I want to be on my side with my parents. From 3/31 (Thursday), Soup Stock Tokyo’s baby food will reappear. | Soup Stock Tokyo Co., Ltd. Press Release

I want to make baby food that makes fathers, mothers and children feel at ease and smile. With this in mind, Soup Stock Tokyo Dad and Mom’s staff play a central role in the creation of baby food. The baby food period is also an important time to develop your child’s taste. While I have a daily desire to make homemade baby food, it is quite difficult. In this case, please use Soup Stock Tokyo’s baby food.

*We started selling baby food in November 2020, but we found some products were packed with lumps and poor taste and texture, so we will start selling in February 2021. It was cancelled. It has been about a year since the sale was stopped, but after repeated inspections, it was confirmed that there was no problem with the safety, taste and texture, so we decided to resume sales.
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  • We also offer baby food in stores. The number of stores that families can enjoy is increasing.

The following target stores of Soup Stock Tokyo offer baby food in-store. As customers’ life stages change, and more and more people bring their families and children to the store, we will be happy if Soup Stock Tokyo can protect the growth of children together. Some stores also offer paper aprons, children’s suits and children’s chairs for older children. Please enjoy meal time with your family.

*Hot water for baby formula is available at stores provided by baby food stores. Feel free to ask the store staff if you wish.
*The last business day of the Minami Machida Grandberry Park store is March 27 (Sunday).

  • Baby Food Product Overview / Specialty Store


● Product name: Baby food that Aka-chan wants to supplement
● Product form: retort bag food (food that can be stored at room temperature)
● Release Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022
● Shop:
□ Some stores in Soup Stock Tokyo

□ All soup soup Tokyo stores can be eaten at home
□ Soup Base Tokyo Online Shop
□ All stores have 100 scoops
* For store details, please see the baby food page below.
●In-store price: 100g/person 480 yen (tax included)
・A set of 4 kinds of baby food that you want to add 2,720 yen (including box fee/tax included)
・8 kinds of baby food that you want to add 4,640 yen (including box fee/tax included)
*”100 Scoops” sold separately.
*Only one set is sold in the online store.

*The selling price of the online store is different from that of the brick-and-mortar store. For more information, please contact us in store or by phone. ● Special website for baby food:

  • Our commitment to baby food
  • ​​​

Commitment 1. You can see, smell and enjoy its texture.

It is important to feel food with your eyes, nose and mouth. The same goes for baby food. Don’t crush the rice, just keep the texture of the rice. By doing this, you can enjoy the look and feel.

Commitment 2. You can feel the taste of the soup stock.

We think of baby food as a dish. That’s why we carefully extract the stock from the ingredients and make it so that you can enjoy the taste of the dish. I hope it serves as a bridge to eating rice every day after late baby food.

Commitment 3. You can enjoy the first challenge ingredient.
Eating baby food = Aka-chan Eating a dish will be an experience. Ingredients like garlic, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus were challenged with each baby food. Let me watch Aka-chan’s first time together.

  • Baby food is also a dish. Made for the pursuit of deliciousness.


Chicken and 7 Vegetable Minestrone

Many vegetables, such as onions, zucchini, and carrots, are combined with a puree that combines the flavors of cabbage and Italian tomatoes.

Uncle of Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

The flavor of the chicken is combined with the light vegetable flavor to create a dish as delicious as an adult. The scent of sesame oil is appetizing.

Hokkaido Stewed Corn

The sweet and savory corn of Hokkaido is combined with a stock that is carefully cooked with salmon to create a rich flavor.

Snapper Soup and Uncle Tomato

An uncle full of umami, it’s a combination of delicious tomato clear soup and snapper soup made from Ehime snapper. Add paprika and asparagus for a colorful effect.
* Target age is 9 to 11 months (approximately)
* Does not use 7 specific ingredients (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk ingredients, peanuts) (the production line is the same as other food)
*Baby Compliant Foods: We test for radiocesium every time we manufacture.

※Inner capacity: 100g before one person

  • Please use it at such times.

I am concerned about food allergies

Soup Stock Tokyo’s baby food does not use 7 specific ingredients (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk ingredients, peanuts) that are said to be particularly allergic. * The production line is the same as other products.
Difficulty thinking about the menu

I think about the menu three times a day, and it’s hard to come up with it each time. In this case, rely on Soup Stock Tokyo’s baby food made by the chef who is also raising the child.
I’m worried if you will eat
We focus not only on the taste, but also on the aroma and color of the product, which makes people want to taste it before eating it. Plus, we offer easy-to-finish sizes.


In addition, it is also recommended that at such times
・As a children’s meal when going out or traveling
・When there is no partner who makes baby food every day
・As emergency baby food stock
・ 6 month old half birthday present

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