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New Action RPG “ELDEN RING” from Software for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Steam. An update was made at 12:00 on March 17th to fix bugs in the game and adjust the balance of combat skills and magic.

◆ The “Frost Stomp” known as the “Strong Battle Maneuver” has been nerfed

What attracts attention in this update is the revision of “Frost Step”, which has been talked about since the beginning of its release. Dynamics and athletic performance are suppressed. Tried it, and the power was significantly reduced.

In response to this adjustment, the “frost trample weak” on Twitter immediately entered the trend. In addition, “Blood Slash”, “Iron Wall Shield”, “Dungeon’s Wreck” and other combat skills and ashes, which are called powerful by users, have been weakened. Not everyone is allowed to…

Also added “The function of recording icons and NPC names on the map when encountering NPCs”. On-site merchants and NPCs are now displayed as icons.

Official websiteThe major update items listed in are as follows.

◆ Major items included in the latest update

Additional elements

  • Added the ability to record icons and NPC names on the map when encountering NPCs

  • Added NPC “Small Pot”

  • Added some stages to the following NPC events

    Diaros / Neferi Lou / Kenneth Height / Gostoke

  • Added cooperative NPCs that can be summoned in various situations

  • Added player-imitation object pattern to item “Imitation Veil”

  • Added BGM that flows at night in some areas

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where summoned NPCs in certain boss fights would no longer take damage

  • Fixed a bug where items could not be obtained even if the boss was defeated in some boss battles.

  • Fixed a bug that skipped dialogue when talking to NPCs in some key configurations

  • Fixed a bug that caused you to fail and incapacitate while riding

  • Fixed a bug where the mysterious ability of some weapons was incorrectly fixed

  • Changed to add “Amulet Packs” to the “Twins Old Ladies” store lineup when two or more “Amulet Packs” can no longer be obtained under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to move from the map to the blessing later in the game

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t move to the next area after fighting the “Fire Giant”.

  • Fixed a bug where the modifier value was different from the expected value when strengthening certain weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where some weapons were not being fixed as expected

  • Fixed a bug that hung in certain environments

  • Fixed a bug where the boundaries of regions where multiplayer could be played were different than assumed when multiplayer.

  • Fixed a bug in the combat maneuver “Golden Shield” that would counterattack when certain items or prayers were active, even if the attack was not absorbed.

  • Fixed a different effect from the assumption of prayer “Sin of Fire”

  • Fixed a bug that increased the attack power of non-combat mobile weapons when using the maneuvers “Resolve” and “Knight’s Resolve”.

  • Adjusted the graphical representation of the magical “Invisible Humanoid”

  • Removal of “broken waste” equipment obtained through a specific procedure

  • Fixed a bug where some hostile NPCs would drop “Hook Calling Finger Medicine”

  • Fixed a bug where sound was playing differently than expected in some cases

  • Fixed a bug where drawing and collision detection were different than expected in some maps

  • Fixed a bug where some enemies would draw and behave differently than expected

  • Fixed a bug where some armor’s parameters were different than expected

  • text correction

  • Some other performance improvements and bug fixes

balance adjustment

  • Increased the drop rate of the item “Forge Stone” for some enemies.

  • Added item “Forge Stone” to some shop lineups in the early stages.

  • Improved “Shield” performance

  • Increased the power of all offensive “pot” items.

  • The power of the following items has been increased.

    Spark Odor/Poison Spray

  • Increases the duration of the following items

    Iron pot incense/refreshing incense

  • Increased Trent’s HP regeneration when using the following items

    Lower raisins/sweet raisins/frozen raisins

  • Reduced FP consumption and increased power of the following spells

    Pyroxene Comet / Broom Star / Night Comet

  • The powers of the following magics have been revised upwards.

    Gravity Bomb/Star Break/Crystal Duo

  • Reduced the FP consumption of the following spells

    Meteor Shower/ Rock Blast/ Seahorse’s Hammer/ Su Xingyu/ Destruction Meteor/ Great Swordsman/ Infusion of Magical Power/ Loretta’s Bow/ Loretta’s Skill/ Kalia’s Great Sword/ Kalia’s Penetration/ Vortex

  • Increased bullet speed and range of the magic “Pyroxene Whelk”

  • The power and movement performance of the combat skill “Frost Step” has been revised downwards.

  • When using the combat skill “Blood Slash”, increase self-injury damage, slightly reduce power and athletic performance

  • Decrease the power of the combat technique “Sword of Night and Fire”

  • The FP consumption of the combat technique “Iron Wall Shield” has been increased, and the duration has been lowered.

  • Adjusted the FP consumption time of the combat action “Bishop’s Dash”

  • Adjusted the attack power of the spirits summoned by the item “Ashes from Instances” downward, and adjusted the behavior mode.

  • In addition, the balance of some enemies and weapons has been adjusted

After all, “frost stepping” is not allowed! “ELDEN RING” Appde with the weakening of “Blood Slash” and “Copy” – added convenience features

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