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SHIGETA Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Paris, France / Representative Director: Emmanuel Olivier), a Paris-based clean beauty brand “SHIGETA PARIS” developed by therapist CHICO SHIGETA, who advocates a unique self-care method, to express the original beauty “EX Oil Serum BLOOMING EDITION” will be released on SHIGETA PARIS official website and nationwide retailers on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Since its release in 2015, EX Oil Serum, which combines the technology of SHIGETA PARIS and the power of plants, has been used as a bestseller by many customers (*2). On Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022, EX Oil Serum will release the first limited edition design box.
Colorful flowers bloom on fresh tender leaves, beautiful and moving season. With the theme of “Magnolia”, the design celebrates the rich nature created by Japan’s four seasons, and uses “Love of Nature” as the flower language. Under the dazzling light, you will wake up with a charming glow on your skin, like a blooming magnolia, dignified and dignified. We want our customers to enjoy limited designs. The gorgeous limited-edition packaging is also recommended as a gift for a loved one.
* 1 Care by age
* 2 SHIGETA PARIS inside the product

● Product overview
Product Name: EX Oil Serum BLOOMING EDITION
Capacity: 15mL
Price: 7,700 yen (tax included)
Release Date: May 3, 2022 (Tuesday) ※Limited quantity
Sales: SHIGETA PARIS official website ( and nationwide stores
Reader Contact: SHIGETA Co., Ltd. 0120-945-955 /

Based on fresh superfood oils rich in essential fatty acids, it contains essential oils that give skin a firming feel. A facial oil (*1) for aging care that has a plump, three-dimensional effect, and brings attractive radiance and healthy-looking skin. Introducing four sets of carefully crafted EX oils.

Secret 1
Potent Cold Pressed Virgin Oil
fresh golden vegetable oil

The beauty effect felt overnight is due to the use of the freshest vegetable oils pressed. Freshly squeezed vegetable oil is an essential element in CHICO SHIGETA’s skincare philosophy, as it is the invincible oil the skin is most familiar with and can be used for complex skin care.
Cold-pressed vegetable oil that takes full advantage of aroma, freshness and composition.
It can be passed to the skin. Everything is for “aging care beyond this (* 1)”.

Secret 2
Unique relaxing scent
A mysterious and soothing scent of essential oils and vegetable oils

Focusing on aging care (* 1), we have selected essential oils such as “Imotel”, a flower that symbolizes eternal youth, “Chamomile” that is considered a sacred flower, and “Geranium” that emits an elegant fragrance. Fragrance creation of vegetable oils and Maria A fragrance that combines light sweetness with the serenity and brilliance of berries.

Secret 3
The magic of texture
Exquisite texture production

SHIGETA PARIS’s selection of fresh vegetable oils and essential oils as an anti-aging care oil (*1) is an easy-to-apply, lightweight, and easy-to-penetrate blend, so it can be used all year round. .Because of its comfortable texture, you’ll want to use it every day, not only for your daily care, but also as a boosting oil, or mix with UV Perfect Glow or UV Perfect Glow Base for multi-purpose.

Secret 4
Plants meet minerals
Unique Gem Essential Oil Essence

Finding the Perfect Anti-Aging Treatment (* 1) Women’s Oil

The research and development of this essential oil is an innovation of CHIICO SHIGETA. We are good at using high-quality vegetable oils to make products. If we want to make a more effective special essential oil, only we can do it ourselves. Born of the spirit. Based on her experience as a therapist, she was convinced of the effects of gems on the mind and body, and she wanted to use them. Therefore, we welcome Marie Helene de Tyrac, a gem-loving and familiar PARIS jewelry designer, as an expert, using her knowledge and sensibility to select gems for women’s skin, body and mind. .. Each gem and each oil selected by CHICO SHIGETA is paired according to their properties, soaked and then mixed. And just like that, the powerful anti-aging care (*1) oil was born.

A gemstone is rough before it becomes a gemstone.
It radiates a mysterious glow created by nature and a beauty that is inhaled.

Marie Helene is a client and friend of mine, and her own lifestyle is so beautiful that the two of us often talk about women’s lifestyles. Once, when she was told that plants grow above ground and minerals grow underground, she was interested in the fact that plants and minerals in a broad sense could be a family. I did it. It turns out that cold immersion methods like calendula oil, made by dipping plants into oil, have been around for a long time. So why not let the minerals seep into the oil? I came up with this oil serum. Based on Mary Helen’s in-depth knowledge of gemstones, we have selected sapphires that bring peace of mind, emeralds that bring eternal youth, moonstones that synchronize with the cycle of the moon, and gemstones that support women’s lives. Next, I selected the stones and vegetable oils to soak for a few weeks based on the properties of each gemstone and vegetable oil, and chose the following combination as the most suitable.

Rosehip – Crystal
Pomegranate – Pink Tourmaline
off-white sapphire
Grape Seed – Rainbow Moonstone
Cranberry – Emerald
Tomatoes and Sunflowers – Fire Opal

Marie Helen de Terrac

During his travels in India, he met the finest artisans with traditional techniques and launched his first collection in 1996, revolutionizing the previously unconventional world of jewelry. Driven by a passion for color, a style featuring the stone itself quickly became a fashionable piece of jewelry that could be worn in every aspect of everyday life. Unfettered by the conservative distinction between “precious stones” such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds, and other “semi-precious stones”, if you are fascinated by the beautiful color and brilliance of gemstones, you can craft a stone that will stand out the most. I envisioned it, combined with 22 gold, crafted one by one by handicrafts by Indian artisans. Every gemstone shines in every one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.



The organic raspberry and pomegranate seed oils used in EX Oil Serum are used to collect and use the seeds that would normally be considered waste after removing the juice and pulp as a puree or juice. ..
Since oil is produced as a by-product in this way, it is one of the important sources of income for producers, by adding new value to the waste without eliminating the waste of producing fruit. From the cultivation of the fruit to the production of virgin oil by pressing the seeds, it is carried out in accordance with the regulations of COSMOS Organic, such as the working environment of the workers, which does not impose a burden on the environment.
Product packaging is designed with the environment in mind. We are designing containers in shapes and sizes that can be reused or recycled with less energy. In addition, we actively use renewable materials and choose materials that are easy to recycle. (glass, aluminum, carton, PP, PET, PE).

● SHIGETA PARIS brand introduction

“SHIGETA PARIS” has its headquarters and its own laboratory in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. It is a clean beauty brand founded in 2006. Japanese therapist CHICO SHIGETA learned the power of plants from French naturopaths and started making products for clients so they could take a holistic approach at home.
With “METHOD”, “AUTHENTICITY”, “TOMORROW” as the brand concept and “ORGANIC WITH IMPACT” as the theme, everything from materials to packaging is environmentally friendly and clean. We develop products (skin care, body, hair care, makeup, essential oils).
Products created by merging the cohesion of plants with the ever-evolving green technology, as well as the simple and easy-to-follow original self-care method “Vitality Coaching®” that follows the laws of nature, achieves the beauty of human origin. nature. Will bloom and bring a confident and radiant mood.
Brand website:

We provide a way to observe your skin and body, adjust yourself every day, and cultivate the power to live a healthy and beautiful life. All SHIGETA PARIS methods are based on Vitality Coaching®.

We take plants grown by reliable producers and use technology to maximize their power to create products that will surprise you when you use them.

We are working hard to create a world where everyone can live comfortably and consider the environment in order to preserve beautiful nature for the next generation.

●Tomoko Shigeta
Holistic beauty consultant hosted by SHIGETA PARIS. Considering that a balance of mind and body is essential for nurturing beautiful skin and body, he has spent years searching for cosmetic methods in France and Japan. Based on these experiences and achievements, we designed Vitality Coaching ®.
In addition to working as a personal trainer for Parisian celebrities and artists such as Sofia Coppola and Isabelle Adjani, she is also active as a consultant and brand ambassador for the major cosmetic companies “L’Oreal” and beauty equipment companies. Author of “Let’s Start” Reset Juice “~Paris Beauty’s Diet” (published by Kodansha) and many other books. He is also the editor-in-chief of the web magazine “Spring Step”, introducing the beauty of organic and shortcuts to the mind and health that come with a holistic lifestyle.
CHICO SHIGETA Instagram @chicoshigeta:

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