Validation of health effects of improving sensitivity to work operations in Okinawa Findings of Okinawa environment rich in nature have positive effects on work | Okinawa Prefecture News Release


① General theme of Okinawa work

In the sleep assessment, the percentage of time in deep sleep was 21% higher than before going to Okinawa.
In terms of motivation, compared to Tokyo, with a 27% increase in the morning and 13% in the afternoon, it is clear that Okinawa has a more positive work environment. In terms of inspiration, the original idea rate* increased by 8%. In addition, only the Naha/Central team’s test results showed a 14% improvement. In addition, Okinawa also achieved better results in attention and stress.
* Originality rate = the number of people who are not influenced by others / the number of people who gave up

② Topics by type of work
In marketing, engineer and sales positions, Okinawa has improved significantly compared to Tokyo in terms of “sleep quality,” “focus,” and “satisfaction with group discussions.” Also, there was a significant improvement in “sleep quality” in paperwork.

③ Activity theme
The experience of “Kabira Bay Glass Plate”, “Yaeyama Starry Sky Appreciation”, and “Taketomi Island Buffalo Car” will be the state of your mind when you are absent-minded. The default mode network* is said to be easy to generate inspiration and will stand out. clear. In addition, experiences such as “Walking on the Beach in the Morning”, “Yachimun Pottery Experience” and “Minsa Weaving Experience” produced new stimulation and positive effects on the brain.
* Blur the neural activity performed by the brain

Schedule: 3 nights and 4 days from November 8th (Monday) to 11th (Thursday), 2021
Implementation area: Divide into two groups, and each group conducts experience using the characteristics of the area and validates the effect.
① Yaeyama (Ishigaki Island / Taketomi Island): Refreshing and relaxing experience using nature
(2) Naha/Central area: Cultural stimulation experience using Okinawan traditional culture and foreign culture
Subjects: 5 people (comparison verification between Tokyo and Okinawa was conducted by the same person)
Women in their 30s: Marketing Researcher, Women in their 30s: Clerk
Men in their 30s: Researchers, Men in their 30s: Engineers, Women in their 40s: Sales
Validation method: Measurement of brain waves during common tasks between Tokyo and Okinawa and activities unique to Okinawa.

Check your sleep quality by measuring your pulse with FITBIT.
Questionnaires on sleep and motivation were administered twice in the morning and evening.
Common tasks: group discussion (once a day, 30 minutes), inspiration test (twice in the morning and evening, 5 minutes)

Typing test (morning, 5 minutes), rest measurement (morning and evening, 1 minute), normal work

*This experiment was conducted with attention to the guidelines for corona infection measures in Okinawa Prefecture.

  • Compared with Tokyo, Okinawa’s “sleep depth”, “power”, “concentration” and “inspirational power” have all improved, and stress has been “reduced”.

① Sleep test

According to the pulse rate-based sleep assessment, Tokyo had longer total sleep time, but the proportion of deep sleep time in deep sleep was 21% higher than Tokyo. In addition, in the subject questionnaire, sleepiness in the morning was reduced by an average of 21%, and fatigue was also reduced by an average of 20% in the morning and 11% in the afternoon compared to Tokyo.

② Motivation test
When we measured work motivation through brain waves, it turned out to be a 27 percent improvement in Okinawa in the morning and a 13 percent improvement in the afternoon.

③ Concentration test

When morning concentrations were measured with an EEG, Okinawa overall improved by 4%. Additionally, the Naha/Central team alone showed a 13% improvement. In the concentration measurement by inputting English sentences, the result was a 5% improvement in Okinawa. In addition, from the third day of stay in Okinawa, both the morning concentration measurement and the typing concentration measurement tended to increase significantly.

④ Inspirational ability test

A 5-minute inspiration test*1 was conducted in the morning and evening, and the original idea rate*2 in Okinawa increased by 8.5%. Additionally, the Naha/Central team alone saw a 14% improvement.
* 1 idea test, consider multiple uses of a topic
Topics: “Bricks”, “Shoelaces”, “Brooms”, “Water Bottles”, “Rubber Bands”, etc.
* 2 Unique idea rate = Number of people not influenced by others / Number of people who gave up

⑤ Stress test
When stress levels were measured by EEG at rest in the morning, the Naha/Central team alone had a 16% lower result than Tokyo.

⑥ Group discussion

When we measured brain waves during the group discussions, it was clear that Okinawa was 13% more satisfied than Tokyo. In terms of stress, there was a 7% reduction in research work and a 14% reduction in engineers.

[Discussion from experimental results]

From these results, it can be seen that the Okinawan work can restore the brain by improving sleep quality and also tends to increase motivation and focus. With regard to concentration, from the 3rd day in Okinawa, there is a clear increase, and it can be expected that a slightly longer stay of 3 nights or more would be more efficient work. In addition, activities of the five senses such as Okinawa’s nature and culture are believed to stimulate the brain and enhance “inspiration” to generate original ideas. Even in group discussions, Okinawa seems to be easier to communicate with because of increased satisfaction and less stress. From this, it can be expected that Okinawa is effective not only for individual work, but also for team building and collective work.

  • Compared with the division of labor, the marketing positions have undergone great changes

① Marketing positioning

Compared to Tokyo, the percentage of deep sleep time increased by 16% and stress decreased by 9%. The results were an 11% improvement in concentration in the morning, a 32% improvement in focus while typing, and a 12% improvement in group discussion satisfaction.

② Clerk
Compared to Tokyo, the percentage of deep sleep time increased by 64%, and the satisfaction of group discussions increased by 29%.

③Research position
Compared to Tokyo, morning concentration improved by 21%. In group discussions, satisfaction increased by 19% and stress decreased by 7%.

④ Engineer position
Compared to Tokyo, the percentage of deep sleep time increased by 31%, stress was reduced by 13%, and morning concentration was improved by 12%. In group discussions, satisfaction increased by 8% and stress decreased by 14%.

⑤ Sales positions
Compared to Tokyo, the percentage of deep sleep time increased by 2% and stress decreased by 20%. There was a 16% increase in concentration in the morning and an 11% increase in typing attention.

[Discussion from experimental results]

Marketing professionals considering various assumptions can refresh their feelings through activities that stimulate the unique sense of openness and five senses in Okinawa, and can easily get the effect of Okinawa work, which can have a positive impact on the business.

  • Obviously, the minsā weaving experience is stimulating and the glass plate experience is detoxifying.

As part of verifying the effects of our work in Okinawa, we will develop an event experience unique to Okinawa Prefecture. Activities with detoxification effects (Kabira Bay glass panel, Yaeyama starry sky viewing, Taketomi Island water buffalo cart) become the state of the mind when the mind is absent, the default mode network
which is said to be easily inspired, dominates. Obviously it will be. In addition, sensory stimulating activities (morning beach walk, Yachimun pottery experience, Minsā weaving experience) create new stimulation and positive effects on the brain by making the most of the five senses.

* Blur the neural activity performed by the brain

The lower left is calmer, the upper right is calmer.

how to read pictures
Horizontal axis: Valence (emotional value), vertical axis: Arousal (activity).

  • Brain Scientist Reviews

The main island of Okinawa is a modest city, easy to get into work mode, and the unique atmosphere of Okinawa gives a sense of openness. And since nature is nearby, it’s an environment that’s easy to switch modes. Since it is only held in Okinawa this time, it is impossible to compare with other regions, but it may involve “events unique to Okinawa” as an element that enhances business sensibility.
In terms of creative ideas, relaxation time such as “ox cart experience” and “starry sky observation” in Okinawa can relax the brain, make it easier to come up with ideas, and it is also a good stimulus for people who are not used to eating and contact them. it seems that. Also, Okinawa is a place where you can relax and rediscover your true self. After coming to Okinawa, the quality of sleep has improved and I can rest even while working in the city.

Moderate city, no inconvenience, accessible nature, relaxing air. There are many activities, so there is a feeling of excitement, and it is possible to build work unique to Okinawa. This time, because of the purpose of the survey, the number of days is very limited, but by increasing the stay time, it is easier to switch feelings, and it can be expected that wo-cation will become more effective.

Edagawa Yoshikuni

In 1998, he completed the doctoral program of the Graduate School of Pharmacy, The University of Tokyo (Doctor of Pharmacy), and in 2007, he completed the MBA degree from the Business School of Waseda University. In the same year, he received the title of Super Technical Officer (STO) at Waseda University.  Since 2020, he has been a professor in the Faculty of Engineering, Waseda University. Books for the general public include Okinawa Prefecture Governor Danny Tamaki

Okinawa Prefecture Governor Danny Tamaki
The recent global spread of new coronavirus infections has severely restricted economic and social activities. In response to the new way of life in the era of Wiz Corona, people’s consciousness and travel needs are changing, and the way of travel in Japan and abroad is also changing.
For example, “working holidays”, which differ from traditional holidays, gain attention while working by taking advantage of telecommuting in tourist destinations. Recently, many companies have introduced worms, and there are also individuals who are practicing them, and I feel their demand is increasing.
Okinawa Prefecture has many attractive tourism resources such as the rich nature and unique culture of each region, and it has been visited by many people so far, but in future tourism, times will change. Based on this, I think it is necessary to come up with new modes of travel that meet people’s needs.

    We hope you will discover the new charms of Okinawa, such as the health effects that increase your commercial sensitivity.

  • About the Okinawa Nikkei Working Conference

On March 11, 2022 (Friday), the Okinawa Health Work Seminar was held. During the workshop, Dr. Etagawa explained the results and considerations of this demonstration experiment, and held talks with Mr. Ishikawa, Representative Director of Earth Welfare, and an independent researcher/writer/speaker with him. I received a comment from Mr. Yamaguchi.
Mr. Ishikawa said: “In this era I can work immediately. It depends on the individual, but in extreme cases, even if I go on vacation, I will work. If there is a vacation as intense as Okinawa, I think it will take into account the The advantage of working in Okinawa, he said, is that such people have a better balance of work and vacation after work is done.
Mr. Yamaguchi said, “I myself have changed the way I work because I live in Hayama. If I can go to the beach to drink a beer and watch the sunset before the sun goes down, I can finish my work as soon as possible. I think the more engaging the content, the tighter the work, so I think that’s going to be a focus of the work.” He spoke of his sexuality based on his own experience.

In conclusion, Dr. Jiang Tianchuan said: “The work itself can increase participation. The work is just beginning. In order to develop better, it is important to disseminate information based on evidence. I think that is what I think,” he commented on the future of work .
■ Implementation overview
Event Name: Okinawa Nikkei Working Conference
~Okinawa Health and Work Skills to Improve Business Sensibility~
Date and time: March 11, 2022 (Gold) 13:00
Location: Online Shipping
Speakers: Okinawa Prefecture Governor Denny Tamaki, Yoshiki Ishikawa, Shu Yamaguchi, Yoshikuni Edakawa
Mr. Kao Kawamura, Mr. Daisuke Uno, Mr. Nakakana, Mr. Mitsuru Kanemura, Mr. Waichi Sekiguchi
Content:[Part 1]Opening speech, keynote speech “On the Value of Sports”
[Part 2]Lecture “What is the new creative environment created by health? Based on scientific verification”

    Symposium “Potentials of Okinawa Work Technology to Maximize Health Effects”

  • About “Okinawa Employment Promotion Project”

With the spread of the novel coronavirus infectious disease, as a “new way of life”, a new way of life that is effective both in the city and the region is required, and Okinawa Prefecture is promoting work through two strategies. We are doing so.
The first is to establish wo-cation as a new tourist tool in Okinawa Prefecture. Second, we will build the Okinawa work and link it with the creation and expansion of the relevant population of the exchange population. To this end, last year we conducted a demand and acceptance environmental survey, the creation of an Okinawa pest model program, a monitoring tour and publicity. Starting this year, we will conduct various promotions using our demonstration program to promote work in Okinawa.

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