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Stupidity is strong, stupidity is loved, stupidity is funny, stupidity is good. As the “yellow man” of the national longevity comedy program, he is a stupid genius who is loved by men, women and children.Lin Jiamu Jiu FanThe Master (84) published Advice from Ignorance, which conveys the splendor of ignorance and the influence of ignorance.
Today, the world is suffocated and the word “difficulty to survive” has spread. The “power of stupidity” and “importance of stupidity” derived from the turbulent experiences and encounters by Master Hayashiya have a particularly great significance. .There are so many untold secret stories revealed for the first time, like turbulent events in life with the help of stupid weapons, and love for “That Show” co-stars and past hosts...Laughing while reading, you will learn a lot, you will feel more relaxed, your outlook on life and the scenery you see will change. In this series, parts of the book are excerpted, re-edited and published exclusively. (composed by Soichiro Ishihara)

[Classification of Kikuo Hayashi]Photo / Tomoro Sakagi

Japan’s first “Stupid Catalog” by a Stupid Genius

I think “stupid” more seriously than anyone.

In this release of Stupid Advice, we search for “100 Stupidities” that you can see in the world or in yourself, and introduce them by categorizing them into 10+ extras and 10 at a time. Also, I added a comment to each “dumb”.

It can be said that it is Japan’s first “dumb catalog” made by a dummy genius. Most are “stupid stuff you shouldn’t imitate”, but some are stupid, elements you want to learn. Here, from “100 Silly”, there is also a little cuteness,“A fool who makes you feel human ‘work’Let me introduce you to it.

Do you have a clause you can think of? I have a lot.

Category “Makes You Feel The Stupidity of Human “Work”

● A fool who occasionally touches people as soon as they become popular

I understand what I’m trying to say, but really popular people never do.

“When I was walking in front of the station a few days ago, a little girl asked me how to get there.”
“This is the fifth time I’ve heard this story.”

● A stingy fool when one succeeds

It’s impossible to congratulate you, but at least I want to pretend it is.

“You’re not going to hold you back because it sells well. You’re more tasteful, smarter, and harder-working than I am.”

● a fool who hopes that someone who speaks well will fail

It’s easy to think about this when you’re stuck or tired.

“I really hope you can make up scandals in the entertainment industry and stop being popular.”
“Senior, my heart is leaking.”

● A fool who says “I will definitely get a divorce” when a beautiful woman gets married

Why do you say that when it doesn’t matter? Thanks to you, I am married 55 years this year. That? When I got married, no one said “they’re going to get divorced”.

● You said stupidly but didn’t act

Falling fruit is a commercial tool, but I still don’t trust it. It’s easy to say, isn’t it? When it comes to Yasushi, my friend Yasushi Yokoyama is a man of his word. “This door is ho!”

Humans are prone to greed, feel instantly jealous, and cannot bear pain. But it’s cute and fun, isn’t it? Master Tachikawa Alchemist also said: “Rakugo is an affirmation of human work.”

next time,“I don’t know what the difference is”I would like to introduce.

forest house chrysanthemum
Born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo in 1937 (Showa 12). Rakugoka, manga artist, businessman. After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Nakano Industrial High School (Department of Food Chemistry) in 1956, he worked in a food company and became a student of manga artist Shimizu Imma. In 1960, he was introduced to the third generation of Gui Ganzhu. The following year, after Mikisuke died, he moved to the eighth generation Forest House Masakura and was given the name Forest House Kikuzo. In 1969, it became an official member of the Japanese TV network system “Shoten”. In 1973, he was promoted to Forest House Kikuo. In 1982, he and Yokoyama Yasushi formed the “National Ramen Party”. In 1992, he became a director of Rakugo Jinghai. In 2007, Lin Wu Juxiong and Lin Wu Jusan took double names for their parents and children, which attracted great attention. After 10 years, he retired from the board of the Rakugo Association to become a consultant. In the 21st year, the “Meijiza”, which is close to the birthplace and copied the signboard when he was a child, will hold the “60th Anniversary Performance of Hayashiya Kikuo” after a one-year delay. He is loved by men, women and children as a “stupid character​​”, and is active in a wide range of fields beyond common sense, such as rakugo, manga, illustration, lyrics, and ramen sales. It tells the world about the brilliance and power of “stupidity” and the limitless possibilities. His major books include Showa Shimomachi Renjian Banashi (NHK Publishing), Stupid Genius Pillow Collection (Takeshobo), Buy Beans If You’re Feeling Depressed (Bungei Shunju), and Kikuo Hayashiya’s Love of Chamberlain Life”.Grandfather Publishing) etc.

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