The animation “Anime Shenmu” will be released on various distribution sites from Thursday, April 7, 2022! | SEGA Co., Ltd. Press Release

The shipping date and time of the anime “Anime Shenmu” has been lifted, and shipping will start at 12:00 on Thursday, April 7, 2022! You can enjoy it on every distribution site.
The animation “Anime God Dream” is set in the nostalgic city of Yokosuka, where the protagonist Ryo August (CV: Masahiro Matsukata) meets various people and approaches the truth of the mysterious death of his father. In addition to the gorgeous cast, powerful action scenes and a magnificent worldview will also be developed just like the original. Watch out for the upcoming story!

★ The ban on every shipping message has been lifted!
Scheduled to start shipping on Thursday, April 7th, 2022 at 12:00!
* Please check the delivery date and time at each delivery site.

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■ What is “Sacred Wood”?
Shenmue, released on Sega’s home console, the Dreamcast, in 1999, is a beloved work by many players around the world. The nostalgic Yokosuka smell of the Showa era was faithfully reproduced in 3D, and the high freedom of movement in that world was epoch-making at the time. In order to create a world full of reality, characters and backgrounds are composed of complete polygons, and “motion capture” is adopted to capture human movements and reproduce realistic and natural “motion” and “time control”. “Weather” system, which can realize the real-time passage of time and the change of weather at work. It has become one of the works that changed the history of games and the originator of the 3D open world.

Animation “Animation Shenmu” work outline
Scheduled to be distributed at various distribution sites on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 12:00!

Yokosuka in 1986. Born and raised at the Ba Yue Dojo, Ba Yue Liang honed his Bai Yue Jiu Jitsu skills under the guidance of his strict father.
However, one day, his father was killed by the mysterious man Aidi, and the “mirror” he protected was also taken away. Ryo decides to uncover the truth of the case. However, while chasing clues to his father’s past, he becomes involved in the conflict of dark organizations… From Yokosuka, with Hong Kong as the starting point, begins a long journey of cool!

Original plan: Yu Suzuki (YS NET) Original: Sega
Director: Chika Sakurai
Series Composition: Xianto Shimoyama
Character Draft: Ametaka Character Design: Kensuke Ishikawa
Art Director: Natsue Muramoto Color Design: Makiko Kojima (Studio Road)
Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina Music: Chanel Shibue Music Production: Wave Master
Animation Production: Telecom Animation Films
Production: Shenmue Project

Opening theme: “UNDEAD-NOID” Ito Kitaro
Ending theme song: “Sympathy” NARUDORA

<Cast list>
Ryo Baezuki: Yasaka Matsukaze / Emperor Lan: Takahiro Sakurai
Shenfa: Terui Haruka / Haruka Nozomi: Fushimi Haruka / Chen Xiaoming: Kishima Ryuichi
Joy: M·A·O / Ren: Osamu Taira / Won: Shota Hayama / Bullfighting Character: Takahiro Sumi etc.


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