There will be an exhibition themed around the SDGs! 25 companies deliver messages on peace and environmental issues. “Sustainability” Online Exhibition Held-Style Agent Co., Ltd. Press Release

Clothing products, luggage, interior decoration, household products and other products with SDGs as the theme will be exhibited.

This time, we will showcase 25 companies with SDGs-themed products and services, such as clothing items, luggage, interior items and household items.

Products and services with information on the Sustainable Development Goals, such as stylish and cute bags for reusable juice packaging, miscellaneous goods themed on Hiroshima paper cranes praying for peace, and black dyeing services using crested technology were displayed.

■ Publish product and service stories to convey ideas and information

At the “Ministry of Sustainability” online exhibition, we not only promote our commitment to every product and technology, but also publish our ideas and information on products and services.

Since traditional BtoB wholesale websites can only post product information, there is a problem of not adequately conveying brand appeal, but at Granstra, exhibitors can register information from their account, making them more picky about products and brands. You can directly add What you want to convey, such as your feelings, is delivered to the buyer.
Check out our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

■ Outline of the online exhibition “Ministry of Sustainability”

Date: March 10-September 9, 2022
Location: Online


Adeline Le Mette Co., Ltd./bokuwakuma/Container Japan Co., Ltd./GOING PLUS Co., Ltd./Stella de mode/TTU Co., Ltd./uragami Co., Ltd./WOODPRO Co., Ltd . . CompanyKuya Design Co., Ltd./Grand Fleet Co., Ltd./Kokoro International Co., Ltd./Confience Co., Ltd./Srival Co., Ltd./Soara Service Co., Ltd./Toho Co., Ltd. ., Ltd./Dried Flower foo / Trustia Co., Ltd./Mega Mishshu Co., Ltd./Yamatu Co., Ltd./Stocks Company Kyoto Montsuki / Dainao Co., Ltd./Fukui Press Co., Ltd. /Hiseisha Co., Ltd.

(Counting 25 business people in the fifty-sounding order)

■ From tomorrow, March 16th, the International Forum will host a real exhibition.

The Ministry of Sustainability will display some products at the booth of the joint exhibition “Project Tokyo” to be held at Tokyo International Forum from March 16th to 17th. Please come and visit us as this will be a valuable opportunity to get the actual product.

・Period: March 16-17

・Venue: Tokyo International Forum (within the joint exhibition “Project Tokyo”)

・Address: 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005

・ Project Tokyo homepage: https://www.project-tokyo.com/

■ About Project Re:ll

This is a project with the goal of realizing a sustainable society, in cooperation with various participating companies, such as promoting the dissemination of SDGs, ideas and initiatives. As a sub-committee project of the “Regional Promotion SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform” established by the Cabinet Office under the auspices of the traditional industry Style Agent Co., Ltd. with the concept of enjoying life in style , and is working on “Sustainability Goals and Initiatives for Fashion Certified Brands”.

・ Fashion Sustainability Goals and Initiatives Subcommittee for Certified Brands

URL: https://future-city.go.jp/platform/session/detail_n011.html

・Project official website

URL: https://www.project-re.site

■ About the online exhibition service Granstra

Granstra is an exhibition platform that brings together fashion, interior, grocery and other industry exhibitions online.

The highly sensitive exhibition is brought together online, not only with presentations of brands and projects, but with everything from promises to manufactures to stories. So far, we have cooperated with more than 20 exhibitions, more than 600 brands have participated in the exhibition, and more than 60,000 people have visited.


■ Best encounters with all brands and buyers

Traditionally, offline exhibitions have been the main way to meet brands and buyers.

Decorating the booth attractively and giving people face-to-face contact with actual products is an effective way, but on the other hand, the cost and man-hours such as exhibition fees and construction are a big burden for exhibitors, and buyers are very interested in us For example, inefficiencies such as man-hours and costs for remote access have become an issue.

In addition, the existing online exhibitions and BtoB wholesale sites can only post product information, so there are problems such as creating a brand world view and cannot tell stories such as product details that you really want to tell.

Granstra introduces a mechanism to attract online brands
We’re giving brands and buyers a new way to meet.

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