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In order to support the planting, planting, logging, utilization, tree planting and other resource recycling of forest resources, various business circles are constantly expanding, mainly in the forestry and timber industries.

In particular, many forests in Saga Prefecture have reached the harvest season, and from the standpoint of forest conservation, it is necessary to “use trees now”.

Following last year, EDITORS SAGA will interview people involved in wood-built buildings and trees in the prefecture to convey “the charm of wood”.

This time, the representative of Sakai, who won the Saga Prefecture Governor’s Award, the top prize in the new housing category at the “6th Saga Noki Izumi Contest” held last year, and his house. Talk to Yoshimura-sensei about “the charm of natural materials such as wood in the prefecture” and “the benefits of building a house”!


opportunity to build a house

The Yoshimura couple, who took over a 100-year-old aunt’s house and lived there.

It is said that he considered building a house, considering the “difficulties of life” he felt in an old-fashioned house and the future of raising children.

Mr. Yoshimura

The old house is 100 years old, so it is a house where the body gets cold from the core.

We spent about two years talking a lot about building houses. Then, when the child is born. Considering the growth and health of my children in the future, I wanted to avoid chemicals, so I decided to make a house that pays attention to natural materials.

I also considered RC (Reinforced Concrete) buildings, but I originally liked wooden houses and wanted to feel the warmth of wood.

When they started building the house, the Yoshimura couple first thought about the unit price, floor plan and size of the ping.


An acquaintance built a house in Sakai Construction, and the Yoshimura couple actually took part in the trip, so the deciding factor was the extensive use of natural materials, so we asked about Sakai Construction.

Mr. Yoshimura

Regarding house construction, I collected various images from magazines, SNS, and websites. I also bought a lot of books about building a house in Saga.

I even took a picture of a house in a residential area that I thought was “nice” when I saw the exterior and the entrance (laughs).

Mr. Sakai

Mr. Yoshimura is really actively considering building a house.

Using an app that launches your home in 3D, you can actually create an image of your home or share a picture of your ideal home. We had many meetings to develop the desire to “make it this way”.


The charm of natural materials such as prefectural wood that you can understand after building and living

Mr. Sakai

First, wood is characterized by its negative ion-like relaxing and deodorizing properties.

Plus, you can gradually enjoy the change from white to light-colored wood as the years go by. In addition to this, the wood grain (design-wise) of Saga Prefecture is also beautiful.

“Long-term changes” in color, smell, and texture that change gradually over time.

One of the joys and charms of spending time in a log cabin is that this change happens as kids and families grow.Sakai said.


Mr. Yoshimura

It’s warm and it feels great to be barefoot. You say it’s good for development to let your child spend it barefoot.

That’s why there’s a sense of security in parenting your child using natural materials rather than ones you don’t know what you’re using.


have a house

Mr. Yoshimura

Building a house makes coming home every day fun. I don’t get tired of it, or the more I spend at home and the less happiness I find, the happier I am (laughs).

Condominiums are of course convenient, but after all, people living on the upper and lower floors and left and right are also considered. Is it for the convenience of adults, the point is not to scold children in this regard?


His wife’s favorite is the laundry room. It appears to have been designed with careful consideration to housekeeping processes.

Mr. Yoshimura

If you live in an “existing home” like a rented home, you may find inconveniences like circulation and storage. It’s stressful at times.

For this house, we asked Mr. Sakai to carefully consider the circulation, listen to the requirements such as floor plan and circulation not only on the drawings but also on site, and consider the details of building the house to suit our lifestyle. finished.



“Sakai Construction” celebrates its 100th anniversary. It is said to not only improve the technology, but also face each other seriously to shape the customer’s feelings.

Mr. Sakai

Our job is not only to shape the owner’s feelings, but also to build a house beyond the owner’s imagination. After construction is completed and handed over, not only will we be happy to see happy owners, we will also take a long time from consultation to handover, by building a house full of ideas.I can see you in the futureBasically 3 months, 6 months,1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 10th years of maintenance, so I feel lonely (I can’t see you anymore than before) (laughs).

I want to build a house that can be left as an asset and a house that can be left to my children. In this case, the use of solid wood is absolutely necessary. I am proud to build a house that I can build with someone and I hope it will be the career that kids want to be in the future.


Own a house with natural materials. Build a house that thinks about the family, thinks about the customer, and shapes the image. And the house that has been formed is passed down from generation to generation and becomes an asset.

It contains a lot of feelings for someone, and also absorbs a lot of memories and various memories about the growth of the child’s family.The house is,”It warmly wraps us into a “place to come back”.


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