroy monsters on the opponent’s field
A valuable piece that can be instantly reversed for mass deployment


– A valuable card in N/R battles that destroys all face-up monsters of your opponent.

・ Requires a one-hand cost, so you want to choose carefully the decks you want to use.

Master Duel_Cyclone_Imagecyclone

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Multifunctional back removal card
Since it is haste magic, it can be set and used during the opponent’s turn.


・ Active as a valuable back destruction card in N/R battles

・One piece you want to put in your deck that you want to develop through your monsters

-Easy to use and non-perishable due to no use conditions and fees.

Duel Master_Book of the Moon_PicturesBook of the Moon

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
It’s very easy to deal with as it doesn’t require the haste magic card cost of interfering with various things by changing the display format.


– Use it on the opponent’s monster when an attack is declared, and can be used as a defense card

– Destructive effects such as “D, D, R” can also be defeated by showing the fact that monster information is lost when the back defense is displayed.

-Since the monster information on the rear defense display cannot be referenced, it may interfere with Synchro Xyz Link summoning.

Duel Master _ Forbidden Grail _ PictureForbidden Grail

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
The ease of passing the effect is also appealing, as it is a haste magic card that’s mostly used to negate effects rather than boost attacks.


・Basically, by using it on the opponent’s monster, it interferes with deployment and breakthrough.

– Works well with “Cliffort” etc. since the monster state of Compromise Summons can be reset.

Master Duel_Dimensional Rift_Picturesdimensional rift

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Can easily block permanent magic cards from the graveyard It’s also attractive because it’s magic and activates instantly with no setup required


– Excludes all monsters sent to the Graveyard as a permanent effect when activated.

– Since the act of being sent to the graveyard itself is sealed, all cards that are “sent to the graveyard and activated” can also be sealed.

– Since magic trap cards are not excluded, magic traps with graveyard effects can be used.

Duel Master_Moon Mirror Shield_PictureMoon Mirror Shield

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Because there is no limit to the cost of equipment magic cards or equipment targets that can gain pseudo-combat destruction resistance, it is very easy to deal with.


・When calculating damage, the effect of increasing the attack/defense strength of the battle target to +100.

・It is almost impossible to break the battle, so it is compatible with the monsters you want to stay on the field.

-Because it is forced to activate when calculating damage, if you also increase your attack power when calculating damage, you cannot be counterattacked, so be careful

Master Showdown_Double Chance_Imagedouble chance

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _N_ icon
When the attack is invalid, the attack power is doubled and attack again. Since the attack can be activated even if the haste magic itself is invalidated, it is compatible with one kill.


・If the battle phase itself is terminated by “Nullifying Attack” etc., please note that it cannot be activated.
Master Duel_Enemy Controller_Imageenemy controller

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _N_ icon
There are 2 types of haste magic cards with the effect of taking control that have existed since the beginning, so you can use them appropriately according to the situation.


– Since the display format change effect can be activated for free, it can be used when aiming for defense or one-hit kill.

・You need to unleash your own monsters, but being able to control without offsetting the effect is attractive.

・If it is displayed on the front, no matter what the target is, it can also be used to secure materials such as link summoning.

trap card

card name Card Features and Recommended Points
Master Duel_Pit of the Abyss_PicturePit of the Abyss

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _N_ icon
It’s very versatile as it can react to summons other than trap decks with monster removal effects that have been there since the beginning.


・ Blocking the use of the Graveyard is great because it removes it rather than simply destroying it.

– Can only be activated with attack power above 1500, but it is a non-target effect, so it is easy to penetrate resistance.

– If you Special Summon with Pendulum Summon at the same time, you can destroy all monsters with ATK of 1500 or more.

Duel master _ forced escape device _ pictureForced evacuation device

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
This is easy to deal with as there is no trap card activation condition or cost to have the effect of bouncing without destroying monsters.


・Because it does not experience destruction, it is effective against monsters with destruction resistance.

・EX monsters are also great as meta cards, as they cannot activate the “when you leave the field” effect when bouncing.

Master Duel_Torrent Burial_Imagetorrent burial

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
There is no known cost of a trap card to remove all effects, and it can also be activated in response to summons other than the set, which is attractive.


・Whether yourself or your opponent, you can eliminate all by answering the summons other than the set.

– Since it is a completely untargeted removal, it is very powerful when activated during sync or link development.

Duel Master_Burgestoma Dinomischus_ImageEarth Mantis

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Versatile trap card that can be handled in removal and deployment. It’s an effect that’s easy to adopt in any deck, so there’s no loss in generating it.


・Effective against destruction resistance as it eliminates repulsion without going through destruction.

– Graveyard effect allows you to special summon yourself as a normal monster, which can be linked to the development of sync and link.

– It will not be regarded as a trap card when it becomes a monster, so it is also attractive not to be a target of a magic trap removal card.

Master Duel_Dragma Punishment_Imagedrama punishment

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Note that if you activate a trap removal card that consumes EX monsters, you will temporarily not be able to Special Summon it from your EX deck.


– Has the effect of destroying monsters with the ATK or less of the EX monster sent to the Graveyard.

・Being able to clear monsters from EX decks and fertilize the graveyard at the same time is attractive.

・ By making EX monsters with Graveyard effects a cost, you can further hinder and search.

Master Duel_Stray Wind_ImageStray wind

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
A general-purpose trap card that can negate the effects of Special Summoned monsters and halve their attack power.
If a monster is Special Summoned from an EX Deck, it can be reset from the Graveyard.


– Only for special summoned monsters, but you can negate the effect and halve the attack power.

・It can also be used as a combat technique in the damage step like “Shrink”.

・The second effect is not a special summon, but a special summon of an EX deck, please be careful.

Duel Master_Phantom Mist Sword_PicturesPhantom Mist

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Even without the use of permanent trap cards ② that can block attacks and negate effects at the same time, it works well, so it can be used in any deck


– Not only does it block attacks, but it also negates effects, so it can be used as a barrier for opponents to deploy.

・You can also protect your own monsters with the effects of non-attack targets.

– Since it also has self-destruct effect when losing the effect target, it is difficult to press the magic trap area.

Master Duel_Magic Chain_PicturesDevil’s Chain

【Card Features】Yu-Gi-Oh master duel _R_ icon
Very easy to deal with as there is no permanent trap card cost to block both attack and negation effects, and the activation conditions are loose.


– Not only does it block attacks, but it also negates effects, so it can be used as a barrier for opponents to deploy.

・Since it has no self-destructing effect, it can be reused by self-bombing.

– Since the effect of making yourself a cost cannot be avoided, there is also a strategy to prevent handicap cards such as triggers using this rule.

NR Section Award List

Event reward list

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