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What is the National Parks Official Partnership Program?

The Ministry of the Environment cooperates with companies or organizations to spread the beauty of Japan’s world-class national parks and the attractiveness of staying in national parks to the world, increase the number of users of national parks from Japan and this is a partnership program to deepen people’s interest in protecting nature Environmental awareness and revitalization of the region where the national park is located.
Starting with 12 companies in 2016, as of March 2022, 112 companies are official partners.
Our participants come from a wide range of industries including travel agencies, transportation related companies, financial industry and IT related companies.


FRaU S-TRIP MOOK Nippon’s “National Park” is on sale soon!

Scheduled release date: March 15, 2022* Metropolitan Standard
Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd.

Spread the charm of 34 national parks across the country.

First published in 1991, FRaU is a lifestyle magazine and is in its 31st year.
In the January 2019 issue, it hits the spot as the world’s first women’s magazine covering the entire SDGs.
Since then, he has published a total of 11 books on SDGs, becoming a frontrunner in magazine media.
“S-TRIP MOOK National Park” released on March 15 is a new travel “S-TRIP” (short for “SDGs TRIP” or “Sustainable TRIP”) proposed by FRaU, where you can experience unique experiences in the region Sustainability. is a book that suggests travel that you can learn from.
This time, with the full cooperation of the Ministry of Environment, it is a feature that conveys the charm of the entire national park.
This isn’t a guidebook-style introduction, but an issue full of reading points, featuring national parks from every angle, including local interviews from FRaU’s unique perspective.
Japan’s national parks are characterized not only by beautiful nature, but also by the lives of people who engage in traditional values ​​and lifestyles that accompany nature and make sustainable efforts for the future. I’m going. In other words, national parks imply the coexistence of man and nature, and traveling there is a sustainable journey.
We hope this will be an opportunity for you to slowly enjoy the extraordinary nature and spend your journey like an adventure. (FRaU Editorial Department)

The following three companies are co-sponsored by official partner companies.
* Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.
Collaborative article “Art touches sustainable places”
* Godwin Corporation
Collaborative article “The NORTH FACE aims for sustainable outdoors”
* Lacoste Japan Co., Ltd. (AIGLE Division)
Advertising and presentation of Sponsored Accommodations

Examples of initiatives under the Official Partner Program
We would like to introduce the efforts of three sponsoring companies.

■ Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.
Starbucks Coffee Shinjuku Gyoen is located in Shinjuku Gyoen, managed by the Ministry of the Environment, and spreads information by installing brochures in Shinjuku. In addition, at the end of 2021, we opened Japan’s first Greener Store in Kokyo Gaien Wadakura Fountain Park, which has obtained the international eco-friendly store certification “Greener Stores Framework”. In addition to introducing a new way of reuse with the aim of reducing waste, we are incorporating a sustainable perspective into art and furniture.

We did a National Park Monitor tour under the brand THE NORTH FACE. Distributed national park awareness brochures at 3 stores in Harajuku and 9 stores in Shiretoko, Niseko, Hakuba, Tateyama, Matsumoto, and Ishigaki. ·distribution.
In addition, an awareness campaign was held in partnership with the Snowy Mountain Guard to improve mountain trails in the national park. From JR Kobuchizawa Station, which is the gateway to the Southern Alps National Park, to the mountain trails (MOUNTAIN TAXI) such as Mount Kaiko, which connects Yatsugatake and the Southern Alps, we have collaborated on secondary traffic improvement. In addition, in addition to coordinating page cooperation on the Kamikochi official website as an enlightenment activity for safe mountaineering, we also produced activity clothes for each police mountain rescue team in Toyama, Nagano, Gifu, and Hokkaido.

■ AIGLE (Lacoste Japan Co., Ltd.)
As a sponsor and promotion of the Glamping Facility in Aso Kuju National Park, the “Glamping Resort ASO” special program, we will provide Glamping facility staff and Glamping special program guests with merchandise such as AIGLE rubber boots and apparel. In addition to offering AIGLE novelty goods, we also held workshops on planting vanilla seedlings. We also create, announce and disseminate digital content to promote the facility.

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