Grangeland brings color, where you can admire the views of plants and enjoy the sun. SOLSO Taichi Saito talks with stylist Naoki Ikeda|pen online

Daiichi Saito, representative of DAISHIZEN, who runs SOLSO, a landscape and indoor green production company, and Naoki Ikeda, a stylist who is active in many fashion magazines in addition to clothing and styles. The pair have the same expertise in dealing with life-affecting things, and they talk about the single malt Scotch whisky Grangeland, which is named “Alboralis”, which means “sunshine”.

Taichi Saito and Naoki Ikeda talk at Kawasaki’s SOLSO FARM, a gardening shop run by SOLSO. A bottle of Glen Grant Arboralis and a glass filled with bright amber whisky sit on a brightly lit conservatory table filled with dried flowers and green potted plants. Made in Speyside, Scotland, Grangeland is a fruity single malt whisky, but this ‘Alboralis’ is characterized by a fresh aroma.

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Characterized by the sweet and fruity taste of raw sake aged in sherry barrels. It has a large space and is easily recommended for those who are used to drinking single malt whisky and those who want to enjoy it in the future.

Today, there is a growing focus on enriching people’s lives after the Corona disaster. The term new normal has also become commonplace and our lives have changed. The attention of urban gardens in urban life is also getting higher and higher. I asked Saito why green is an abundant life.


“Research on the impact of integrating green is progressing, and there is evidence of reduced stress and increased productivity. In the context of global warming, valuing green is also a norm. I suspect people want green because they are trying to regain wilderness.”

What does Saito mean by the wilderness he is trying to restore?

“During evolution, humans were originally monkeys. Monkeys roamed the forest, looking for nuts, eating them. Eventually, they learned to farm, settle down, and eventually connect to cities. Human DNA is Jomon. There are studies on this A little has not changed since ancient times, but in today’s era when the number of humans on the earth has increased, the earth’s environment has changed, and the earth has become dangerous due to warming, humans have reawakened a wild sense of crisis that has been killing them. Time, I started looking for the natural environment again, that’s what I thought.”

Ikeda asked me to nod in response.


“I really understand what Mr. Saito is talking about as a wild feeling. By incorporating plants into my life and feeling familiar with them, even when walking outdoors, the difference between trees growing by the roadside and plants in a park. This Gives me a feeling of familiarity. Natural. Also, when I look at plants, I feel the flow of time is different. I live a life carved by a calendar, but the flow of time I feel from plants is not the same as Such a unit is linked together. I think it makes you feel healed when you look like this.”

When we leave the house, the presence of plants around us changes the way we see the landscape. Not only is there healing in our lives, but the world is also more colorful and richer. This also means that the human senses have become sharper, that is, regained the wildness. So, what does Ikeda’s signature clothing and fashion bring to life?

“The clothes I deal with are cold weather and hot must-haves, but when I think of them as fashion, they are very hobby. I hope the presence of plants can enrich and heal my life. I think it’s satisfying to wear The clothes of the heart also work according to the direction of the heart. Making clothes cannot be separated from cotton and linen from plants, and there is a deep connection between plants and clothes. Hehe”

“It seems very close, not very close, but very close…”. Saito muttered to himself, inheriting this sentence.


“While I was reading, I heard that the word cosmetic comes from the word cosmos and tried to replace myself with something different. Now plants and clothes seem to have different meanings, but in fact what plants and clothes have in common is that They are festive installations. If you go back to the roots, naturally they may have the same meaning of connection.”

The two found in the basics what plants and clothes had in common. In the glass Ikeda got, the ice on the highball melted and made a sound. I asked about Glen Grant Arboralis’ impressions.


“Unlike the Scotch image to date, it has a fruity and bright image. On the other hand, I also felt the depth of layered flavours typical of whisky.”

Saito, who drank directly from Glen Grant Arboralis, expressed the same impression.

“My first impression is gorgeous. As Mr. Ikeda said, it is different from the previous image, while looking at the firewood in the mountain hut, instead of the image of grassland, picnic and fresh green forest. It can be said to feel The wind comes from people who are with me because I want to smoke, or I drink whiskey while skittles. I think this Grangeland Alboraris is the best.”


“Whiskey is drunk, but it’s a wake-up item for me,” Ikeda said.

“Drinking whiskey in the middle of the night and can’t sleep. Strangely active and wanting a change. So trying to drink the first shot of the Grant Arboralis early. Never mind having a good time as you drink now, maybe brunch would be nice too, if not At breakfast. Feel free to enjoy it instead of a deep chill. With a fruity scent. I think the inner glow feels good for a stressful day.”

Saito continued.

“In the movie, you take whisky from the office sideboard and take a sip after the glass. I ignore it for granted, but that’s how whisky opens my emotions. Isn’t it?”

Some believe that lifestyles and working styles have changed due to the Covid-19 disaster, while others have revealed what has been hidden so far. The lifestyle change can be said to be rediscovering some elements that were actually not noticed.

Saito and Ikeda tilted the glass in the sun and the conversation was distracted. There’s a new way to enjoy whisky that will make Glenmorangel a reality.

The Glen Grant Arboralis is released in 2021 to commemorate the 180th anniversary of the Glen Grant Distillery. “Alboralis” is a Latin word meaning “sunshine”. The price is 2,750 yen.

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Grangeland brings color, where you can admire the views of plants and enjoy the sun. SOLSO Taichi Saito talks with stylist Naoki Ikeda

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