“Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival” will be held at Tokyo Garden Theater on August 11, 2022 (Thursday / Holiday)! | HAL Laboratory Co., Ltd. Press Release

  • An experiential music festival with Kirby!

“Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival” is a one-time music event, a large band-style large organization of 35 players, delivering “Kirby” music in various genres. On the large LED display at the venue, you can look back on your memories while watching video of the game that matches the performance, and Kirby moving to the rhythm will also appear! ??

During this event, the “sound” from the speakers will be heard, allowing you to experience the festival more authentically.“Kirby’s Penlight (Super Rainbow Deluxe Edition)<原创商品特卖>“We have prepared a product that is interlocked with “light”! Just place the flashlight over the speaker, and the Color and Light will change in real-time based on the song.
Not only those who came to the venue, but also those who watched the live broadcast at home could enjoy the presence and sense of unity of the festival along with Kirby’s music.

Please look forward to the unprecedented new music event “Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival”, and participate in the festival with Kirby!

“Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival” official website

  • Main venue tickets (charged)

While listening to live music at the main venue, you can experience lifelike spatial production with Kirby.
This is a premium ticket with an “original pin set” available only here.

We are accepting official website early draws!

If you purchase tickets during the pre-registration period on the official site, we will offer a special “original design ticket” featuring the art of “Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival” as an advance purchase privilege.

★ Reception period: March 14, 2022 (Monday) 22:00 – March 27 (Sunday) 23:59, 2022

★ Lottery result announcement/payment time: March 31, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00 to April 4, 2022 (Monday) 23:00

  • Live (Free)

The patterns on the day of “Kirby’s 30th Anniversary Music Festival” will be distributed free of charge around the world.
Customers who can’t make it to the venue can enjoy the festival with Kirby at home or in their preferred setting.

★ Distribution platform (planned): Official YouTube channel “Kirby Portal”

★ Delivery viewing fee: Free

* We plan to deliver the archives for a limited time.
*Details such as delivery URL will be announced on the official website and Twitter “Kirby Star” official account.

  • “Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival” Original Goods

“Kirby’s Penlight (Super Rainbow Deluxe)” that changes color and sparkles according to the rhythm of the performance song of “Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival”, and “T-shirt”, “Muffler Towel” and “T-shirt” that you can enjoy the festival with the same coordination as Kirby “Booklet” containing a lot of information that can only be read here, and we will develop various original goods.
In addition to the completed order sales (sold on the EC site) where the production is completed after the reservation, we also plan to sell it at the venue on the day.

Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival

★Opening date: August 11, 2022 (wooden and congratulations)
★ Time: Scheduled to start at 18:00
★ Venue: Tokyo Garden Theater
★ Activity form:
Main venue tickets[domestic]+ live distribution[global (except some regions)]
★ Main venue tickets (charged):
 Block S (with special bonus “original pin set”): 13,000 yen (tax included)
Seat A (with tourist bonus “original pin set”): 11,000 yen (tax included)

★ Live (Free):
Distribution platform (planned) YouTube “Kirby Star Portal Official Channel”
★ Organizer/Planning: HAL Laboratory Co., Ltd.
★ Production: Promax / Harmonics International
★ Correct way of writing: © HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo

  • work to prevent the spread of infection

The event will be held under an operating system that takes the necessary measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
In the future, depending on the situation of the novel coronavirus infection, the guidelines and guidelines of the government, local governments, related organizations, and venues, we may change the response measures, postpone the performance or postpone the holding itself. .caution.

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