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Utilities have a problem: their ‘smart grid’ was created to solve billing problems a decade ago, not 2022 EV, solar consumer needs and expectations

French startup Doctolib has announced that it has raised a new round of financing. With this funding round, the company is valued at 5.8 billion euros, or $6.4 billion at today’s exchange rates.nami

The Covid-19 pandemic and its byproducts of social distancing have helped reduce the spread of infection, causing many organizations to work in a more distributed manner than in the past, and t

Spotify paves the way for a new model for consumers to listen to music: paying a monthly fee to stream whatever you want without owning any physical or digital versions.Now, a startup

The marketplace is an imperative for online sales, providing a one-stop shop for shoppers and retailers looking to target as many potential buyers as possible, while creating

Indonesian tech company GoTo Group, formed last year through the merger of ride-hailing giant Gojek and marketplace Tokopedia, plans to start

In 2021, U.S. women-founded companies are raising more money from venture capitalists than ever before.The report showed that they received an 83% increase in funding from the previous year, largely thanks to

Meta faces prosecution in South Africa after the country’s competition watchdog, the Competition Commission, found its intentions to block government startup GovChat were uncompetitive.

When Forerunner Ventures launched in 2012, traditional brands still dominated and most of us shopped in brick-and-mortar stores.Company founder Kirsten Green, formerly an equity research analyst

Licious, a Bengaluru-based startup that sells fresh meat, seafood and other fresh animal protein online, became the country’s first direct-to-consumer brand last year to become a unicorn

Dragoneer Investment Group and Tiger Global are backing Bazaar, a startup trying to digitize retail in Pakistan through e-commerce, fintech and last-mile supply chain solutions, they said

Meet Motto, a new French startup that plans to offer electric bikes in Paris. Instead of buying these bikes, Motto customers can rent them for a fixed price of €75 (~$82) per month

Amazon’s two-year effort to block a $3.4 billion deal between its estranged partners Future Group and Reliance Retail took a fresh turn on Tuesday as tens of millions of Indians woke up to find

Renting cloud infrastructure typically gets cheaper over time, but Google Cloud bucked the trend today with sharp price hikes for many of its core services. These increase, where Go

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Even in smaller businesses, employee sentiment can be difficult to measure. This can lead to burnout and attrition when managers least expect it. inFeedo hopes to solve this problem by acting as a bridge

Ireland backtracked on major security complaints against Google’s ad tech in the year the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force

Vira Health, a UK start-up that provides personalized digital therapy for menopausal women, has closed its second funding round – $12 million from lead investor Octopus

Twelve years after it was first announced, NASA’s massive Space Launch System will finally make its public debut.Super Heavy and Orion spacecraft will begin rolling out launches

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