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Security companies usually start by focusing on a specific problem, but the biggest companies like Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, and Symantec have moved to a lateral approach and often have fun

China’s possible retreat from last year’s posture is very important not only for companies directly affected by the news, but also for startups looking to establish a presence in China.

Who would have thought a whole bunch of startups would pop up because Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter only allow you to link to one site on your resume?Apparently, the Linktree co-founder and

Instacart today announced a new “recipes to buy” feature to launch new product integrations with TikTok and Hearst, which own brands like Delish and Country

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups where we unravel the numbers and nuances behind the title.Here’s our Wednesday show where we’ll break down into a

Tesla has idled its Shanghai Gigafactory for two days due to a rise in Omicron cases in China, prompting the government to tighten restrictions there.The automaker sends a notice to employees

In the early stages of building a startup, founders need every competitive advantage they can pull off.You’re not only competing against established players, but also against other pre-launch players

I must admit, the iPad Air confused me a bit at first.With each addition to Apple’s iPad lineup, their pricing range increases, leaving less room for competitors

As video becomes an ever-increasing share of the medium we interact with and create every day, so does the need to track and index this content.What is the meeting or seminar where I ask

Despite releasing its first virtual reality headset in May 2019, Meta is only now adding parental supervision tools to its Meta Quest VR headset.After last year’s rebranding spectacle, all eyes

Meta on Wednesday announced a new set of tools aimed at protecting younger users, a belated response to widespread criticism that the company is not doing enough to protect its most vulnerable users.

California-based Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies wants to build an electric, purpose-built heavy-duty truck platform for autonomous freight.These platforms will be compatible with any autonomous PhD

TruEra, a startup providing AI quality management solutions to optimize, interpret, and monitor machine learning models, announced today that it has raised $25 million in Series B funding, led by Menlo V

Liveblocks has raised a $5 million seed round. This startup lets you turn your regular web app into a multiplayer game product with an advanced managed API. In addition to its real-time state API, compa

On the one hand you can count on a larger number of funds than Tiger Global. But Tiger is neck and neck with Sequoia in terms of reach, speed and the number of investments since 2021. last year,

The company that gives you the burger-cooking robotic arm, Flippy, has launched Chippy, which does the same thing with nachos.Miso Robotics announced today that it has partnered with fast-casual Mexicans

Plantish aims to bring its salmon product to the top five restaurants by December 2023.

Husband and wife co-founders Chris and Jenny Stanchak started Loveseat back in 2013 as an antique furniture business before turning to the auction market.

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature called “custom landmarks,” which lets creators create unique AR experiences for local places they care about, the company announced Wednesday.communication

Not gonna lie, IUNU (pronounced “you know”) isn’t the easiest name to have (even more confusing is the existence of a robot named “LUNA”).But the agtech company is in a solid business

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