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Facebook’s parent company Meta has been fined €17 million ($18.6 million) by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) for a series of historical data breaches. questionable security holes,

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warns organizations against using Kaspersky Antivirus for fear it could be used for cyber espionage or to launch cyber attacks

Intel has confirmed plans to build a semiconductor factory in Germany as part of an investment of up to 80 billion euros ($88 billion) in Europe over the next decade.

All Raise, a nonprofit focused on increasing diversity in venture capital deals and decision makers, has named Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon as the company’s new CEO.application

Tel Aviv-based Run:ai, a startup making it easier for developers and operations teams to manage and optimize their AI infrastructure, today announced it has raised $75 million in Series C funding

Rutter is building a common e-commerce API for reading and writing data so that technology clients can integrate with commerce platforms and access financial data points.

Company co-founder CJ Isakow said this is just the beginning of what he believes will be further consolidation in a crowded industry.

2022 will not look easy for many Chinese tech companies. A slew of new cyberspace regulations in the past year or so, ranging from anti-competitive rules to restricting the use of alg

It appears that an adjustment in investment expectations for Chinese start-ups has arrived. Just a few quarters late.

We have been transporting goods across the oceans for centuries, and the world’s supply chains are increasingly reliant on diesel-powered gigantic ships large enough to block entire channels on their own. H

As decentralized finance (DeFi) moves closer to becoming a mainstream reality, rather than replacing parallel financial systems, can government regulators be far behind? In a word, no.but how

ConsenSys, the crypto developer behind the popular Ethereum-based MetaMask wallet, today announced a $450 million Series D funding round, valuing the company at $7 billion and nearly doubling its market value since going public

Every time someone moves to the east coast, they always complain about Mexican food. Understandable. In short, it is lacking. However, for me, it’s strawberries. I’m from California,

Facebook’s bold attempt to create a crypto payments network bought Diem technology assets for $182 million earlier this

To help Pinterest creators better reach wider audiences through social media, the company today launched a new feature for its Idea Pins — its new video-first Pin format int

Bobbie is carving out its own infant formula market, which will be worth $103 billion by 2026.

The non-profit search engine Ecosia has started to funnel some of the profits it generates by targeting user searches to startups in the renewable energy space.This is at

Tesla raised the price of its electric vehicles for the second time this month. After adding $1,000 to some models last week, the automaker has now implemented even bigger price hikes across its lineup.

Experience Cloud is Adobe’s umbrella brand for digital experience solutions.These include, among others, its data and analytics services, content management tools, commerce platforms

Adobe today announced some new features for Customer Journey Analytics, a tool for tracking customers across platforms that is part of the company’s Experience Cloud portfolio. as p

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